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The best remedy for cockroaches

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Cockroaches are unwanted neighbors, their presence is disgusting, but this is not the only reason it is important to get rid of them.

Getting rid of cockroaches can be a difficult process. Efficiency depends on the degree of infestation: the sooner pest control begins, the greater the chance of independently destroying the entire population. If the insect infestation is severe, professional help will likely be required.

Eliminating cockroaches on your own is difficult due to their high endurance and ability to adapt. They quickly adapt to unfavorable conditions and develop resistance to toxic drugs.

There are many cockroach treatments available on the market. How to choose the optimal remedy?

Reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in an apartment

Cockroaches do not always appear exclusively in dirty and untidy rooms. Why can these parasites appear in a clean and well-kept home?

The reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in the house may be as follows:

  • Migration from neighboring apartments: If a large number of cockroaches are bred in a neighboring apartment, they may feel a lack of space and food, which leads to their migration to adjacent rooms. Also, cockroaches can change their location if disinfection is carried out. Therefore, it is recommended to process several apartments at the same time.
  • Introduced through shopping: Cockroaches can enter the home through shopping, such as groceries. Infection often occurs through clothing and furniture. It is especially important to be careful when purchasing used items.

  • Proximity to basements, cafes and shops: Cockroaches from basements often move to residents of the first floors in search of more favorable conditions. If your apartment is located directly above a cafe or grocery store, the risk of cockroach infestation increases.
  • Garbage chutes: Garbage chutes provide favorable conditions for cockroaches to breed - there is always access to food, it is dark and humid. Cockroaches can spread from the garbage disposal into apartments.
  • Migration routes: Ventilation, sewer pipes, crevices and cracks in walls can also be migration routes for cockroaches. Regular repairs and repairs, sealing cracks and covering vents with grilles will help prevent cockroaches from entering.

Why do you need to get rid of cockroaches?

Cockroaches are not only a nuisance to people, but they also pose a health hazard to humans and animals. Even in the absence of aggressive behavior and biting, these insects are targeted for extermination as soon as possible.

Risks associated with cockroaches for humans and animals:

  1. Allergies: Chitinous insect shells and their waste products can cause allergic reactions, including asthma.
  2. Damage to property: Cockroaches, being omnivores, can cause damage to furniture, wallpaper, paper, wood and other materials that are not of interest to us. Parasites can damage wallpaper, furniture, and also damage wiring. If they decide to settle in household appliances (for example, in a washing machine), this can lead to failure of the equipment.
  3. Infectious diseases: Cockroaches often move through sewers and garbage, picking up dirt and a variety of germs on their paws. They then transfer this to tables, food and utensils, posing a risk of transmitting infections.
  4. Attacks: Although such cases are rare, cockroaches can attack people and animals in perfectly clean conditions and without an accessible food source, causing potential harm such as gnawing on eyelashes, eyelids or lips.

It is important to notice the initial signs of an infestation and take immediate action to eliminate the pests, thereby increasing the chances of successfully resolving the problem.

A variety of remedies for cockroaches in the apartment

Modern manufacturers offer a variety of cockroach control products, presented in various forms. In addition to industrial drugs, it is also possible to use traditional methods. The effectiveness of cockroach control is highest with an integrated approach that combines the use of industrial means and folk methods, which makes solving the problem independently more effective.

Traditional methods for cockroaches

Traditional methods of getting rid of cockroaches are based on studying the characteristics of their behavior. It is known that cockroaches cannot tolerate strong odors, so various aromatic plants, both dried and fresh, are used to repel them. Dried plants are placed in sachets and placed throughout the house. You can also use ready-made bouquets. It should be remembered that the aroma of plants quickly disappears, so it is recommended to periodically change bouquets.

Cockroaches do not like the smells of plants such as lavender, wormwood, garlic, citrus, mint, rosemary, tea tree, eucalyptus, geranium, elderberry, to name a few. Essential oils such as tea tree and lavender may also be effective. They are dissolved in water and sprayed around the house using a spray bottle, add a few drops to water for washing floors, or use an aroma lamp.

Also, vinegar and ammonia can be used according to the same principle. Solutions of vinegar or ammonia can be sprayed around the apartment or used to wash floors.

Boric acid for parasites

Boric acid is an effective remedy for controlling not only cockroaches, but also various other pests. This medication is available in powder form and can be purchased at a pharmacy.

Boric acid powder is scattered in areas where parasites are likely to live. You can also create bait by rolling balls of egg yolk or mashed potatoes with the addition of boric acid. To increase the attractiveness of the bait, you can add powdered sugar, honey or jam to the balls.

Using boric acid, cockroaches pass it on their legs, infecting their fellows. The poison destroys the chitinous cover, and when ingested with food, it affects the digestive and nervous systems. Research shows that parasites have virtually no ability to adapt to boric acid.

Reliable pest traps

There are ready-made traps with different types of action that are available for purchase in stores or online. In addition, you can make traps yourself.

Different types of traps include:

  • Combat poison trap. This trap contains hydramethylnon, which does not cause resistance in pests. The effectiveness of the substance lasts up to three months. The smell of the bait attracts cockroaches, and when they fall into the trap, they consume the poisoned bait, then carry particles of poison on their paws into the nest, infecting their relatives. Hydramethylnon is also effective against cockroach eggs.
  • Sticky traps. They can be purchased ready-made or made yourself. The walls of the trap are covered with adhesive tape or an adhesive substance, and bait is placed inside. The smell of the bait attracts cockroaches, they climb inside, stick to the sticky surface and eventually die from isolation from food and water.

  • Electrical traps. They destroy pests with a small discharge of electric current.

Traps are effective in combination with other insect control methods and serve as an indicator of the number of insects in the home. If the traps remain empty for an extended period of time, this may indicate that the premises may no longer be infested with cockroaches.

Chemicals for cockroaches

There are many different chemical insecticides on the market that are suitable for independent use at home. Among the most effective and popular components used in household insecticides are pyrethroids and organophosphorus compounds. Pyrethroids affect adult insects, while organophosphates may also affect eggs and larvae.

The drugs are available in various forms:

  • Aerosols: Popular due to ease of use and fast action. The effect of insecticide in aerosols usually lasts for 2-3 months. If necessary, you can repeat the processing. When using aerosols, it is important to follow safety guidelines and keep the area clear of people and pets.
  • Powder or chalk: Easy-to-use products suitable for prevention. Effective for small populations of cockroaches in an apartment.

  • Gels: Reliable products that require long-term use. The gels do not leave marks on surfaces and have an attractive aroma for cockroaches. The action does not begin immediately, but usually leads to the death of the parasites after a few days.
  • Microencapsulated products: New generation drugs in the form of microcapsules. They are effective, safe and have no pungent odor. Many microencapsulated insecticides have a prolonged effect.

The choice of product depends on your preference. It is important to strictly follow the instructions when using any insecticidal product.

How to choose a remedy for cockroaches in an apartment

It is believed that drugs containing organophosphorus compounds are more effective. The concentration of the active substance is also important.

When choosing a cockroach repellent, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. Smell: A product with an intense odor can prevent insects from eating the bait or product. A sweetish aroma, on the contrary, can attract their attention. These properties are especially important when using traps and gels.
  2. Number and type of insects: The number of individuals influences the choice of control methods. Sprays and aerosols act quickly and effectively, especially with a large population of cockroaches. Other methods such as gels, chalk, traps and powders take longer.
  3. Safety: Before purchasing, check the certification of the drug. Uncertified insecticides may pose a health hazard. Be sure to read the instructions for safe use.
  4. Cost-effectiveness and ease of use: Choose a release form that makes the insecticide application process convenient for you.

There is no universal recipe for fighting cockroaches, so in each case you need to choose your own method. Study the characteristics of various cockroach treatments to choose the best one for your needs.

Top remedies for cockroaches

In the previous section, we introduced you to the different forms of household insecticides. In this section we will present you with a popular rating of the most popular cockroach remedies, rated by consumers:

  1. Get Total
  2. Exil Shaben-paste
  3. Raid$
  4. Dichlorvos Neo
  5. Crayons "Mashenka"
  6. Dohlox
  7. Hector
  8. Clean house
  9. Carbophos
  10. Executioner

Below is a description of each of the tools mentioned. All of them are intended for household use.

Get Total

A modern suspension equipped with microcapsules containing chlorpyrifos. The manufacturer gives the insecticide a neutral orange aroma, which covers up the pungent odor. The action of chlorpyrifos is aimed at destroying the nervous system of parasites, affecting both adult individuals and insect eggs and larvae.

Gel Exil Shaben-paste

A German-made drug, also based on chlorpyrifos. Infection occurs by eating the gel by insects and by contact. Pests touch the gel particles on their paws, transmitting the infection to other individuals. Typically, the cockroach population dies within two weeks. It is important to follow safety precautions and apply the gel only in places inaccessible to children and pets.

Aerosol Raid

An effective aerosol designed to combat various types of flying and crawling insects. Provides instant destruction of pests and protection against re-infestation indoors. The product is developed on the basis of cypermethrin and imiprothrin. After using the aerosol, it is necessary to thoroughly ventilate all rooms.

Dichlorvos Neo

The advanced formula used in sprays, aerosols and drops provides instant action, protecting your home for two weeks after use. The improved composition belongs to a low toxicity class and is completely safe for the environment. Various release forms provide ease of processing even in hard-to-reach places.

Chalk "Mashenka"

A widely known contact action product, characterized by availability and affordable price. The active components zetacypermethrin and deltamethrin are included in the chalk, and gypsum and chalk ensure easy attachment of the poison to the pest’s paws. The crayons are odorless and can be easily washed off with water from any surface. The advantages of chalk are its high effectiveness in combination with other drugs, as well as its affordable price.

Gel "Dohlox Instant Poison"

Suitable for use in any type of premises, it is effective even with a high insect population. The high concentration of the active ingredient fipronil provides reliable protection for your home from insects. The destruction of pests occurs quickly: the insecticide first paralyzes the insect, and within 6-8 hours it dies. To prevent the possibility of developing resistance to the active substance, it is recommended to alternate the use of the gel with other products. The convenient shape of the syringe facilitates the application process.

Hector powder with triple action active formula

This insecticide is convenient for use in a residential building and is effective in cases of small insect populations. Active ingredients, including boric acid, attack the chitinous membrane, causing dehydration and destruction of the gastrointestinal tract of insects.

Line of Clean Home products

The drugs are available in various forms such as aerosols, traps and chalk. The traps are equipped with adhesive tape along the walls and contain bait with a toxic substance. You will see results in just three days. The odorless chalk demonstrates high efficiency. The aerosol only affects adult insects.


Malathion concentrate diluted with water is used to treat surfaces and areas where insects may live or pass through. Effective against adults, as well as eggs and larvae. The only drawback is the presence of a pungent odor. You should also take precautions when working with karbofos.


Highly effective due to high concentration of fenthion. The contents of the bottle are diluted with water according to the type of insects you are going to fight. Parasites begin to die just a couple of minutes after the start of treatment, and most of the colony dies within 15-20 minutes. If the insecticide remains on the treated surface without rinsing off, its effect lasts up to three weeks.

How to prepare an apartment for processing

To increase the effectiveness of the drugs you have chosen, it is necessary to carry out preliminary preparation of the apartment before treatment.

Instructions for preparing an apartment for insecticidal treatment:

  1. Remove all trash, plant debris and food scraps from the kitchen and bathroom. This will prevent insects from accessing food sources.
  2. Move food items to cabinets or the refrigerator to avoid contact with the product.
  3. Carry out a thorough cleaning, getting rid of possible hiding places for cockroaches. Remove boxes, books, dishes, etc. from shelves.
  4. Wet clean work surfaces, walls, ceilings and floors using detergent to completely remove dust, grease and dirt.
  5. Check doors and windows for cracks and crevices through which insects can enter the apartment. Seal any cracks or cracks found.
  6. Turn off the ventilation system and air conditioning before treatment to prevent the roach repellent from spreading into other areas.

After careful preparation, you can begin exterminating cockroaches, following the manufacturer's instructions.

Professional extermination of cockroaches

It often happens that even the most effective drug does not bring results. This may be caused by the inexperience of the person carrying out household pest control, poor-quality processing and other factors. If your DIY efforts are unsuccessful, it is highly recommended that you seek professional help.

Advantages of professional pest control:

  1. High quality processing. Specialists have a precise understanding of which areas should be treated with drugs first.
  2. The use of more powerful and effective drugs. Such products are usually not available for sale and require special skills and experience to operate them.
  3. Accurate choice of drug and dosage calculation. Experienced professionals can quickly assess the extent of the infestation and take appropriate action.
How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Naturally At Home: HOME REMEDIES


How to effectively get rid of cockroaches?

In search of a solution to the problem with cockroaches, many turn to traditional methods, but it should be noted that chemical insecticides are usually more effective. The ideal solution is an integrated approach that includes several methods at once. If you fail to fight on your own, it is recommended to seek help from professionals.

How to choose an effective cockroach repellent?

There are many drugs available on the market for self-use. Determine the form that is most convenient for you (gel, aerosol, powder, etc.), read the reviews and ratings of insecticides. Please note that cockroaches can quickly develop resistance to insecticides, so it is recommended not to use the same product more than twice.

What products are effective against cockroach eggs?

Chemical insecticides are the most effective for killing cockroach eggs. When choosing products, keep in mind that aerosols usually only affect adults. To increase efficiency, it is recommended to use gels and powders additionally.

What mixture should I use when washing floors to avoid cockroaches?

After treating the floors, it is recommended to wash them with a soap and soda solution. Subsequently, to prevent the appearance of cockroaches, you can add vinegar or ammonia to the water for washing floors, since strong odors repel insects.

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