What cockroaches can appear in an apartment?

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The situation when cockroaches that you have never seen before appear in your home can be an unpleasant surprise. After all, for a long time now we have mainly encountered red, black and sometimes white cockroaches. The emergence of new species of these uninvited guests may pose a challenge in the fight against these insects. However, with the right approach and prompt destruction measures, you can get your home back under control and avoid unpleasant neighbors’ “movings.”

How do domestic cockroaches differ from each other?

Black cockroaches (Lat. Blatta orientalis) are impressive with their size and dark color, reaching a body length of up to 50 mm. Characterized by high sensitivity to low temperatures, they prefer to actively reproduce in the warm season. Most often they live in heated houses, industrial premises and sewer systems. Despite their mobility and speed of movement, black cockroaches do not have the ability to fly.

Red cockroaches (Blattella germanica), also known as "Prussians", are the most common species. An adult red cockroach can reach 1,5 cm in length. Red cockroaches are absolute omnivores, feeding on food scraps, tissues and even paper. This ability sometimes leads to the discovery of traces of their presence on books and paper materials.

There is a legend that red cockroaches can eat bedbug eggs, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. Therefore, in the case of the simultaneous appearance of both bedbugs and cockroaches, relying on popular beliefs is not a reliable solution.

What about white cockroaches?

White cockroaches are not an independent species, but rather a developmental stage of the common domestic cockroach. Therefore, any cockroach can be white during its molting period. Despite this, white cockroaches are rarely observed, mainly due to the fact that cockroaches become inactive and actively hide during this period. In addition, this white color lasts only for a day, after which the cockroach acquires its normal color. It is also noticeable that during molting, cockroaches become more vulnerable to toxic substances.

Regardless of the color of the cockroaches in your apartment, the first priority is to get rid of them. Whatever the type of cockroaches, effective pest control measures become a priority to keep your home safe and clean.

There are several ways to get rid of cockroaches

If you prefer not to seek the help of professionals to carry out pest control against cockroaches, there are a variety of traditional methods that offer to cope with this problem. However, it should be noted that these approaches may require significant effort and time, and the results may not always meet expectations.

Among the popular folk methods are the use of boric acid, ventilation of the room, the use of household crayons, gels, as well as the well-known but outdated remedy “Sinuzana”. You can often find recommendations for the use of the veterinary drug “Bars” (the reasons why “Bars” may be ineffective can be found here). All these methods undoubtedly have a right to exist, but their use may require significant effort and time.

If your goal is not only to save money, but also your precious time and effort, it is recommended to turn to professional services for pest control of cockroaches. Preparation for this process takes minimal time, and the precautions taken are easy to follow. Professionals have effective tools and experience, which provides more reliable and faster results in the fight against cockroaches.

How to prevent cockroaches from coming from your neighbors?

Keeping your neighbors away from cockroaches is important to keeping your home clean and healthy. Here are a few steps you can take to minimize the risk of cockroach infestation from neighboring apartments:

  1. Create barriers: Seal any cracks, cracks or holes in the walls, floors and ceilings to prevent cockroaches from entering. Pay special attention to places where pipes, wires and other communications pass.
  2. Ensure proper cleaning: Keep your apartment clean, clean regularly, do not leave food out in the open and do not accumulate garbage. Cockroaches are attracted to the smells of food and organic waste.
  3. Collaborate with your neighbors: If you have neighbors with whom you can discuss issues of cleanliness and hygiene, discuss issues of common interest with them. Sharing information and working together can help control cockroaches throughout your home.
  4. Use pest control: Carry out periodic disinfestation of your apartment, even if there are no problems with cockroaches. This will help prevent possible infections.
  5. Strengthen entry points: Make sure doors and windows close tightly. Consider using insect repellent on the exterior surfaces of your home.
  6. Contact the management company: If you have a property management company or homeowners association, check to see if there is regular cockroach control in the building.
  7. Be carefull: Keep a close eye out for signs of cockroaches and take immediate action if you spot them.

Working together to prevent cockroach infestations can greatly reduce the risk of problems occurring in your home.

Why do I Have Cockroaches in My Home?


What types of cockroaches can be found in an apartment?

In an apartment, you can most often encounter several types of cockroaches, such as black cockroaches (Blatta orientalis), red cockroaches (Blattella germanica), and house cockroaches (Periplaneta domestica). They vary in size, color and habits, but they all present a potential problem that requires attention and control.

How can I determine which cockroaches have appeared in my apartment?

Visual observations such as color, size and body structure can help identify the species of cockroaches. Black cockroaches are larger in size, while red cockroaches are smaller and have a slimmer body. House cockroaches often have wings, while other species may be wingless. If you are not sure, it is better to contact a professional for accurate identification.

Why might cockroaches appear in my apartment?

Cockroaches usually appear due to the availability of food, warmth and shelter. Lack of hygiene, the presence of open food, dark and damp places serve as an attractive refuge for them. Also, they can move from neighboring apartments. Maintain cleanliness, eliminate access to food, and seal possible entry points to prevent cockroaches from infesting.

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