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Preparing the premises for disinfestation

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Meeting insects and rodents in an apartment always causes discomfort, and the natural desire is to get rid of them as soon as possible. In most cases, people attempt to solve the problem on their own. However, if you cannot cope with the pest infestation on your own, it is advisable to seek help from professionals and order a pest control service.

To ensure maximum effectiveness of treatment, it is necessary to carefully prepare the apartment for professional disinfestation.

What is disinfestation

Disinfestation work is aimed at effectively exterminating insects in the apartment. Even with careful care of your home and regular cleaning, you may encounter the appearance of bedbugs, cockroaches, ants and other pests.

There are two main approaches to pest control: independent methods, which can be used in case of a small number of insects, and professional methods, seeking help from which becomes necessary when independent measures do not bring the expected result.

Regardless of the disinfestation method chosen, it is important to prepare the apartment for treatment. Careful preparation of the room significantly affects the effectiveness and safety of the procedure.

What harm do insects cause to humans?

So, we figured out what the disinfestation process is. Now let's talk about why it is so important to carry out pest control in the apartment and why it is important to start this as soon as possible.

This is why timely disinfestation against bedbugs, cockroaches, ants and other insects is so extremely important:

  1. Rapid reproduction: Bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas can reproduce at a high rate. If action is not taken at the first sign of insects, they can quickly spread throughout the apartment. In this case, it will become difficult to get rid of them on your own, and even professional measures may require several treatments.
  2. Bites and allergies: Many insects, such as fleas, mosquitoes and bedbugs, feed on human blood, causing painful bites. These bites can lead to itching, inflammation and even cause allergic reactions.
  3. Risk of transmission of infections: Many insects are carriers of dangerous infections. To protect your health and the health of your family, it is important to get rid of pests as soon as possible.

Don’t waste time - order professional treatment of premises from insects. Follow the instructions of the experts and you will soon forget about the problem of insects.

How is professional disinfestation carried out?

If your home has witnessed an infestation of insects, the best solution is to immediately call a professional exterminator. Experts will use a range of measures to combat fleas, bedbugs and other pests, ensuring a quick and complete cleaning of your home.

The main stages of professional insect disinfection include the following:

  • Filing an application: Contact us by phone or through the company's website to register your application.
  • Consultation and approval of the application: After submitting the application, the manager will advise you, clarify the details and agree on a date and time for processing that is convenient for you.

  • Apartment preparation: Obtain recommendations from managers on the necessary preparation of the premises before treatment.
  • Departure of exterminators: Specialists will arrive at the specified time, conduct diagnostics, identify infected areas, the number of pests and other key factors.
  • Data processing: Determination of methods, selection of drugs, calculation of their dosage and determination of the final cost of work.
  • Processing: Professional exterminators will begin the immediate treatment of your home using the necessary methods and preparations.
  • Post-processing instructions: Following the instructions of specialists on actions after disinfestation by homeowners.

Features of professional pest control

Usually, when carrying out professional disinfestation in an apartment or house, cold or hot fog methods are used; preference is often given to the first option in residential premises. Special preparations of the selected products are sprayed using a specialized generator. Small particles of drugs float in the air and then settle on the surface of walls, floors, furniture and other objects. Due to the particle size, drugs can penetrate into small cracks and hard-to-reach places.

It is generally accepted that professional insecticidal preparations are effective and safe for people and pets. However, it is worth noting that insufficient preparation of the apartment before disinfestation can have a significant impact on the final result of the procedure.

What can affect the effectiveness of disinfestation?

Let's figure out why even professional pest control measures may not have led to the desired result the first time.

Possible reasons for failure include the following:

  1. Massive colony of pests: If the insect colony is too extensive, even with the use of powerful professional preparations it is not possible to completely get rid of them. Revision and reprocessing may be necessary.
  2. Adaptation to the current drug: Pests may have managed to adapt to the components of the product used. In such cases, the exterminator may recommend the use of other drugs to increase effectiveness.
  3. Ignoring preparation instructions: Improper apartment preparation, such as not moving furniture enough or not cleaning beforehand, can allow insects to escape exposure to toxic particles of the product, reducing its effectiveness.
  4. Errors when attempting to destroy yourself: Inexperienced actions when dealing with pests on your own can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure, which emphasizes the importance of seeking help from a disinfection service and consistently following the recommendations of specialists.

How to prepare an apartment for disinfestation: general recommendations of professional exterminators

Whatever the types of pests that have entered your apartment, there are general recommendations for preparing the premises for professional treatment. To ensure high-quality and effective pest control, follow the steps below:

  • Clear the space of food, dishes and personal hygiene items, to avoid contact of drug particles with them.
  • Get rid of clutter move furniture and household appliances away from the walls.
  • Thoroughly wash floors, baseboards, work surfaces, furniture walls, shelves and window sills. Remember that insecticides are less effective in dirty conditions.
  • Let the cabinet furniture go, especially the kitchen one. Wash and sanitize kitchen cabinets inside and out. Wash any furniture where pests have been encountered. Seal the things that were in the closets in plastic and place them in the center of the room.
  • Cover household appliances to avoid damage from insecticides by using waterproof film.
  • Turn off the ventilation provide specialist access to all premises.

  • Provide access to water to prepare the insecticide solution.
  • Ensure the safety of pets, take them out of the apartment for the duration of processing.
  • Remove aquariums and terrariums from the premises, and if this is not possible, close them with a lid and turn off the compressors.
  • Take the plants out of the room or cover with film.

Remember that depending on the type of parasite, additional precautions may be required.

A number of additional rules when preparing rooms for processing

When preparing premises for treatment against various types of pests, it is recommended to take additional steps depending on the specific species.

Instructions for preparing the premises depending on the type of pest:

  1. Cockroaches and bedbugs:
    • Tightly seal all possible entry points, such as cracks, crevices, cable entries and exits, and plumbing and ventilation pipes.
    • Cover vents with fine mesh and seal door openings.
    • Maintain cleanliness, clean the kitchen immediately after meals, take out the trash, and take measures to prevent leaks.
  2. Flies:
    • Keep the kitchen and other areas clean.
    • Remove food and garbage, carry out wet cleaning.
  3. Bedbugs and fleas:
    • Remove personal items from the bathroom and wash towels at high temperatures.
    • In the bedroom and rooms, remove the bedspreads, wash them or take them to the dry cleaner.

Remember that while the apartment is being processed by specialists, no one should be on the premises except the specialists themselves. Proper preparation of the area according to these instructions will ensure effective pest control.

How to behave after disinfestation

No less important than preparation is correct behavior after disinfestation. Compliance with the instructions of specialists is critically important, since the effectiveness of the drugs used depends on it.

Recommendations for behavior after disinfestation:

  • Avoid returning to the treated area for at least 2-3 hours. The staff will provide you with the exact time.
  • Upon return, ventilate the room by opening all windows for at least half an hour.
  • After airing, perform wet cleaning using gloves. Wash all contact surfaces with soap and soda solution.

  • At the same time, avoid contact with surfaces that you do not come into contact with, such as baseboards, floors, and walls of cabinet furniture. Leave them untouched for some time for maximum effectiveness of the drug.


How to prepare a room before disinfection?

When preparing for disinfection, it is necessary to take into account the following steps, which will definitely be clarified when filling out the application. First of all, it is important to remove food, dishes, personal items and hygiene items to avoid insecticide particles getting on these surfaces. This will not only ensure the effectiveness of the treatment, but also protect against possible poisoning.

What measures should be taken before the disinfectant arrives?

Guarantee the exterminator's access to all premises, and also provide him with access to a water source. Move cabinet furniture, such as cabinets, at least 20cm away from walls, paying attention to back walls where pests can hide. Such measures will allow the specialist to effectively treat hard-to-reach areas. Also make sure that the exterminator has access to water to prepare the insecticidal solution.

How to ensure effective preparation of the premises before bedbug treatment?

Preparation is key to ensuring the disinfection process is effective and safe. Before starting work, it is recommended to carry out a general cleaning of the apartment. Wash bedding and towels at high temperatures to increase treatment efficiency. Get rid of infested pillows and sofas, and to protect pets from exposure to the insecticide, remove them from the home while disinfection is carried out.

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