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Cockroaches in the refrigerator

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Cockroaches are attracted to places where there is a lot of food and comfortable conditions, so they often settle in apartments. This explains why they are called synanthropes: their existence is inextricably linked with the presence of people. However, we clearly do not welcome such “neighbors.”

The main habitat of cockroaches in an apartment is the kitchen. With the spread of these insects, they are distributed throughout the apartment, even penetrating the bathroom and bedroom. Nevertheless, it is in the kitchen that they find all the resources necessary for life: food and water, especially in the refrigerator. Often cockroaches can be found in this place.

It is known that cockroaches do not survive in cold conditions. However, sometimes they can still reach the refrigerator.

How cockroaches get into an apartment and end up in the refrigerator

Cockroaches in the kitchen usually appear in the following cases:

  1. When cockroaches become permanent inhabitants of a room. In such cases, it can be difficult to identify the exact cause of their appearance, but their presence becomes obvious. Cockroaches actively move around the kitchen, sometimes even settling in the refrigerator.
  2. When cockroaches enter your apartment through neighboring rooms. At first, one individual can act as a scout, but soon dozens and even hundreds of new “neighbors” follow it.
  3. After purchasing household appliances, especially if they have heating elements. In such cases, cockroaches may appear in the refrigerator, washing machine and other devices.

It follows that you need to be careful with home appliances, especially when buying used devices. It is recommended to choose products from reliable stores to avoid not only encountering cockroaches, but also other troubles, and then cockroaches in the refrigerator will not become a problem.

Cockroaches in the refrigerator

Let's look at the reasons why insects enter the refrigerator:

  1. Rarely moving the refrigerator. It usually remains in its place, which creates conditions for cockroaches to colonize, especially if this place remains unchanged for a long time.
  2. A running compressor generating heat. In some cases, a refrigerator may have multiple compressors, which provides a comfortable environment for cockroaches.
  3. Condensation formed during the cooling process. Cockroaches usually do not experience problems with water and moisture, so they can freely live in the refrigerator.
  4. The space in the refrigerator provides a cozy place for entire colonies of cockroaches to settle, both inside and under it.

If cockroaches are found in the kitchen, you must carefully check secluded places, cabinets and move the refrigerator. Waste products of cockroaches, as well as eggs (oothecae) ​​can be found on the surface. Kitchen pest control is becoming a necessity.

Cockroaches in an apartment pose a threat to the health, safety of family members, pets and even property. There are cases where cockroaches have caused fires in apartments, causing short circuits and death from electric shock. They can also damage the wires and tubes in your refrigerator. A solution to the problem should be found quickly.

Roaches in Refrigerator | How to Remove Cockroaches in Fridge


Where do cockroaches come from in the refrigerator?

Sometimes after purchasing a used refrigerator, cockroaches become an unpleasant addition. A tempting price sometimes makes them forget about precautions, and buyers miss the moment to check with the previous owners whether there were pests in their apartment.

Of course, not everyone will be honest, even if there are some. But if the seller confirms the presence of cockroaches, it is better to refrain from purchasing. However, you can try to solve the situation with the help of pest control; it is preferable to carry it out before installing a refrigerator in the kitchen.

Another reason could be a high insect population. When cockroaches need to find a new habitat, the refrigerator is ideal for them as a new home.

Where do cockroaches hide in the refrigerator?

The compressor present in every refrigerator provides ideal conditions for cockroaches to live. Insects receive heat from the working motor and enough moisture thanks to the evaporator.

Over time, traces of cockroaches become visible on all surfaces, including the freezer. Refrigerators usually last a long time and their position is rarely changed. These factors become an additional incentive for insects to settle there.

How to get rid of cockroaches behind the refrigerator?

It all depends on the scale of the problem:

  1. If there are not many insects, you can try to solve the problem yourself. To do this, you need to treat accessible surfaces with a solution (you can order it in an online store or prepare it yourself using folk remedies) and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. The procedure should be repeated until the cockroaches disappear completely.
  2. In the event of a mass invasion, the best option would be to call professionals from the sanitary service. It's better not to wait until the refrigerator breaks down.

Cockroaches in the refrigerator are a serious problem, so it is best to leave the problem to the professionals.

How do cockroaches react to cold?

The cockroach, like the bug, cannot tolerate cold temperatures. These insects come from the tropics, where it is warm and humid. At temperatures below -5°C, this species of synanthropic organisms dies. However, with a refrigerator the situation changes: the motor provides warmth to the cockroaches, relieving them of their fear of the cold.

Attempting to “freeze” cockroaches by opening windows wide in winter and turning off the heating is a dubious method, since cockroaches can hide in safe places until the temperature returns, after which they will continue their lives as if nothing had happened.

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