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Prevention of bedbugs indoors

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The appearance of bed bugs brings dissatisfaction to everyday life, making it unpleasant. These harmful insects can settle in any place intended for sleeping, regardless of your lifestyle. Therefore, it is important to take steps to prevent bedbugs from occurring rather than waiting for bedbugs to invade your home. Various folk remedies can be used as preventive measures. However, the most effective solution would be to have the premises treated by experienced sanitation specialists.

Thanks to the high-quality work of the disinfection service employees, you will be able to get rid of existing bedbugs in your apartment or private house, as well as prevent infection of other premises. During the disinsection process, safe preparations are used, which ensures safety for the health of others.

What are bedbugs?

Bed bugs are wingless insects that feed on the blood of living organisms. Their size usually does not exceed 5 millimeters, and it takes about a month to fully develop from a larva to a mature bug. When the bug is hungry, it takes on a round shape, and characteristic constrictions can be seen on its body. In light colors in its normal state, the bug becomes darker and more convex after it has had enough. During the daytime, bedbugs are difficult to notice as they hide in shelters, but they become more active at night, especially after two o'clock in the morning. Common places for bed bugs to lay eggs include behind wallpaper, behind baseboards, in crevices and in furniture where people live.

Male bedbugs are usually smaller than females. Bedbugs have a proboscis that easily penetrates human skin when they bite. When bitten, bedbugs inject their saliva into the skin, which acts as an anesthetic and prevents pain in the victim.

The common bed bugs most commonly found in homes are called cimex lectularius. They prefer temperatures around 25-30 degrees Celsius, which is a typical range for residential environments. If bed bugs are detected, it is recommended to immediately seek pest control services from trusted professionals.

Where do bedbugs come from in a residential area?

Even if your home is always kept perfectly clean, this does not mean that you are protected from bedbugs. These insects can appear in any room, regardless of its degree of cleanliness.

There are several reasons why bed bugs may be found in your apartment:

  1. They can migrate from neighboring apartments, especially if the premises are being processed or there is not enough food.
  2. Bedbugs can enter your home accidentally on the soles of your shoes, especially after walking along city streets.
  3. When traveling, you may unintentionally bring bedbugs in your luggage from a business trip or from guests.
  4. Bedbugs can enter an apartment through ventilation, especially if there are cracks in it.
  5. Buying used furniture can also introduce bed bugs into your home, as they often live in furniture.
  6. Transfer of bed bugs can occur when purchasing used items from previous owners.
  7. Inviting guests into your home can also bring bed bugs into your premises.
  8. Visiting a hospital or borrowing items from a familiar place also poses a risk of bedbug infestation.

Bed bugs feel most comfortable in conditions where there is no artificial light, an optimal temperature is maintained, and there is the possibility of blood extraction. Scientists say bedbugs can go without food for about a year. Therefore, even if the furniture has been stored in a warehouse for a long time, there is no guarantee that it will not have bedbugs.

What harm do bedbugs cause to people after entering their home?

An infestation of bed bugs and other harmful insects causes a number of problems. The appearance of bedbugs can occur in various favorable conditions for them, the main ones being warmth and darkness.

The presence of harmful insects in the home has a negative impact on people's lives:

  1. Bedbugs can serve as carriers of serious diseases such as smallpox, typhoid fever, hepatitis B and others. There are cases of death after a bug bite.
  2. A bedbug bite causes intense itching, sometimes leading to a serious allergic reaction.
  3. Sleep is disturbed, and the functioning of the nervous system suffers, since finding and destroying bedbugs poses significant difficulties, and these insects remind of themselves every night.
  4. Bedbugs can contaminate not only bedding, but also clothing.
  5. Females lay their eggs in household appliances, books, curtains, damaging these objects.
  6. Pests emit an unpleasant odor, which is also a problem.
  7. Some people, without paying due attention to the bites, notice the appearance of bedbugs only after discovering black dots on the bed and wallpaper. Solving the problem of harmful insects requires serious approach and attention.

What to do to prevent bedbugs

Prevention against bedbugs is important, especially if you are at risk of infestation with these insects. As part of preventive measures, it is important not only to keep the apartment clean, but also to perform a number of actions to create conditions unsuitable for bedbugs to live in.

The main preventive measures include:

  1. Filling small cracks in the apartment.
  2. Installing a durable grille on the ventilation system.
  3. Treatment with special preparations of those places where risers, doors and ventilation ducts are located.
  4. Timely repair of the premises to keep it in good condition. Old floors or peeling wallpaper can become areas where cracks form, providing a breeding ground for bedbugs.
  5. Regularly getting rid of old things that have not been used for more than two years. Ease of parting with such items will help avoid the accumulation of useless things that only take energy.
  6. Careful care of used items, keeping them clean.
  7. Purchasing items from advertisements requires prior research for possible insect infestation. Particular attention should be paid to the smell of cognac and the presence of black marks, which may indicate infection.
  8. After returning from a trip, it is recommended to carefully check and wash all things, and also treat the suitcase with special products.

Compliance with these measures will prevent the appearance of various harmful insects.

What to do to protect yourself from bedbug bites

If bed bugs do manage to enter your living space, it is important to limit their spread throughout the property. Action must be taken immediately to prevent the spread of bedbugs. In case you decide not to invite specialists from professional services, choose high-quality insecticides. However, it is worth considering that the result of the treatment directly depends on the correct dosage. Arbitrary use of products without assessing the degree of infection may worsen the situation.

Experts strongly recommend not to make independent attempts and invite professionals to exterminate pests. This guarantees excellent results and saves you time and effort.

While waiting for the health service to arrive, there are some steps you can take to temporarily reduce bedbug activity. For this it is recommended:

  1. Wash and boil bed linen.
  2. Thoroughly vacuum all areas.
  3. Disassemble the sleeping area, since such furniture can contain both adults and larvae.
  4. Treat all surfaces in the rooms with a special spray, especially paying attention to the bedroom.
  5. Wipe wooden surfaces with vinegar.
  6. Spread wormwood or other herbs on the floor to repel bedbugs.

These steps will help make your space temporarily free from bedbugs, as pests prefer conditions that are favorable to them.

How does the disinfestation procedure take place?

Disinsection and disinfection procedures have much in common. If your apartment is attacked by pests, we recommend that you immediately contact the sanitary service. This will quickly eliminate the problem and prevent the spread of insects throughout the facility.

Bedbugs are dangerous and unpleasant insects, so the sooner you get rid of them, the sooner you can forget about such pests. In case of extensive infestation, several treatments may be required.

Disinsection can be performed using various methods:

  1. Cold fog: This method is suitable if a small number of pests are found. The liquid is sprayed using a steam generator, creating a special vapor that slowly settles on surfaces and remains active for a week.
  2. Hot fog: This method also uses a spray bottle, but the products are preheated. The generated steam penetrates every crevice, effectively combating problems such as bed bugs.

Most often, hot or cold fog treatments are sufficient to completely kill bedbugs. If insecticidal preparations are used without a sprayer, several applications may be required.

Do you need to do anything if you are waiting for a specialist for preventative treatment?

Carrying out a treatment is a serious undertaking and careful preparation is key to achieving maximum results. This will help avoid obstacles in the path of sanitation workers and ensure the effectiveness of preventive treatment. Here are a few steps for proper preparation:

  1. Remove personal items from the floor and other surfaces: Items should be removed from visible places to avoid damage if chemicals come into contact with them.
  2. Wash the floors: Wet cleaning is required. Ideally, do a general cleaning, but if time is short, at least sweep wet.
  3. Wipe off dust from shelves: Keep surfaces free of dust to ensure better processing efficiency.
  4. Close windows and doors tightly: This will prevent chemicals from escaping and provide a controlled indoor environment.
  5. Arrange temporary stay for children: Children should be removed from the premises temporarily to avoid exposure to chemicals.
  6. Avoid pets: With the exception of fish in an aquarium, for which the recommendations from the contract must be followed before disinfestation.
  7. Put food in the refrigerator: Food items should be temporarily refrigerated to avoid contact with medications.
  8. Disassemble the sleeping places: This is important for providing access to hard-to-reach places where pests may be hiding.

By following these recommendations, you will create optimal conditions for treating your apartment, which will allow specialists to effectively combat pests.

Bed Bug Prevention


How to prevent bedbugs in your home?

Prevention of bedbugs in an apartment or private home is a key step to prevent these parasites from appearing on your property. To avoid the inconvenience of pest infestations, it is recommended that you take steps to protect your home. Prevention includes the use of special means that can repel bedbugs. You can treat the premises from bedbugs yourself or seek help from specialists.

What harm can bedbugs cause?

The presence of bedbugs in the home can significantly impair the quality of life. In addition to the unpleasant bites caused by these insects, there is a risk of damaging furniture, especially bedding, as well as leaving unsightly marks on walls and wallpaper. Getting rid of bedbugs can be difficult because they reproduce quickly and they can also carry infections.

What methods can you use to fight bedbugs?

There are several methods to combat bedbugs. When treating a room yourself, it is recommended to choose effective products depending on the degree of infection. However, a faster and more effective way is to call the sanitation service. After a thorough diagnosis, they apply insecticides or use hot/cold steam depending on the situation, since high and low temperatures can kill bedbugs.

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