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What to do if cockroaches come from neighbors

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The appearance of cockroaches is not always associated with insufficient cleanliness and unsanitary conditions. Even if your entrance is clean and the apartment has been newly renovated, there is a possibility that cockroaches will appear from neighboring apartments. Let's look at why this might happen and how to deal with this situation.

Where do cockroaches even come from?

Cockroaches can appear in places where they were not previously found for several reasons, mainly related to natural migration:

  1. Overpopulation: If there are too many cockroaches and not enough food in the neighboring apartment, they begin to look for new territories.
  2. Disinfection of neighbors: If your neighbors decide to treat for cockroaches and call exterminators, the surviving insects may move into your home through ventilation ducts or cracks in the floor.
  3. Shopping from the supermarket: Cockroaches can get into your home through food you purchase at the supermarket, especially if one of them happens to be a pregnant female.
  4. Parcel from the online store: Cockroaches can bring your orders from the online store with them.
  5. Travels: Cockroaches can get into your home if you bring them with you after a trip, especially if you stayed in inexpensive places.

To successfully reproduce, cockroaches need only three conditions: warmth, food and water. In city apartments, they feel comfortable finding food in crumbs on the floor, in trash cans, forgotten dishes and the presence of water in sinks or flower containers.

How do cockroaches come from neighbors?

Insects can enter you from a neighboring apartment:

  1. Through the kitchen hood duct.
  2. Along the ventilation shafts, as they connect all the apartments.
  3. Through cracks in the walls, ceiling, between the window sill and windows.
  4. Through the gaps between the panels.
  5. Through sockets and sewage system.

What to do if you are sure that the cockroaches are coming from your neighbors?

Try to establish a constructive dialogue - perhaps your neighbors themselves are experiencing difficulties in fighting insects, and together you can organize treatment for cockroaches.

If the dialogue is unsuccessful, the neighbors do not show a willingness to cooperate and solve the problem, and you are sure that the problem is related to the condition of their apartment and disregard for sanitary standards, then by law you have the opportunity to file a complaint with the management company (MC) or the homeowners association ( HOA). In some cases, you can go to court, which will forward the claim to the Environmental Control Service (SES). However, keep in mind that this process may take a long time, during which the population of cockroaches in your apartment will continue to grow.

If you are lucky with your neighbors and they are ready to work together to fight cockroaches, seek help from professional exterminators.

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How can I determine that the cockroaches in my apartment came from neighbors and not from other sources?

Monitor possible insect migration paths, pay attention to neighbors and common elements of the building. Share your observations with an exterminator for a more accurate assessment.

What should I do if I suspect that cockroaches in my apartment are related to problems with my neighbors?

It is important to establish the facts. Discuss the situation with your neighbors, perhaps conduct an inspection with an exterminator. If the problem is confirmed, working with neighbors to treat the entire house can be an effective solution.

How to effectively resolve the situation if the neighbors do not agree to fight cockroaches, and they can spread into my apartment?

The first step is to try to establish a dialogue with your neighbors, emphasizing the importance of joint efforts. If this fails, contact the management company, HOA, or even the court to protect your interests and take action to treat the entire building.


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