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Cockroaches in public catering: how to get rid of them

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While your business may look perfect, it doesn't guarantee there won't be problems. Often faced with factors that are difficult to influence, such as old communications, periodic clogged garbage disposals, or indifferent neighbors who do not carry out timely disinfestation, your establishment may face the problem of cockroaches.

Even if you have an impeccable appearance, finding a cockroach in a cafe or restaurant can be a serious cause for concern. Guests who notice an insect in the room or, worst of all, in a prepared dish, are unlikely to return. That is why it is important to immediately begin exterminating cockroaches when they are discovered.

To combat cockroaches in public catering, various methods are used:

  1. Chemical insect repellents: including aerosols, gels, crayons, such as “Mashenka”, “Raptor”, “Dichlorvos”, “Bars”.
  2. Physical methods: the use of sticky traps, baits, and boric acid-based poisons.
  3. Biological methods: the use of special poisons that infect the entire population of cockroaches, affecting both adults and larvae.

How does professional disinfestation work for catering establishments?

Brief and effective:

Professional treatment for cockroaches in large restaurants takes only a few hours. Owners of establishments who have chosen pest control services do not need to worry about losing profit overnight. Exterminators often work at night, providing schedule flexibility even for 24-hour establishments.

During the treatment procedure, the kitchen and utility rooms will only need to be temporarily closed for 40-60 minutes, minimizing the risk of loss.

It is important to choose unscented insecticides to prevent discomfort to visitors.

How often should disinsection be carried out in public catering? 

Unfortunately, limiting yourself to just a one-time treatment will not completely solve the problem. The foodservice industry, such as cafes and restaurants, regularly accepts new shipments of food from suppliers that may also carry cockroaches and therefore pose a risk of contamination of the food with cockroach larvae. To overcome this problem, it may be necessary to work with suppliers to carry out pest control in their warehouses.

If this approach is not suitable, it may be advisable to consider contracting for monthly cockroach treatment. Such systematic prevention will ensure more effective management of the presence of cockroaches in the establishment.

What else will help get rid of cockroaches in public catering?

In addition to regular cockroach treatment, even small cosmetic changes to your home's interior can make a big difference. Insect larvae often live in cracks or behind ceramic tiles, especially if they are not tightly sealed to the walls and floors. While suspended ceilings can provide aesthetics, they also provide a cozy hiding place for cockroaches.

Regular prevention is an integral part of successful control of cockroaches in public catering. The effectiveness of disinsection depends half on the cleanliness of employees and the regularity of cleaning work. Places that maintain a high level of cleanliness are usually less susceptible to insect infestations.

Several insect prevention measures in cafes and restaurants include:

  • timely waste removal;
  • maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen;
  • avoiding leaving wet rags in buckets and sinks;
  • regular cleaning of utility rooms and warehouses;
  • periodically checking control traps for cockroaches.

Professional treatment against cockroaches will not only not disrupt the rhythm of your establishment, but will also make your business more successful and keep the premises clean.

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Is it possible to completely avoid the appearance of cockroaches in public catering?

It is completely impossible to avoid, but regular disinfestation, compliance with sanitary standards, and regular cleaning significantly reduce the risk of cockroaches.

How often should professional pest control be carried out in public places?

It is recommended to carry out disinfestation at least once a quarter. However, the frequency may vary depending on the characteristics of the room, climatic conditions and other factors.

What to do if a visitor notices a cockroach in an establishment?

Measures should be taken immediately: isolate the detected cockroach, notify the pest control service, conduct additional checks and treat the premises. Clients should also be informed of measures taken to prevent recurrence.

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