Confidant against cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs, mosquitoes, ants and other insects

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Tired of fighting against cockroaches, bedbugs, fleas, ants, flies and mosquitoes? Confidant is the solution to your problem! By mixing a little product with water, you will have in your hands a product that will become a faithful assistant in the fight against insects! The drug has an acute insecticidal effect against harmful insects, synanthropes and hematophages. After disinfection, you should not expect that it will become less effective: it has the ability to retain residual activity a month and a half after the procedure.

Confidant: what you need to know

The drug is a concentrated water-based emulsion, presented in the form of a transparent liquid of light yellow color with a shade closer to light. Its main active component is imidacloprid 20, which belongs to the group of neonicotinoids.

This new group of insecticides differs from the well-known carbamates and other drugs to which insects are already becoming resistant. Among the main advantages are:

  1. The drug is effective even against the most resilient populations that have not yet developed resistance, including cross-resistance. Unlike outdated products, it is highly effective.
  2. Residual activity remains for 6 weeks after disinfestation.
  3. The drug can cope not only with cockroaches, but also with bedbugs and other pests, providing a universal solution for insect control.

Destruction of harmful insects

All pests have common features, which are manifested in their repulsive appearance and the inconvenience they create for residents of the house. However, each of them represents a unique case that requires an individual approach.

Therefore, the most convenient approach would be to classify pests by their types and study in more detail how the active substance in the Confidant product affects synanthropes and hematophages in order to effectively destroy them.


To permanently solve the problem with bedbugs, it is recommended to use a solution with 0,025% of the active substance. If the population of bedbugs in your home has not yet reached a high level, it is enough to treat only those places where they accumulate with a solution. If the number of bedbugs is already significant, it is recommended to carry out treatment on the back side of the trunks, in the openings of walls and furniture, along baseboards and other places.

After disinfestation, it is recommended to thermally treat bed linen at high temperatures.

Avoid high concentrations of product vapor as this may affect your health. Comprehensive treatment of the entire facility should only be carried out in dormitories, where insects have a better chance of escaping.

Usually one application is enough. If, however, after killing the bedbugs they appear again, you can repeat the procedure.


In this case, it is enough to use a solution with 0,05% (according to DV) in proportions of 50 ml per square meter. It is recommended to treat the paths of synanthropes, as well as the places where they accumulate and are found. Pay attention to baseboards, holes and cracks in walls, cladding and pipes. Surfaces that do not absorb moisture, such as glass and tiles, require treatment with a solution of 0,025%, and the consumption should be increased to 100 ml per square meter.

Company employees authorized to carry out disinfection activities carry out the procedure throughout the entire facility simultaneously. If the insect population has increased significantly, it is recommended to also treat adjacent rooms. This will prevent the insects from migrating and prevent them from reappearing. If this does not help, you can use the essential remedy again.


The product effectively fights flies and mosquitoes, i.e. insects that enter the home from the outside.

The working concentration of aqueous emulsion to destroy these unwanted guests is 0,025%. It is recommended to treat travel routes and places where insects gather with this product. If it reappears, it is possible to carry out an additional disinfestation procedure. You can also prepare bait from the concentrate and place it in pest habitats.


To combat winged insects, it is recommended to use an emulsion with a concentration of 2% (according to the DV). Additionally, it is recommended to place food baits with toxic substances for flies. To prepare them, combine the product with a concentrate of 1% (according to DV) and 70 grams of sugar, stirring evenly until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. The bait should then be placed on the surface or applied with a brush in areas that flies prefer, as well as on the outside walls of buildings and areas where garbage is stored.

Processing should include 2-3 surfaces of the object, regardless of its category. The area to be treated is approximately 10 m2. The consumption of the product depends on the number of flies and the degree of contamination of the room. If winged individuals reappear, it is recommended to repeat the procedure.


The product is also effective in eradicating mosquitoes. This requires a working aqueous emulsion with a concentration of 0,0125% (according to DV). Treatment is carried out along external walls and inside fences, where hematophages often hide.

To combat mosquito larvae, it is recommended to use a concentration of 0,009%. The working aqueous emulsion should be sprayed in basements, drains and other places where mosquitoes leave offspring. The product consumption is 100 ml per 1 sq.m of water surface.

Repeated treatment, if new individuals are detected, should be carried out no earlier than a month later.


To effectively eliminate hematophages, it is recommended to use a product with a concentration of 0,0125% of the active substance. The treatment process includes treating walls to a vertical height of 1 meter, floors, especially in areas where linoleum or similar materials may recede, and any cracks and openings found, including carpets. Before disinfection, it is recommended to clean littered corners of the room. If the problem is not solved, you can repeat the procedure.

It is important to remember that insects are not only a nuisance for you and your pets, but they can also carry dangerous diseases. The sooner you start fighting them, the less likely they are to return.

Composition and Properties

Confidant is a concentrate for creating working emulsions, intended for the effective destruction of insects and containing imidacloprid 20% as an active substance (AI).

The product contains not only a compound from the group of organic compounds and water, but also the following components:

  • Stabilizer.
  • Surfactant (surfactant).
  • Antioxidant.

In contact with organisms with warm-blooded metabolism, the substance belongs to the 3rd category of moderately dangerous. However, its exposure to the skin reduces the level of danger, placing it in class 4, which does not pose significant health risks. Inhaling chemical vapors is also harmful.

A single exposure to the skin may cause only minor irritation without leaving serious consequences. After repeated contact with intact skin, no skin-resorptive effect was detected. Exposure to eyes may cause moderate irritation.

The drug is not prone to cause acute allergic reactions if it accidentally comes into contact with unprotected areas of the skin. However, if ingested, the risk increases and it is urgent to take all necessary measures to protect against possible risks.

Safety measures

Disinsection is carried out by employees of organizations in accordance with certain conditions, depending on the type of object.

Here are instructions for using the product in various rooms:

  1. Living space:
    • All people and pets must leave the site before treatment begins.
    • Disinfection is carried out with the windows open.
    • It is important to remove food and dishes first; it is best to cover them.
  2. Industrial building:
    • It is recommended to remove products that may deactivate the product.
  3. Public institutions for children and related to nutrition:
    • Treatment is carried out on a sanitary day or on weekends.

In any case, it is necessary to ventilate the room after the procedure. Entry inside is allowed half an hour after ventilation. Then it is recommended to carry out wet cleaning with a solution of soda and soap. Cleaning should be done at least 3 hours before the premises are used. For safety reasons, it is recommended to use gloves and a mask. A solution of soda is prepared in the proportion of 50 g of soda per 1 liter of water.

Before starting work, the disinfector provides instructions on safety and first aid rules. The procedure is also carried out intermittently: every 50 minutes, workers take off their overalls and personal protective equipment, after which they spend 10-15 minutes in the fresh air.

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What is the drug Confidant?

Confidant is an innovative and effective product based on the use of a substance from the group of neonicotinoids. This product is a water-based emulsion concentrate to effectively kill harmful insects that can seriously disturb the habitable environment. Disinfection is carried out by qualified personnel authorized to carry out disinfection measures.

How does powder work against cockroaches?

Using Confidant against cockroaches will allow you to get rid of problems and significantly improve the quality of your everyday life. In order to cope with longhorned beetles and small black cockroaches, it is necessary to use 0,05% Confidant (according to DV) with a consumption of 50 ml per 1 m2. This drug has contact, intestinal and systemic effects on cockroaches. You should not delay contacting the sanitary service, even if the insect population has not yet reached critical levels.

How to properly breed Confidant?

For effective pest control, only fresh emulsions should be used. To prepare the solution, it is necessary to dilute the concentrate with water at medium temperature, mixing thoroughly and evenly. The concentration of the product does not exceed 1,000% DV, and it is diluted 8, 16 or 45 times, depending on the required concentration. The consumption of the working emulsion is 50 ml per 1 m2 for surfaces that do not absorb moisture, and doubles for surfaces that can absorb moisture.

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