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Bay leaf helps against cockroaches

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Bay leaf is not only a food seasoning. It is used in other areas as well. For example, as a medicine. Bay leaf is also a very effective remedy against cockroaches. This method has been around for quite a few years. However, when insecticidal preparations became available on the market, it unfortunately lost its popularity. But nowadays, this method is again becoming in demand due to its harmlessness and high efficiency. In this article we will look at how bay leaves act against cockroaches, what are its main benefits, as well as methods for its preparation and use.

What is the secret of bay leaf?

An effective cockroach repellent must combine three key characteristics: safety, effectiveness and affordability. Bay leaf meets all these criteria. This budget product does not pose a threat to people and animals, and also works well against cockroaches. Despite the evidence of safety and low cost, the effectiveness of this product raises some doubts. Let's see how effective bay leaf is against cockroaches.

Bay leaves contain special essential oils that cockroaches are afraid of. Although they are not fatal to insects, they simply avoid appearing in areas with the smell of bay oil or tincture. Thus, bay leaves become the optimal solution for a summer house, barn, bathhouse or summer kitchen. In an apartment, it is recommended to use a product that effectively destroys, and does not just scare away unwanted “guests”.

However, if you prefer to avoid chemicals, bay leaves can be used to disinfect your apartment. Moreover, this will allow you to save a lot.

Bay leaf has a number of advantages compared to other insect repellents:

  1. There are no toxic fumes, which makes disinfestation with bay leaves completely safe for humans and pets.
  2. Low cost compared to chemicals.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Guaranteed results if all rules are followed.
  5. Long-term effect - after treating a room with bay leaves, cockroaches will avoid it for at least two months.

How to use bay leaf against cockroaches?

For those who are considering bay leaf as a remedy for cockroaches in the apartment, it is useful to learn a few tips that can increase its effectiveness.

Here are some guidelines:

  1. Freshness of leaves: Bay leaves must be fresh. The shelf life of dry leaves is 1 year, and the less time has passed since collection, the better.
  2. Using whole leaves: It is preferable to use whole laurel leaves, ideally with twigs.
  3. Timely replacement of branches: Laurel branches placed in various parts of the house should be promptly replaced with fresh ones.

It is also important to keep your home clean. Regular cleaning and maintaining cleanliness will help increase the effectiveness of not only bay leaves, but also other means in the fight against cockroaches. It is also important to ensure that loose foods are stored in airtight containers, bread is well packaged, and other food is stored in the refrigerator in containers with tight lids. Only in combination with compliance with these rules can this method be truly effective in the fight against cockroaches.

How to use bay leaf?

There are several ways to use bay leaves, and one of them is to make a spray. To do this, brew a strong decoction or prepare a tincture of bay leaves.

After the liquid has cooled, fill a spray bottle and treat the following places in your apartment:

  • Skirting boards;
  • The reverse side of carpets;
  • The back of the furniture;
  • Space under the refrigerator;
  • Shelves in the kitchen;
  • Ventilation shaft;
  • Sewer riser.

A decoction of bay leaves has a significant advantage over chemical sprays: it is absolutely harmless. You can treat any surface in the house with it, even those with which you often come into contact. There is no need to take any special safety precautions, since this decoction poses no danger to you or your pets.

Bay spray

There are several ways to use bay leaves. One of them is preparing a spray. Prepare a strong decoction or tincture of bay leaves.

After the liquid has cooled, fill a spray bottle with it and spray the following places in the apartment:

  • Skirting boards;
  • The reverse side of carpets;
  • The back of the furniture;
  • Space under the refrigerator;
  • Shelves in the kitchen;
  • Ventilation shaft;
  • Sewer riser.

A decoction of bay leaves has a huge advantage over chemical sprays: it is absolutely harmless. You can spray it on any surface in the house - even those with which you frequently come into contact. In this case, you do not need to follow any special safety precautions, because this decoction will not harm either you or your pets.

Tincture on alcohol

Another effective remedy for controlling insects in an apartment is a tincture of bay leaves in alcohol. To prepare, place one pack of leaves in a jar, pour a glass of vodka and seal tightly. Place the jar in a dark place for 14 days. After the liquid is ready, spray it on all places on the floor and walls where cockroaches can run.

Unlike bay decoction, which spoils just a few days after preparation, the tincture can be stored for a very long time - for several months.


Fumigation, or fumigation, is a method of treating a room using smoke. In the process of professional disinfestation, parasitic insects are destroyed using insecticidal vapors or gases sprayed using a special device - a “fumigator”. If you carry out this procedure yourself, you just need to set fire to dry bay leaves.

The process of fumigation with laurel smoke is as follows:

  1. Take fresh but dry bay leaves. It is ideal to use the leaves on twigs, which can then be dried before fumigation.
  2. Close all windows in the room carefully to prevent smoke from escaping. Later, the room should be ventilated.
  3. Light the leaves and immediately extinguish the flame. Bay leaves should smolder, not burn. If they burn completely, you will not get the expected result. Slow smoldering will release cockroach-repellent substances that penetrate into the most difficult to reach corners.
  4. Place one or more smoldering branches in each room, and after extinguishing them, keep the windows closed for another 1-1,5 hours.

To systematically control cockroaches, it is recommended to fumigate every day for a week. In this way, you can completely get rid of the Prussians, since they cannot tolerate the essential oils and tannins present in the bay leaf.

Once fumigation is complete, it is recommended to take preventative measures to prevent the insects from returning. Open a bunch of fresh bay leaves and distribute them in different places in the house, such as a kitchen cabinet, in ventilation shafts, behind the refrigerator, etc. This will effectively prevent the possible return of cockroaches, as the smell of bay leaves will repel them.

Laurel oil

If you don't want to fumigate your apartment every day for a week or place bay leaves in the corners, consider purchasing natural bay leaf oil. This oil is used in the same way as regular insect repellents. You can add a few drops of oil to water and spray insect habitats, and also apply drops of oil to kitchen shelves, floors, baseboards, room corners, various surfaces, and so on. This natural cockroach repellent will be long-lasting and effective, protecting your home from pests. And, unlike changing leaves, re-application of oil may be required much less frequently, only once every 2-2,5 months.

What to combine laurel with?

To enhance the effect of bay leaf, you can combine it with other plants such as tansy, mint, anise, wormwood or chamomile. These plants will help strengthen and accelerate the effect of the substances contained in the bay leaf.

The intense herbal scent will make it difficult for cockroaches to recognize their marks, which they leave near food and water. Many experts believe that without the right conditions, pests will not stay in your home.

After the apartment has been cleared of pests, it is recommended to place dried leaves of laurel and other plants in the ventilation shaft and from time to time spray the places from which they may reappear. Bay tincture is suitable for this, which will help prevent the reappearance of these insects.

Does bay leaf help?

As you know, cockroaches are considered one of the hardiest creatures on the planet and are able to survive in a wide variety of conditions. However, despite their resistance, bay leaves have a noticeable effect on them. This common culinary ingredient added to soups has proven to be an effective cockroach killer.

Paradoxically, bay leaves can actually help get rid of cockroaches, since they cannot stand the smell of the essential oils contained in it. Distribute laurel throughout your home and you won't have to worry about cockroaches. It is important to remember to regularly replace the leaves, as the essential substances gradually evaporate.

Bay leaves are an effective cockroach repellent for several reasons:

  1. Effectiveness: Although the results are not always immediate, regular use of laurel produces noticeable results over time.
  2. Long lasting effect: Regularly replacing the leaves or applying fresh oil will help avoid cockroach concerns for a long time.
  3. Low cost and availability: Bay leaves are readily available and relatively inexpensive compared to chemicals.
  4. Safety: Bay leaf is completely safe, making it an ideal choice for families with children and pet owners as it contains no toxic substances.
Bay Leaves For Cockroaches | How To Get Rid Of Roaches?

Frequently Asked Questions

What plants repel cockroaches?

First of all, cockroaches cannot tolerate laurel, which is discussed in this article. However, in addition to bay leaves, many other plants also repel these insects, such as tansy, chamomile, mint, wormwood and anise. The leaves of these plants can also be used to control cockroaches, for example by placing them in corners along with bay leaves.

What effectively kills cockroaches?

One of the most effective means of killing cockroaches, and not just repelling them, is boric acid. For these insects it is a powerful poison. When boric acid enters a cockroach's digestive system, it destroys and paralyzes its nerves, resulting in the loss of the ability to breathe and the death of the insect. The best option is to purchase boric acid in powder form, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.

How to properly fumigate with bay leaves at home?

In order for fumigation to have the desired effect, you should set fire to the bay leaves and immediately extinguish them so that they begin to slowly smolder and smoke. This way you can create smoke rich in volatile compounds that repel cockroaches.

How does baking soda affect cockroaches?

After ingesting soda, the cockroach causes bubbles to form in its stomach, which makes the insect unhealthy. In some cases, soda can even lead to the death of a cockroach, but not always. Therefore, its effectiveness against cockroaches is limited.

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