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Essential oils for cockroaches

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Knowledge of the positive properties of essential oils is widespread. Many people turn to aromatherapy treatments to relax, improve their health, or relieve fatigue. However, not everyone knows that these oils can be used as a means to control cockroaches.

It is known that insects cannot tolerate strong odors, and this property can be used to your advantage. It is worth noting that essential oils only have repellent properties and do not contain components that can lead to the death of pests.

Respiratory organs of cockroaches

The features of the respiratory system make cockroaches unique. They lack lungs in the usual sense, but they do have a system of tubular tracheas that distribute air throughout the cells of their body. The spiracles located on the abdomen of cockroaches open when carbon dioxide is removed and oxygen enters.

An impressive characteristic of these insects is the ability to hold their breath for up to 7 minutes. Cockroaches often use this skill to regulate moisture levels and prevent dehydration, since during the process of respiration they remove not only carbon dioxide, but also water.

Perception of smells

The olfactory system of cockroaches does not have a direct connection with the respiratory system. They, like arthropods, use special sensilla to perceive odors.

The sensilla of cockroaches are located:

  • On the antennae;
  • On the head;
  • In the jaw area.

Cockroaches are able to distinguish a variety of odors. They easily perceive the intensity of the aroma in the surrounding space and, depending on the circumstances, react accordingly: they run away in case of danger or go to the sources of the smell

Using essential oils against insects

There are two types of oils: natural and synthetic. Despite the fact that synthetic oils are no less effective than their natural counterparts, it should be noted that they are not as environmentally friendly and safe.

Let's look at how natural essential oils work against cockroaches:

  • Eucalyptus oil: Menthoglycol in the oil disrupts the ability of cockroaches to catch odors and navigate the apartment.
  • Lavender oil: It is used to repel moths, as well as other pests, thanks to linalool, which is present in the composition.
  • Peppermint oil: Peppermint acts as a natural repellent containing menthol, terpene and alcohol.

  • Neem tree oil: This oil works against more than 200 types of pests, including cockroaches, thanks to substances such as nimbin.
  • Tea tree oil: Adding vinegar to the solution increases its effectiveness in fighting cockroaches.
  • Citronella oil: Effective not only against cockroaches, but also mosquitoes; however, it is best to avoid treating your home with pre-made sprays or candles.
  • Cedarwood oil: Contains cedrol, which repels insects.
  • Rosemary oil: The high concentration of acids and carnosol makes it an effective remedy against cockroaches.
  • Oregano oil: It has a slight aroma and is suitable for people with a sensitive sense of smell.

When using essential oils to control cockroaches, it is important to consider that even a strong odor can evaporate from the room.

Methods of using oil for disinfestation

There are six different methods of using essential oils to repel cockroaches:

  1. Preparation of the mixture: Create a spray by mixing 10-15 drops of essential oil with 0,5 liters of warm water, then treat the room. Pay special attention to the kitchen, where insects appear most often.
  2. Applying a few drops of oil: Place a few drops of your chosen essential oil in desired areas (window sills, door frames, etc.). The surface must be clean, so it is recommended to carry out wet cleaning before the procedure.
  3. Use of aroma lamp: Choose the appropriate oil and add it to the aroma lamp.
  4. Planting indoor plants: Plants can spread a pleasant aroma thanks to the essential oils contained in their shoots and leaves. This allows you to combine business with pleasure, without the use of chemicals.
  5. Use of Incense: Various incense, such as incense sticks or candles with different oils, are placed in suitable places, repelling cockroaches from sources of aroma.
  6. Cotton pads with essential oil: Cotton pads soaked in essential oil are often used. Efficiency can be enhanced by placing the disks near heating batteries.

Cockroaches enter the home in search of food and water, but their presence poses a danger, especially to children. Insects can carry pathogenic bacteria on their legs and chitinous coverings, so it is important to start fighting them in a timely manner.

Contacting specialists

You can try individual methods or combinations of them. For example, create a spray (by combining warm water with drops of oil) and distribute cotton swabs soaked in oil over the floor.

If none of the chosen methods lead to the expected results, it is time to seek help from experienced specialists in this field.

The Best Essential Oils that Repel Roaches


What scents do cockroaches hate?

When searching for leftover food, cockroaches rely on their olfactory apparatus, which is highly sensitive to strong odors. These odors include essential oils (for example, eucalyptus, peppermint and others), ammonia or boric acid.

How to use essential oil to fight cockroaches?

There are several methods, including the use of aroma lamps and incense. You can add no more than 15 drops of oil to 0,5 liters of water to create a mixture and then spray it throughout your home. You can also soak cotton swabs in oil and place them on the floor to create a barrier for cockroaches.

What scents do cockroaches not like?

Incense in any form repels insects as long as it has the right scent. Consider aroma lamps that add a few drops of essential oil. Suitable scents include lavender, mint, eucalyptus and others. You can also purchase candles or incense sticks.

What oils help against cockroaches?

Many essential oils contain insect repellent ingredients. Although complete destruction of cockroaches is not guaranteed this way, they will try to stay away from areas that are saturated with aroma. A few drops of lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree and other oils can be used on surfaces to achieve this effect.

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