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What is ozonation against mold in an apartment?

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In modern conditions of comfortable living in residential premises, problems with mold become relevant for many. Mold not only spoils the appearance of walls and ceilings, but also poses a serious threat to the health of home occupants, causing allergies and respiratory diseases. One of the effective methods to combat this problem is ozonation. In this article, we'll look at what ozonation is for indoor mold, how it works, and the benefits it provides for ensuring a clean, healthy indoor space.

What is ozonation against mold in an apartment?

Ozonation against mold in an apartment is an effective method of combating the problem of mold and fungal plaque in residential areas. Ozone, or triatomic oxygen (O3), is a molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms and has strong disinfectant properties. The use of ozone to combat mold and mildew is becoming increasingly popular due to its ability to kill microorganisms and neutralize unpleasant odors.

Operating principle of ozonation

Ozone, penetrating into the air and on surfaces, affects the cellular structures of mold. Its high reactivity allows it to oxidize organic compounds, destroying them at the molecular level. Through this process, ozone effectively kills mold spores, preventing them from multiplying and growing.

What benefits does ozonation provide to ensure a clean and healthy

  1. Air disinfection: Ozone decomposes bacteria, viruses and fungi in the air, improving air quality and preventing the spread of diseases.
  2. Elimination of odors: Ozone has strong deodorizing properties that can effectively eliminate unpleasant odors, including those caused by mold.
  3. Fighting mold on surfaces: Ozonation of a room allows you to eliminate fungal plaque on walls, ceilings, furniture and other surfaces.
  4. Safety for residents: After ozonation and proper ventilation of the room, ozone quickly disintegrates into ordinary oxygen, leaving no residue, which makes the procedure safe for health.

When to use ozonation

  • After flooding or damage to the water supply, to prevent the development of mold.
  • If mold is found on walls or other surfaces.
  • After renovation work to remove odors from paints, adhesives or other chemicals.
  • In areas where a high level of hygiene is required, such as medical facilities, beauty salons or grocery stores.

It is important to remember that specialized equipment should be used to carry out ozonation, and it is better to entrust the procedure to experienced specialists.

How to choose a company for ozonation of an apartment

Choosing a company for ozonation of an apartment is an important step that requires a careful approach. Here are some key criteria to consider when choosing the right company:

  1. Licenses and certificates: Check that the company has all the necessary licenses and certificates. This confirms their qualifications and compliance with safety standards.
  2. Experience and reputation: Study the company's experience in the field of ozonation. The more experience, the higher the likelihood of successfully completing the job. Read customer reviews and company ratings.
  3. Professional equipment: Make sure that the company uses modern and certified ozonation equipment. This guarantees the effectiveness of the procedure and safety for health.
  4. Individual approach: Good companies offer an individual approach to each client. They conduct a preliminary assessment of the premises, take into account the specifics of the task and recommend optimal ozonation methods.
  5. Safety: Find out what safety measures the company takes when carrying out ozonation. Explain to them all the details about your accommodation, including whether you have pets, allergies, etc.
  6. Quality assurance: Ask about the availability of guarantees for the work performed. This may include free re-processing if the results are unsatisfactory.
  7. Price and payment terms: Compare the cost of services from different companies. However, you should not choose the cheapest option as the quality may suffer. Check all payment terms in advance.
  8. Consultations and deadlines: A good company is ready to provide you with advice, answer all your questions and give recommendations on preparing your premises for ozonation. Also check the deadlines for completing the work.
  9. Environmental safety: Be sensitive to how the company approaches environmental issues. The ozonation process should not harm the environment.

Having chosen a company, follow their recommendations for preparing the room for the procedure in order to get maximum efficiency from ozonation of the apartment.

Does ozone kill mold?


What is the process of ozonation against mold in an apartment?

Ozonation is a method of disinfection and odor removal using ozone, a reactive form of oxygen. The process is that ozone is generated by special generators and supplied to the room, where it oxidizes and destroys mold, bacteria, viruses, and also eliminates unpleasant odors.

What benefits does ozonation provide in combating mold?

Ozonation has several benefits. First, ozone is safe for humans when used correctly and does not require the use of chemicals. Secondly, ozone penetrates into the most inaccessible places where conventional means may not be effective. Thirdly, ozone quickly decomposes, leaving no traces and without requiring additional ventilation after treatment.

How effective is ozonation against mold and how long does the procedure take?

The effectiveness of ozonation depends on the degree of mold contamination in the room. Typically, several ozonation sessions are required to achieve positive results. The duration of the procedure depends on the size of the room and the level of infection, but on average it takes from several hours to one day. It is important to follow all expert recommendations for maximum effectiveness.

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