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How long do cockroaches live?

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Cockroaches have amazing survival abilities, such as the ability to live without a head, withstand the absence of oxygen for 40 minutes, and the ability to survive for long periods of time without food (as opposed to water, which is critical for them). These insects outlived the dinosaurs and are able to survive even when exposed to doses of radiation that would be lethal to humans. These facts lead us to the conclusion that cockroaches are incredibly resilient creatures.

If you are interested in questions about the lifespan of cockroaches under different conditions, this article will provide you with the answers. Let's consider both cockroaches that have adapted to being close to humans and more exotic species.

What affects the lifespan of cockroaches

The question of the life expectancy of cockroaches does not have a clear answer, since it is influenced by the following factors:

  1. Type: Different types of cockroaches have different life expectancies.
  2. Gender: Females live longer than males.
  3. Amount of food and water: Access to food and moisture is key to the survival of cockroaches.
  4. Air temperature: Cockroaches cannot regulate their body temperature.
  5. Living conditions: Aggressive factors or pest control can affect their survival.

Cockroaches exhibit high resistance to negative influences, quickly developing immunity to chemical influences. One treatment can cause resistance to the products used in both the individual and its offspring.

A female cockroach can lay up to 40 eggs in the ooteca and produce new offspring every month. Provided there are no aggressive factors and sufficient food, a cockroach can live up to 16 months. Different species of cockroaches have different lifespans, for example, the American cockroach can live a maximum of 26 months, while black cockroaches can live up to 2,5 years.

How long do synanthropes live in natural conditions?

About 4500 species of cockroaches live on Earth, but not all of them are synanthropes that have adapted to life in human homes.

Among the species that can be found in residential premises are:

  1. Red cockroach.
  2. Black (oriental) cockroach.
  3. Furniture cockroach.
  4. American cockroach.

Domestic cockroaches prefer to live close to people. Sinanthropus requires certain conditions, such as the availability of sufficient food and water, as well as an ambient temperature of at least 20°C. At temperatures below -5°C, these insects quickly die.

The body of synanthropic cockroaches does not provide them with the opportunity to survive in their natural environment. When going outside, these insects cannot adapt to unfavorable conditions and limited food resources, which ultimately leads to their rapid death.

How long can cockroaches live without food and water?

Not only cockroaches, but also any other living organisms that are deprived of access to food and water quickly die. The life expectancy of Prussians without food can be just over a month in the best conditions, and without water they die much earlier - within 10 days.

Black cockroaches, especially females, can live for about 2 months without food, while males die twice as fast. Cockroaches may also use unusual food sources such as glue or soap.

Insects do not require copious amounts of food and water, although this may depend on population size. They can survive even in a clean apartment, since it is difficult to achieve complete cleansing of hard-to-reach areas during cleaning. When searching for food, cockroaches quickly detect odors and head to the source, even through very narrow openings.

Successful control of cockroaches requires an integrated approach. It is important to block their access to food and water in order to speed up the process of destroying pests.

When do cockroaches die due to temperature changes?

Cockroaches have an amazing ability to survive even without a head and are able to stretch out time without food, but at the same time they require certain temperature conditions. Adults and larvae of the red cockroach die in just a minute at temperatures below -5°C, and a decrease to -10°C is required to destroy the eggs. Their bodies are unable to maintain temperature and are completely dependent on external conditions.

At the other end of the temperature range for Prussians, the maximum temperature is 50°C, at which the insects die in just 5 minutes.

In addition to using insecticides, some people use traditional methods of controlling cockroaches, such as freezing. There are two ways to apply this method:

  1. On cold winter days, temporarily turn off the heating, open the windows and leave the room for several hours. At -20°C, two hours is usually sufficient.
  2. In another option, in winter, furniture in which cockroaches live is taken outside.

However, this method turns out to be ineffective, since it cannot guarantee the destruction of all individuals. Cockroach eggs located in the ooteca are protected from environmental influences.

What methods of disinfestation exist?

Before starting processing, it is important to carry out general cleaning, since failure to comply with hygiene rules can lead to the appearance of cockroaches and a rapid increase in their numbers. Effective preparation includes cutting off access to water and food. After completing the necessary preliminary measures, you can begin disinfestation, regardless of the choice of folk or professional means.

Among the popular folk methods are:

  1. Boric acid, when used, cockroaches do not die immediately, which allows them to infect other individuals.
  2. Ammonia.
  3. Vinegar, to prepare a solution you will need water and vinegar in a 1:1 ratio.

Professional remedies that are considered more effective include:

  • Traps.

  • Powders.
  • Aerosols, although their effectiveness may be less high compared to other means.
  • Water-based emulsions.
  • Gels containing attractants to attract insects.

The pest control method you choose depends on your preferences, but it is recommended that you read the instructions carefully before using any insecticides.

How long do cockroaches live?


How long do cockroaches live in a house?

Residential premises create ideal living conditions for cockroaches, providing them with an abundance of water, food and optimal temperature. The species Blattella germanica, or red cockroach, can live up to 200 days, adding to this another approximately 100 days of development from larva to adult.

How long do cockroaches live in an empty apartment?

In an empty apartment, pests will exist until nutritional resources are exhausted, and even decapitation will not prevent them from surviving. Without food they can survive for 1-2 months, and without water their life expectancy is reduced to a maximum of 10 days.

What are cockroaches afraid of?

Cockroaches, despite their vitality, have vulnerabilities. Natural repellents include:

  1. Strong odors such as vinegar, bleach, gasoline, essential oils (tea tree, fir, cedar).
  2. Ultrasound that causes panic and causes cockroaches to flee.
  3. A light that serves as a signal to escape.

Why can't you crush cockroaches?

Pressure on the cockroach can spread harmful bacteria. Cockroaches carry 40 types of bacteria on their legs and chitinous cover, including pathogens of various diseases such as asthma, allergies, diarrhea, typhoid fever, dysentery and others.

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