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Cockroach repellents with boric acid

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The appearance of cockroaches in the house causes concern and discomfort, as these pests can damage food, things and spread infections. When faced with such a problem, it is important to know how to effectively control these insects.

One of the simple, accessible and reliable methods is the use of boric acid. The powder of this substance can be purchased at the pharmacy to create your own poisonous agents according to folk recipes. There are also ready-made preparations containing boric acid.

To effectively control cockroaches, it is important to understand their habits, characteristics and development cycles, as well as know where they are hiding in the house and where the infestation comes from.

Important facts about cockroaches

There are many types of cockroaches in the world, but at home we encounter mainly three varieties. The most common of them are red cockroaches, or Prussians.

Important points about cockroaches:

  1. Appearance: Cockroaches are small insects with a flat, elongated body, oval in shape. Red cockroaches have a color range from reddish to brown.
  2. Mustache: Cockroaches have antennae on their heads that act as a kind of antenna. They serve as organs of smell and touch, and are also used for communication between individuals.
  3. Vision: Most cockroaches have eyes that can see in a variety of directions, although some species may have less developed vision.
  4. Paws: The legs of these insects have strong, tenacious spines, which provide them with the ability to stay on vertical surfaces, move quickly and instantly change direction of movement.
  5. Teeth: Cockroaches have numerous strong and sharp teeth, even present in the stomach. This allows them to consume almost any solid food, including paper and wood.
  6. Adaptability: Nerve ganglia and breathing holes are distributed throughout the body of cockroaches. Thanks to this feature, they can survive without a head for up to 9 days, despite losing the ability to obtain food and water.

These insects have high vitality and the ability to survive in a variety of conditions. Their rapid adaptation to chemicals creates significant difficulties in combating them.

Lifestyle and development cycle of cockroaches

Cockroaches prefer to be active in the dark, rarely coming out into the light during the day. Controlling them becomes a problem due to their high reproduction rate and ability to quickly colonize an entire apartment.

The unique breeding method of cockroaches adds complexity to their control. The female does not lay eggs, but carries them in a special capsule called an ooteca, attached to her abdomen. In species that carry eggs internally, the ootheca is internal. One ootheca can contain up to 30 eggs.

The life cycle of cockroaches includes three stages: egg, nymph and adult. The female bears an ootheca containing up to 30 eggs. The entire life cycle of the pest can last up to 30 weeks, and in some species it can be even longer. Additionally, external conditions such as temperature, humidity and water availability affect their survival.

Cockroaches have a developed jaw apparatus and have teeth in the stomach, which allows them to feed not only on food, but also on various materials, such as wallpaper, books, wallpaper glue and wood.

When there is a lack of food, cockroaches can exhibit cannibalism, and in rare cases, when there is a lack of food, they can even attack other individuals. In some situations, cockroaches can even approach a person, feeding on eyelashes, eyelids and lips.

How cockroaches get into an apartment

The most common reason for the appearance of cockroaches in the house is non-compliance with sanitary standards. However, sometimes pests can appear even in clean and well-kept apartments.

Possible sources of cockroaches in your home include:

  1. Invasion from outside: through microscopic cracks in walls or open windows.
  2. From neighbors: migration of cockroaches from neighboring apartments through ventilation, sewerage and other routes. This process is often associated with overcrowding and lack of resources, and can also result from pest control.
  3. From the basements: High humidity, dark corners and the presence of food make basements an ideal habitat for cockroaches, which can then invade apartments on the ground floors.
  4. Through the garbage chute: conditions in garbage disposals are suitable for the life and breeding of cockroaches, and they can quickly spread throughout apartments from this source.
  5. With purchases: Cockroaches can enter the home from new furniture or clothing purchased second-hand. There is also a risk of pest infestation through the products.

Knowing possible entry routes helps you take precautions, such as sealing cracks and using mosquito nets on windows. If cockroaches appear in an apartment, it is important to immediately take measures to eliminate them.

Where do cockroaches hide in an apartment?

Cockroaches prefer to be in dark and inconspicuous corners. During the day, they can hide under the sink, behind sewer pipes, under baseboards, wallpaper, on the back walls of furniture and in other secluded places.

To identify the habitats of cockroaches indoors, it is useful to suddenly turn on the light in the kitchen at night. This way you can easily see where the insects are going. These are the areas that require priority treatment.

Boric acid: principle of action

Boric acid is a compound of boron, hydrogen and oxygen. Boric acid powder is tasteless and odorless. For humans and pets, boric acid is practically harmless in small doses, but for cockroaches and other pests it is destructive. It should be noted that boric acid is not effective against cockroach eggs.

It is important to note that cockroaches do not develop much resistance to boric acid, so this method remains quite effective for controlling them. The poison acts slowly but reliably. In addition, the insecticide suppresses the reproductive function of pests.

Penetrating into the body of a cockroach, the insecticide destroys its digestive and reproductive systems and causes severe dehydration. It is important to block cockroaches' access to water during treatment by draining sinks and pipes and covering flower pots or draining excess water.

Boric acid has a contact-intestinal effect on pests. Upon contact with the body of a cockroach, acid particles destroy the chitinous cover and accelerate moisture loss. In addition, insects bring particles of powder into their nests, infecting their relatives. Thus, in a relatively short period of time you can get rid of many individuals.

Boric acid for cockroaches: folk recipes

The Internet provides a variety of simple recipes for homemade insecticides using boric acid. Most of them include an egg or other available foods.

Examples of baits with boric acid:

  1. With egg: The yolk of one boiled egg is mixed with 20 grams of boric acid. Sugar and vanillin are added for attractiveness. From the resulting mass, balls are formed, which are laid out in the habitats of cockroaches.
  2. Sweet bait: Water is diluted with 50 grams of boric acid powder, a tablespoon of honey (or sugar) is added. The resulting liquid product is distributed in saucers and placed in sinks and bathtubs overnight.
  3. With vegetable oil: Egg yolk and boric acid are added to aromatic vegetable oil (for example, sunflower or sesame). This mixture will attract cockroaches with its aroma.
  4. Balloons: Flour, powdered sugar, starch and vanillin are diluted with water to create a thick mass. Small balls are made from it, which are placed in places where cockroaches move.

In addition, boric acid powder can be sprayed along the trajectories of cockroaches. Poison baits act internally, and contact with the powder accelerates dehydration and destroys the chitinous cover of insects.

Preparations with boric acid

In addition to independent recipes, you can use ready-made industrial preparations for killing cockroaches that contain boric acid. However, there are not many such products on the market, since the selection of ingredients for their production is a difficult task. Boric acid may not interact with all substances, which complicates the creation of an effective drug.

Borax for preparing bait

This insecticide is a one-component product consisting exclusively of boric acid. The uniqueness of this powder lies in the fact that its formula is specially designed to effectively combat cockroaches. Like pharmaceutical drugs, Borax is used in dry form, and is also used to create poisonous baits, liquid solutions and balls, which are then distributed throughout the apartment.

Anti-cockroach gel for fighting cockroaches

A yellow-brown gel based on boric acid, available in a dispenser syringe or tube. This gel, which can be used by professionals, is also available for self-use at home. It contains fipronil in addition to boric acid.

Before using the gel, it is recommended to carry out basic cleaning and deny insects access to water and food. This will cause them to turn to the poisoned gel. Microscopic drops of the gel should be applied to clean and dry surfaces from a distance of 25-30 cm. In case of severe infection, the distance between the drops can be reduced. Before treatment, it is better to cover the surfaces with paper or film, as the gel can leave stains on the floor and furniture.

This gel has a long-lasting effect and remains effective for up to two months. One syringe dispenser with a volume of 30 grams is sufficient to treat an area of ​​30 square meters. It is recommended to avoid the simultaneous use of Anti-cockroach gel with contact insecticides, such as sprays, emulsions, powders, aerosols and other products.

Insectogel against insects

Another gel insecticide, the main component of which is boric acid. In addition to boric acid, the formula includes diflubenzuron and food baits. The action of the insecticide is through contact with the intestinal tract. The gel is available in various release forms and remains effective for up to three months.

The use of the product involves applying drops from a distance of 20-50 cm from each other, as well as using the gel as bait. It is recommended to have 6 to 15 baits in the kitchen, depending on the size of the pest population.

According to the instructions, the insects should die within 5 days, but for a more reliable result, repeated treatment is recommended after a few months.

Insectogel - NEO: poisoning cockroaches is easy

This modern drug contains boric acid and hydramethylnon, as well as food additives that are attractive to cockroaches. The death of cockroaches occurs within 5 days after treatment, while the effect of the drug continues for another three months. Using the gel using a syringe makes it easier to administer the drug into crevices and hard-to-reach places.

The main step is to cut off insects' access to water and food sources. To increase effectiveness, re-treatment after three months is recommended. It is not recommended to mix Insectogel with other contact insecticides. Taking the necessary precautions is also important.

Anti-ant against cockroaches

Originally created to combat ants, the powder insecticide “Anti-Ant” is also successfully used in the destruction of cockroaches. The product is available in 20 gram packs or 3 gram blisters.

In addition to boric acid, the drug contains food additives that are attractive to insects. "Antiant" has a light egg aroma. Its intestinal contact action leads to the death of parasites a week after treatment, and the effect lasts up to eight weeks.

Bags or blisters with powder should be placed at a distance of 1-2 meters from each other. Application continues until the pests completely disappear from the premises. It is important to prevent moisture from entering the preparation.

BAF against cockroaches

Another effective drug with boric acid designed to combat cockroaches. The BAF product is used to treat cracks, baseboards, thresholds, door jambs, ventilation grilles, sewer pipes, back walls of furniture and other surfaces.

When treating glass surfaces, it is enough to use 5 grams of the drug per square meter. If you are working with plywood surfaces, it is recommended to increase the product consumption to 7-10 grams per square meter.

Phenaxin for cockroaches and other parasites

Powdered insecticide containing boric acid. You can use Phenaxin in the form of a solution diluted with water or in a dry state. This drug is used to effectively control cockroaches and other household insects.

Sold in small bags of up to 200 grams for household use, and exterminators can purchase bags of 20 kg. Phenaxin remains active for 9 weeks. When processing, it should be taken into account that this insecticide is toxic to fish.

Bifethrin against cockroaches

Light brown or white powder, containing, in addition to boric acid, mineral oil and other active ingredients. The effect of the insecticide lasts for two months. Bifethrin is applied to areas where pests may live or move.

To treat a room of up to 15 m2, 45 grams of the drug is enough. If insects reappear, additional treatment can be carried out.

Kaprin-F: universal insect repellent

Another powder insecticide, enriched with boric acid, actively affects not only cockroaches, but also fleas and bed bugs. The long-lasting effect of the insecticide lasts for 8 weeks. The dust is distributed in a thin layer where insects may accumulate.

Particular attention is paid to ventilation systems, sewer pipes, baseboards and other potential insect refuges. Dust consumption ranges from 5 to 10 grams per 1 m2.

Listed are only some of the preparations containing boric acid that are commercially available. In addition to boric acid, there are many other pest control methods. When choosing to treat an area with insecticides containing boric acid, it is important to follow safety guidelines and ensure that the treated area remains inaccessible to children and pets.

Preventing the appearance of cockroaches in the apartment

Preventing a problem is always easier than solving it later. Keeping your home clean is a key step in preventing infestations.

Prevention measures include the following:

  1. Good hygiene and regular cleaning will help prevent cockroaches from multiplying by depriving them of their food source.
  2. Wash dishes immediately after eating and avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink.
  3. Regular checks of the condition of pipes and plumbing and immediate repair of leaks.
  4. Remove trash daily to avoid attracting vermin to trash cans.
  5. In the event of pests, choosing an appropriate control method, including repelling with aromatic plants, using boric acid products, traps, repellers, using industrial insecticides, etc.

If the measures you take do not produce the desired results, it is recommended that you seek the help of a professional disinfection service.

What do you mix with boric acid to kill roaches?


Is it possible to simply use boric acid to control cockroaches?
Sprinkling boric acid is a fairly effective method of eliminating parasites. This substance has a contact effect, destroying the chitinous shell of the pest’s body and causing multiple damage, which leads to accelerated dehydration. However, for a more complete fight, it is recommended to use not only scattering powder, but also balls with bait containing flour, butter and sugar, for example. Boric acid, penetrating the body, also inhibits the digestive, nervous and reproductive systems of the pest.

How to prepare cockroach poison based on boric acid?
There are many recipes. You can choose the one that best suits you: bait balls with flour, butter and sugar, liquid products with jam or honey. To prepare the bait, you can use ordinary products, such as an egg. Regardless of the method chosen, it is important not to provide insects with access to food and water.

How quickly do cockroaches die from boric acid?
The time it takes for cockroaches to die from boric acid depends on the principle of its action. Once on the body and inside the body, boric acid begins its action immediately. Usually, after initial contact and consumption of poison, the insect dies within a few days. During this period, it can also transfer particles of the substance to its relatives. The success of the event depends on the degree of infestation and the correct distribution of baits and powder.

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