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How to get rid of fleas in the house using folk remedies

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In recent decades, people's living standards have improved markedly. Nevertheless, there are minor troubles that are not so easy to get rid of completely. These include small parasites that prevent people from leading a quiet life.

Unlike cockroaches, which typically appear in less clean homes, fleas can invade apartments of any level of cleanliness. These nasty bloodsuckers find their way into the home in a variety of ways, which we will discuss in detail below.

Even if you regularly wet clean your home and don't keep small furry pets, this does not mean that your home is protected from fleas. Be vigilant and learn in advance what to do if these small insects do get into your clean home.

Fleas interfere with life

The presence of fleas in the house is an unpleasant situation that can hardly be called a pleasant attraction. The presence of these insects not only causes discomfort and inconvenience, but also poses a serious threat.

For many people, the fear of fleas in the apartment is one thing, but even more worrying is the idea that these parasites may begin to bite after being infested by a pet. It is important to pay attention to this point, since fleas, feeding on the blood of humans and animals, can cause painful bites and allergic reactions. In some cases, the bites of these insects can even cause anaphylactic shock.

In addition, research by scientists confirms that fleas are carriers of more than 20 dangerous diseases, including those that can be fatal. Given their high reproductive rate, the rapid proliferation of fleas in the home can create serious difficulties when trying to get rid of them. However, such a task is quite feasible if appropriate measures are taken.

Reasons for the appearance of fleas in the apartment

To begin with, it is important to realize that no one is immune from the appearance of fleas in their home. These jumping insects can enter your home in a variety of ways, and the blame isn't always solely on your pets. Here are some common ways that fleas can appear in your home:

  1. Movement from neighbors: If your neighbors have pets and they are not very vigilant in maintaining cleanliness, then there is a possibility that fleas from their apartment may move into yours through the balcony or stairwell.
  2. Attics and basements: In apartment buildings with attics and basements, rats may inhabit these spaces. Where there are rats, there are fleas. The problem may especially affect the inhabitants of the first and last floors.
  3. Availability of pets: Pets can bring fleas into the house. Insects can get onto animals by moving from their fur, and then enter the apartment. A person can also carry fleas home, for example on shoes or clothing.
  4. Lack of cleanliness: Fleas don't like cleanliness. If your apartment has a lot of carpets, potted plants, infrequent wet cleaning, and dust does not bother you, then you are creating ideal conditions for fleas. They will happily settle in your home and periodically feed on your blood.

Flea danger

Fleas, like other parasites, pose a serious threat. In the worst case, their appearance can cause a feeling of unpleasantness, constant discomfort and the impression of a dirty environment. Fleas do not have a strong fear of humans and move freely on the surfaces of tables, beds and furniture. They prefer deep-pile carpets, house plants, and congregating in polluted areas.

Flea bites should be taken seriously. Firstly, they cause significant pain. Secondly, the bites of these insects can pose a danger to humans, leading to various diseases. These diseases include rabies, Chagas disease, plague, hepatitis, worms and many other viruses and diseases.

Young children are especially vulnerable to this threat. Although the threat from a few bites may seem small, repeated flea bites can cause serious allergic reactions and affect a child's nervous system.

How to find fleas at home

Getting rid of fleas is a task that must be solved. However, the first step to this is to detect these insects, which is often not an easy task.

Typically, an adult male flea measures only five millimeters in length, while females of some species reach one and a half centimeters. Their flattened bodies are covered with spines, which are used for attachment to animal fur or other surfaces.

It is important to note that fleas do not have the ability to fly, but they are excellent jumpers, capable of covering a distance of up to two meters in one jump. These parasites feed on blood and prefer to live in human homes, animal burrows and on the bedding where pets sleep.

The average lifespan of a flea varies from several weeks to two years, and during this time they are capable of leaving up to 500 eggs in a room. Therefore, every day the number of fleas increases, and the task of getting rid of them becomes more difficult.

To control fleas, you can take a few simple steps to slow down their reproduction and spread. For example, stopping the supply of food to fleas may force them to leave the premises, but the larvae will remain. Also, changing temperature conditions, either too cold or too hot, can affect fleas. However, not all of these methods can be applied in modern conditions, so it is often necessary to resort to other effective means.

How to get fleas out of the house using folk remedies

Deciding to control fleas but don't want to use harmful chemicals? Folk pest control remedies may be the ideal option for you. Let's discuss them.

Folk remedies are excellent for treating a room against parasites, especially if the pest colony has not yet grown significantly. If this has already happened, it is better to use professional chemistry. There are many chemical options on the market today, and after consulting with a specialist, you can choose the right one.

However, traditional methods can also be no less effective, especially if you have children or pets.

Moreover, such products are absolutely safe:

  1. Herbs: Sprigs of dried wormwood, tansy and eucalyptus can be placed in the corners of the room, shelves and doors. The aroma that fleas cannot tolerate will fill the space. The herb should be changed periodically to prolong the effect.
  2. Essential oils: Due to the strong odor of essential oils, they affect the nervous system of fleas. Choose from lemon balm, clove, wormwood, thyme or mint scents. The oil can be used in candles or added to water for cleaning floors. Treating all surfaces with this mixture will have an excellent effect.
  3. Salt and soda: Dissolve salt and baking soda in water. Treat the surfaces of the apartment and hard-to-reach places with the resulting solution.
  4. Citrus: Fleas don't like the smell of citrus fruits. Place pieces of zest throughout all rooms.
  5. Garlic and yeast for carpet: Mix garlic and yeast in equal proportions, rub into the carpet and leave overnight. In the morning, the carpet should be washed thoroughly.
  6. Ammonia: Add a drop of ammonia to a bucket of water and rinse the floor and other surfaces. Fleas won't like it.

In the above methods you will find safe folk methods of fighting fleas. However, for a more effective result, it is recommended to use professional products and chemicals. They have a stronger effect and are guaranteed to destroy all pests. If you don’t want to handle the treatment yourself, you can always use the services of pest control specialists. Experts will come to you and help you get rid of pests, allowing you to enjoy your life and relaxation.

7 Home Remedies For Fleas in The House


What are fleas afraid of in the house?
For fleas, conditions that promote their survival are critical. This includes maintaining optimal temperatures and having food sources available. If there is no food in the apartment, the fleas will disappear within a few days, but their larvae will remain. To completely get rid of them, it is necessary to raise the air temperature to +50 degrees or, conversely, lower it to 0°C. You can also use special chemicals or resort to traditional methods such as essential oils, herbs and ammonia.

How to deal with earthen fleas?
To get rid of earthen fleas, it is necessary to treat all furniture, floor surfaces and walls with a soap solution. To enhance the effect, you can add ammonia or essential oil with a bright scent that repels fleas.

Will baking soda and salt help against fleas?
Baking soda and salt are among the folk remedies that can be effective in controlling fleas. They should be diluted in water and used to clean the apartment. Over time, the number of fleas may decrease.

How to determine if there is a flea in front of you?
Fleas can be recognized by several signs. Males measure approximately five millimeters. They have a flat body and a color ranging from red to black. Fleas do not have wings, but they are able to jump high thanks to their powerful hind legs. Fleas are covered in tough chitin, making them difficult to crush. If you notice fleas in your home, take immediate action to eliminate them.

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