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How to clean the floor from fleas

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Despite modern attention to cleanliness in homes, the problem of fleas in the apartment can affect anyone, especially if you have pets such as a cat or dog that regularly walk outside.

Fleas are dangerous because they can transmit various diseases from person to person or from animal to person. Flea bites are especially dangerous for young children. Therefore, if you are faced with the presence of these parasites in your home, it is important to get rid of them quickly and effectively.

How to understand that parasites have entered the house

To identify the presence of a blood-sucking insect colony in your home, it is important to identify the potential source. If you have a pet that comes into contact with other animals and has not been treated for parasites, you should carefully observe its behavior and carefully inspect its fur. Infected animals may exhibit nervousness, active scratching, and biting on certain areas of the body. They may also refuse to eat, become restless, and have small black spots on their fur, indicating the presence of fleas.

If there are no pets or they are regularly at home, the basement may become a source of fleas, especially if you live on the lower floors. Basements are often home to homeless animals, and high humidity and comfortable temperatures create ideal conditions for fleas to breed. When moisture levels rise, insects can easily move upward into apartments and cause inconvenience to residents.

The first sign of insect presence may be checking your feet for bites. Red, itchy spots after bites indicate the possible presence of insects. The surfaces of carpets and other fleecy furniture should also be inspected, as large flea colonies can establish themselves in such areas.

If a colony of fleas is discovered, it is necessary to begin active measures to destroy them.

What drugs can't be tolerated by parasites?

There are a number of products that make fleas angry for a variety of reasons. Most are widely available and are great for treating floors and wall-to-floor joints in the home.

Here are some remedies for flea control:

  1. Baking soda and salt: These components, mixed together, are effective for treating an apartment against fleas and their larvae. Baking soda reacts with salt upon contact with the flea's body, completely destroying the insect. The mixture can also be used to sprinkle carpets, furniture and corners in the apartment.
  2. Sagebrush: This product is completely safe for children and pets, as well as natural. A decoction of wormwood, diluted with water, can be used to treat floors and carpets. You can also leave containers of broth on the floor to repel fleas.
  3. Ammonia (ammonia): Fleas react negatively to bright odors, especially in confined spaces. Ammonia can be effective, but you should consult a professional before using it, given the intensity of the odor.

It is important to note that these folk remedies have one significant drawback: their effect is not long-term, and in order to maintain the fight against fleas when using, for example, soda and salt, regular treatment of every corner in the apartment will be required.

The best products and preparations for cleaning floors against fleas

If folk remedies do not lead to the desired result in the fight against fleas, you can successfully use specialized chemicals available for purchase. Here are several advantages of such drugs compared to home methods:

  1. No odor: Many drugs have a subtle odor that does not cause discomfort to people and animals, but is effective against fleas. The treatment can be carried out throughout the apartment without causing irritation due to odor.
  2. Easy washability: After using the drug, there are no traces left on the floor and furniture after washing with water. The composition of the product is designed so that all components are easily dissolved in water, and regular cleaning helps get rid of residues.
  3. Safety: Ammonia vapors and soda and salt particles can be harmful to health, while flea control products are practically safe for people. However, care should be taken to avoid close contact with the treated areas in the first hours after application.
  4. Efficiency: Unlike folk remedies, which can only repel fleas for a short period of time, store-bought preparations provide longer-term protection and effectively fight against insects and their larvae.

Examples of proven tools:

  • Sinuzan: Easy to use, requires dissolution in water and subsequent washing of the floor.
  • Foresight: Less toxic, effective when treating corners and places where fleas may live.
  • Get: Requires dilution in water and application to areas of the floor, suitable for areas close to carpets.

When using such products, you should follow safety precautions, wear gloves and a mask, and ensure good ventilation in the room after treatment.

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What products can be used to treat an apartment against fleas?

Getting rid of fleas that have entered your home is not an easy task. Since these insects often enter the home through the fur of pets such as dogs or cats, the first step is to treat the fur with special preparations or use flea collars. Then you need to thoroughly clean the entire apartment, wash the floors and carefully check the carpets and fleecy surfaces for fleas.

When order in the house is restored, you can treat all floor surfaces with a solution of Whiteness, ammonia or wormwood, which are harmless to people, but effective against fleas.

What products are suitable for cleaning floors against insects?

To combat fleas in an apartment, it is recommended to regularly wash the floors using various products that create an unpleasant odor for insects. To do this, you can use a solution of water with a few tablespoons of essential oils from various plants, such as mint, lavender or orange. After washing the floor, it is advisable to treat furniture and carpets with special flea aerosols, for example, Raptor, to consolidate the positive result.

What help can a call to a flea control service provide?

If you decide to treat your flea problem professionally, calling a flea control service can be an effective solution. The use of specialized products provided by professionals guarantees the destruction of all adult fleas.

It is recommended to repeat the pest control procedure after 14-20 days to finish off the larvae, preventing them from growing and creating a new generation in your home. After repeated treatment, you can forget about the problem of fleas in the house forever.

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