Ground beetle in the apartment

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Getting rid of bread ground beetles in an apartment can be a difficult task. This species of coleopteran insect comes in a variety of body colors and is a known household pest that often invades apartments. Although scientists have limited knowledge about the behavior of this ground beetle, it is becoming an increasingly common problem every year.

Ground beetles belong to a family of insects that infect food and leave larvae throughout the room. These insects can be eliminated using modern treatment methods. To do this, it is recommended to contact specialists from the Marafet company. They will carry out a professional treatment, taking into account your description of the situation and photographs of the pests, and will use effective products, ensuring safety and effectiveness in the fight against corn ground beetles. Remember that timely precautions can save many types of crops and products, eliminating the threat from these insects.

The danger posed by ground beetles and beetles in the house

The appearance of corn ground beetles in the house is an alarming signal and a reason to contact a professional sanitary service for treatment with boric acid. These insects cause the greatest damage in summer and autumn, being active in the evening and at night. Ground beetles pose a threat to food in the home, especially cereals and leeks, as well as to furniture and ceiling-wall junctions, which become habitats and breeding grounds for pests. Finding a ground beetle can take a long time.

Ground beetles typically find food by feeding on plants and other insects. They can damage not only houses and apartments, but also agricultural land. Treatment of insects in private areas and in local areas is mandatory for the complete destruction of the pest. An effective way to control ground beetles is to use boric acid. This method can also kill many other insect pests on plant surfaces. If you live in an apartment, then all work surfaces will be treated.

You should not panic if you find bread ground beetles in your home. It is important to act calmly and judiciously. Call a professional sanitation service and our experienced technicians will ensure the problem is reliably fixed. Every square meter, including soil and furniture, will be treated. After professional pest control, your home will be completely protected. To finally get rid of the pest, it is also necessary to eliminate the insect larvae.

Preventive measures against ground beetles and beetles

To prevent the appearance of pests and prevent them from breeding in hard-to-reach places, you should follow simple but important preventive measures. Give your home a thorough wet cleaning, removing all crumbs and thoroughly cleaning furniture surfaces to prevent potential pests from establishing themselves in your home.

The ground beetle will not be able to enter your home if all wooden furniture is treated with specialized products against beetles and other insect pests. These insects love to lay eggs among cereals, seeds and products, causing great damage. If you notice traces of their activity, treat the furniture and surrounding surfaces using available products, be it household chemicals, soda or even ordinary vinegar water - a folk remedy for bread ground beetles, which has helped save many crops.

By following these simple preventative measures, you can avoid encountering bread ground beetles. Insects will not be able to stay in your home for long and will not be able to lay eggs, since all items will be carefully processed and clean, and crumbs will be removed in a timely manner. This will help protect cereals and other products from harmful insects and bugs.

How exactly do ground beetles and beetles get into the house?

Bugs, especially bugs like the corn beetle, can enter your home in a variety of ways. To finally get rid of bread ground beetles, it is important to understand how insects get into the room. Only then can effective and long-term treatment be carried out.

Let's look at some of the ways insects can enter your home and contaminate your food:

  1. Food for rats and hamsters: Not regularly cleaning your pet's cage can create a breeding ground for pests.
  2. Light from windows: Beetles are attracted to light. If you keep your window lights on at night and don't use mosquito nets, your space, food, and grains may be at risk. The bread ground beetle often reacts to light.
  3. Wooden furniture elements: Corn beetles live in wood, and wood furniture can easily allow the beetles to enter your home.
  4. Contaminated products: Corn ground beetles can enter your home through food you bought at the market. If food has not been stored well or has not been properly cleaned, beetles can breed on the surface of the food, using it as a place to lay eggs.

Having understood the supposed source of the problem, through which the ground beetles entered the apartment, you can begin to destroy the insects and carry out a thorough cleaning of the room. Ground beetles pose a danger to both apartments and private houses and summer cottages, so it is necessary to immediately take measures to eliminate this threat.

Fighting corn ground beetles indoors

At the first sign of dangerous bugs, you can try to deal with the problem yourself using household pest control products. However, if beetles have become regular guests in your home, laying larvae and reproducing in hard-to-reach places, skimping on your safety in this situation is unacceptable. In such cases, it is necessary to contact a sanitation professional to carry out disinfection, otherwise dangerous bugs will continue to complicate your life.

To begin, treat the room with dichlorvos, wiping all items with insecticides available in retail stores. You can also use baking soda or vinegar water to treat your living area, making it more difficult for insects to stay there and driving the bugs away from your home. In addition, it is better to keep products in airtight containers and store them in the freezer, avoiding their prolonged exposure to open surfaces.

A good way to destroy harmful ground beetles is temperature methods of combating dangerous insects. These methods are especially useful when bugs have accumulated inside food and you don't want to throw them away. Let's consider three main methods of temperature control:

  1. Cold: If a ground beetle gets into your food, place the food on the balcony if the temperature there is below minus 15 degrees, or in the freezer. When processing in the freezer, do not forget to also treat the freezer cabinets where the ground beetle-affected food was stored using soap solutions and soda. Sometimes, for prevention, bags of pyrethrum are placed in the freezer, which repels many harmful insects, including bread ground beetles.
  2. Calcination: If the ground beetle gets into flour or semolina, bake it in the oven at 50 degrees for half an hour. For other types of cereals, a temperature of 100 degrees will be required to provide reliable protection against ground beetles. Roasting food in the oven helps kill insects.
  3. Ultraviolet Exposure: Beetles, including bread beetles, cannot tolerate ultraviolet light. Place the cereal in the sun for 5-6 hours a day and ground beetles will no longer be a problem.

If you find that beetles have laid larvae in cracks and cracks in your room, treat these areas with boiling water. Please note that not all materials can withstand this treatment, but it will help kill small beetles and ground beetles and prevent their spread in the future.

Boric acids can be used to control ground beetles. Create a boric bait by mixing boric acid with powdered sugar, honey or cereal and place it near food and cereal in your indoor environment. The beetles will be attracted to the bait and die, infecting other ground beetles in the process.

There are also folk methods of fighting ground beetles:

  1. Metal nails: Place nails in bulk products where ground beetles have appeared. The metal will repel harmful insects and keep them away from food.
  2. Plants and herbs with a pungent odor: Stock your grocery cupboard with garlic, cloves, bay leaves and other strong-smelling herbs. This aroma will repel bugs and protect food from insects.
  3. Fridge: If you have enough space in your refrigerator, place flour and other crumbly foods there. Low temperatures will prevent beetles from settling in food, and the refrigerator will help destroy them if they are already there.

Remember to store flour and cereals in glass containers immediately after purchase to prevent ground beetles from getting into your food. These simple measures will help you protect your products from harmful insects.

How to Kill Ground Beetles

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