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Wood is susceptible to destruction under the influence of the environment. Factors such as sunlight, indoor humidity levels and other external conditions play an important role in this process. One of the main pests that cause the deterioration of wooden furniture is the wood borer beetle, which can literally turn a solid piece of wood into a holey structure.

What is this beetle?

The furniture beetle, or furniture borer, includes several types of parasites that can destroy wood. The larvae of these insects actively chew through furniture from the inside, creating a complex system of passages. They can also damage other wooden structures such as window frames, ceilings, walls and floors.

Furniture grinders are common in homes, so it is important to be able to identify these pests in order to control them. Here are their main characteristics:

The larvae have a semicircular body shape and a light color. They have powerful legs that allow them to make passages inside the wood. The head of the larvae is large, with reddish, stiff hairs on top. The length of the larvae can reach up to 6 mm. Development occurs in the same place where females lay eggs.

Adult beetles are darker in color, closer to black or brown. Their sizes vary from two to five millimeters. On the upper part of the body, characteristic patterns in the form of stripes of many dots are visible. Furniture grinders most often breed deep inside wood, in burrows about 2 millimeters in diameter.

How a furniture sharpener can end up in your home

Those who are faced with the appearance of furniture grinders in their premises often wonder how these insects end up in their homes. There is nothing complicated in the answer to this question: in fact, in most homes, a furniture sharpener has been present for a long time, it’s just that at a certain moment his active activity begins.

If your house is built entirely of wood, then the chances of attracting such a neighbor automatically increase. In addition, the possibility that pests may get inside the building materials cannot be ruled out.

Lifestyle of these beetles

During warm periods, most often in spring, female furniture grinders begin to lay eggs. Soon, grinder larvae appear in the wood, which seriously threaten the inhabitants of the house.

The larvae quickly begin to destroy the furniture, gnawing entire passages in the wood, moving chaotically and making many holes. The life cycle of the larvae of these pests can last up to 1 year. During the cold months, the larvae go into torpor, resuming their activity closer to summer.

However, if the house is kept warm even in winter, the furniture grinder continues to actively destroy furniture during the cold season. Under optimal room humidity conditions, beetle larvae continue to destroy furniture elements.

Over time, the pest larvae form pupae, which turn into adult insects and begin intensive reproduction.

It should be noted that some types of wood are resistant to insects. These include painted wood elements and varnished furniture. To find out whether the wood has been affected by larvae, you can make one or two inconspicuous holes with a thin, sharp object. If the furniture remains hard, there is a chance of saving it after the beetles hatch.

How to detect grinders in furniture

There are several signs that may indicate a beetle infestation on your furniture, floors, or interior beams. Here are the main ones:

  1. Suspicious sounds: Furniture sharpeners produce a characteristic clicking sound that resembles the ticking of a wall clock. This sound is heard in absolute silence and comes from walls or furniture. These clicks are caused by male beetles hitting the insides of dug tunnels when they try to attract females to reproduce.
  2. Holes: Large numbers of holes with a diameter of 1 to 2 mm may appear in furniture, both inside and on the surface. If you notice such holes, listen to see if there are bugs inside.
  3. Grinder secretions: This discharge has a flour-like texture and is brown in color.

If you notice that beetles are periodically flying out of the furniture or appearing outside, it is likely that the population of beetles has increased so much that the furniture can no longer be saved. In this case, you will have to get rid of this furniture to prevent the further spread of bugs in your home.

It is important to remember that beetles are not the only insects that can live in furniture. They are easily confused with other species, such as bark beetles. Correct identification of insects is important for effective pest control to avoid damage to furniture.

Beetles often become active in the spring and can accumulate in large numbers in window frames, flying out from infested surfaces. If your home is primarily built of wood, these unwanted guests will likely show up later in the summer.

Beetles prefer to live in places with poor ventilation and high humidity. Therefore, it is important to maintain a dry indoor climate and regularly ventilate the house.

The danger of grinder beetles

First of all, it should be noted that this type of pest does not pose a threat to human health. You won't be attacked with painful bites or other problems. The only concern is the discomfort indoors due to the monotonous sounds made by the grinder. This may cause unnecessary irritation to the occupants of the premises.

The main danger lies elsewhere. This beetle systematically damages the wood from which your expensive furniture is made.

Starting with one object, it inevitably spreads to other surfaces, destroying their wood. Such furniture quickly loses its value, becomes fragile and collapses under its own weight.

Methods for destroying a furniture grinder

Once it has been established that your furniture has been infested by a furniture grinder, you must immediately take steps to destroy these pests and save the surface. Below are the main methods of getting rid of grinders:

  1. Vaseline oil: If you notice bugs on the surface, use Vaseline. Pour it into a syringe with a thin needle and fill all the passages that the beetles make. The holes should be sealed with wax. Repeat the procedure several times at intervals of 14 days until traces of beetle activity completely disappear.
  2. Temperature reduction: Furniture sharpeners are sensitive to temperature changes. Try lowering the room temperature to -2 degrees. Under such conditions, the grinders will die. However, be careful considering that not all furniture can withstand low temperatures.
  3. A mixture of turpentine and kerosene: Create a solution of turpentine and kerosene in a ratio of 3 to 1. Apply this solution to the contaminated surfaces with a brush. Repeat the procedure if necessary, avoiding open flames as the mixture is highly flammable.
  4. Solution with naphthalene and black resins: Mix mothballs and black resins in equal proportions and treat the affected areas in the house with them. This method is effective, but has an unpleasant odor.
  5. Mixture of kerosene and motor oil: Combine kerosene and motor oil, then treat the affected wood with this mixture.

If you cannot cope on your own, contact professionals who specialize in exterminating insects. They have effective drugs that can cope with various types of parasites. After treating your home, you can forget about problems with insects for a long time.

Nevertheless, experts recommend taking preventive measures and preventing insects from appearing in the house. Prevention is much easier than dealing with them in the future.

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How to get rid of a furniture grinder?

There are a number of ways to get rid of the beetle grinder in the apartment. The first of them is using Vaseline oil. Find all the passages that the beetle has made, fill them with oil (using a pipette for this), and then cover the holes themselves with wax. This process will have to be repeated for at least a couple of weeks. You can also try using the method of lowering the temperature or pouring turpentine over damaged furniture. This will also repel the bugs.

What bugs eat wooden furniture?

The main pest of furniture is the so-called furniture beetle. This name hides three creatures at once: grinder beetles, house beetles and furniture grinders. They are an insect with a brownish shell. Its length varies from 4 to 5 mm. In general, it is completely harmless to all people and does not cause harm to health. However, their reproduction rate and feeding intensity will render your wooden property unusable in 2–3 months.

How long does the grinder beetle live?

The grinder beetle lives for about 10 years and reproduces quickly. Therefore, you are unlikely to be able to get rid of the furniture grinder naturally, since these beetles spend their entire life inside the home and only come out during the mating period. Therefore, you will need the help of pest control experts to eradicate the pests inside your furniture once and for all.

Where do grinder beetles come from?

The most common way for such a beetle to appear in a house is to bring into the room building materials or wooden fixtures that are already infected with this parasite. Quite quickly they will move into new furniture or walls of the house and begin to systematically destroy it until they completely exhaust the home. That is why these creatures must be dealt with extremely quickly.

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