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Where do ants come from in an apartment?

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In ordinary city apartments in Russia you can find various types of insects, such as cockroaches and bedbugs. But sometimes house ants come as an unpleasant surprise because they are less common. Once ants enter a room, they can cause many problems, spoil food and spread infection. They can appear not only in apartment buildings, but also in country houses or even in office buildings.

What ants can live in an apartment

Several types of ants can be found in homes, and it is important to treat the room to get rid of them:

  1. House ants (or pharaoh ants): These ants live in apartments and houses and are not found in nature. They feed on garbage and food left by humans. Most often they live in ceilings between floors and can affect several rooms at once.
  2. Ants of exotic species: If one of the neighbors has unusual ants and loses control over them, the ants may spread to other apartments.
  3. Worker ants from the street: Insects can enter the apartment in search of food. They can even get inside through the windows and, finding food in the kitchen, begin to explore the room. Warm and humid areas such as the bathroom or kitchen are their preferred places.
  4. Ants from the dacha: The appearance of ants in an apartment may be associated with the transportation of furniture from the dacha. This encourages ants to multiply and they can get into your home. To avoid this, treatment must be carried out before transporting furniture to prevent the transfer of ants into your home.

Where do house ants live?

When ants appear in the house, the question arises where they come from in the apartment. No one expected them to appear, but then the pests appeared, and the real fight began. Places of their accumulation and nests can be outside the premises, between ceilings, in basements or even in the gaps of brickwork on the street. The entire house may be infested, or just a few apartments.

Often, when people see a large number of ants in an apartment, they believe that they came from unscrupulous neighbors, but this is not always the case. Most likely, the house itself is infested with ants, and there is no need to look for where they came from in the apartment. Pests need to be eliminated everywhere. One ant may come to investigate from another apartment, and if it finds enough food or crumbs on the floor, it will lead the rest of the ants to this place.

The most effective way in this case would be to team up with your neighbors and treat the house with the help of professional exterminators. In this way, you can get rid of individual individuals and, most importantly, destroy nests of ants in hard-to-reach places where the queen is located.

It is important to remember that it is necessary to treat all infested areas in the house so that the ants disappear and do not bother the residents. In this case, there is a high probability that insects will no longer come from neighboring apartments, and you will be able to get rid of them forever. The process will speed up many times, as the actions will be coordinated.

Why do ants appear in an apartment?

Ants are attracted to warm places and the presence of food, which makes them similar to other insects. They can easily enter the apartment through the window. In the fall, during the mating season, ants grow wings, allowing them to move long distances. If they find a lot of food in the apartment, this may be a reason to move in. Food left in plain sight can attract ants, and when they appear randomly, they can take up residence in the home, finding suitable conditions for a new colony.

If the queen ant finds a suitable place for a nest, where it is warm and humid, the ants begin to look for food in nearby apartments. They collect food for the life of their colony and for reproduction. Queen ants can live up to ten years, so don't expect them to disappear on their own. Moreover, in apartment buildings there may be several queens in different places. Even if you remove one queen or stop access to food, this will not ensure the destruction of the entire colony of ants in the house.

Cleaning and maintaining a tidy home helps prevent ants from infesting your home. Ants rarely live in clean houses. It is important to understand how to deal with ants and what drugs are used to destroy them in Russia, despite the differences in the ways of penetration into apartments.

How to get rid of ants in the house

Most often, ant colonies settle in several rooms at once, so the best solution would be to join forces and seek help from professional specialists.

Home methods for controlling ants include the following approaches:

  1. Cleaning: Ants don't like cleanliness. It is important to keep your home tidy by regularly removing trash, clearing table scraps, and performing wet and dry cleaning.
  2. Hermetically sealed food storage: Close all possible access to food and water to prevent ants from foraging for food in your home and transferring it to their nests.
  3. Treatment of ventilation holes and other possible places for ants to enter the apartment: This method will help prevent intrusion, but will not solve the problem if it is house-wide.
  4. Using strong-smelling herbs and products: Place them near vents or other access points in the house. Ants avoid strong odors.
  5. Boric acid: It turns into poison and helps to quickly and effectively kill ants. However, it is important to destroy the entire colony, not just individual individuals.

It is important to remember that ants can appear even in a clean apartment if other common areas, such as basements or elevator shafts, are infested. They may escape from other premises during the disinfestation process. Therefore, the most effective method of control would be to call professional exterminators who will treat all possible premises at once.

Why is it important to remove ants?

Ants can carry dangerous infections on their feet by running through trash cans, pet litter boxes, toilets, and other contaminated areas in the home. They can then enter the kitchen and contaminate food. These insects are active carriers of various dangerous diseases, such as salmonellosis, helminth eggs, typhoid fever pathogens and other diseases.

Ants leave trails behind them that other individuals can navigate by repeating their route. Timely destruction of these insects helps prevent their rapid and massive reproduction. Considering the health of yourself and your children, it is important to get rid of ants as quickly as possible.

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How to get rid of small ants in an apartment?

There are several ways to combat them, such as using insect repellents (poison, bait) or preventing them from entering the apartment. You can spray insect repellent on possible entry points into your home, such as vents and other areas. However, such measures can only harm individual individuals, and even if you destroy one colony, another may come from places beyond your reach. In this case, the most effective solution is to call professional exterminators to deal with this problem comprehensively and effectively.

Why do small ants appear in the apartment?

Ants can appear in an apartment in different ways. They can fly through a window during the mating season in the fall or enter through ventilation, an elevator shaft, or even come running from the entrance. Sometimes they settle in niches in the brickwork of a house and spread over several apartments. Finding good conditions with humidity and temperature, the ants begin to actively reproduce, creating new colonies in various places inside the house. They can also come from neighboring rooms, be transferred from the street through open doors or windows, and sometimes even stick to your clothes and enter the apartment this way. To prevent their occurrence, it is recommended to install mosquito nets on windows and take other preventive measures.

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