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Harmful insects can appear in any corner of the apartment; their small size makes them difficult to detect immediately. However, after a week or so, cockroaches or small bugs may become noticeable.

Just a moment! Riapan is an effective remedy against parasites. Considering the harmony between price and ease of use, it shows impressive results. You will thank yourself for choosing this product.


The powder effectively eliminates parasites in a timely manner, and many speak positively about its ability to fight cockroaches and bedbugs.

The main active component in Riapan is permethrin, which causes paralysis in pests, ultimately leading to their death. It is important to note that the drug is harmless to the health of family members and pets, which is a key factor when choosing a product.

Riapan is also available in aerosol bottle and tablet form, providing a variety of options for use.

How to use Riapan

Please read the recommendations for use:

  • Sprinkle the powder into hard-to-reach places where unwanted guests are likely to live.
  • Check the room carefully for pest eggs. It is recommended to inspect all personal belongings. If you find any suspicious objects, shake them off thoroughly.
  • The end of the procedure does not mean that it is time to remove the powder or tablet. Complete destruction of the cockroach population in your home will occur only after 2 weeks.
  • It is important to follow the dosage of the drug. The recommended amount is 15 grams per 1 square meter.
  • Use personal protective equipment such as gloves and a mask to ensure your safety.
  • Check the expiration date before use. Disinsection should be carried out only using fresh riapan.

  • In case of accidental contact with skin, face or eyes, rinse thoroughly with water until an allergic reaction occurs. Protect animals from exposure to the drug, as even a small amount may cause discomfort.
  • After a few days, you will notice the disappearance of many cockroaches, and you will no longer have to use products that can harm not only the insects, but also you. To achieve maximum benefits from Riapan, follow a few simple steps.

Advantage of the substance

It is necessary to treat all hard-to-reach areas in the apartment to get rid of unwanted guests. You must not allow insects to become the masters of your home! By using Riapan, you will soon forget that you had to face this problem.

Apply the product to surfaces where cockroaches have been observed. Pay attention to the baseboards, floor surface and bedside tables. After several uses you will be convinced of the effectiveness of Riapan.

Arguments in favor of choice:

  1. Infected insects transfer the drug on their legs, spreading it throughout the room and infecting their relatives.
  2. Riapan has a long-lasting effect and continues to release toxic components for a certain time after use.
  3. The product does not have a specific odor or other unpleasant characteristics. You can safely stay in the apartment while the riapan performs its function.
  4. Upon completion of disinfestation, it is necessary to remove the insect corpses, their traces and the preparation itself.

Where do synanthropes come from in the apartment?

Many people mistakenly believe that synanthropes can only appear in apartments where there is constant chaos. However, this is not the case. Even absolute cleanliness does not guarantee that they will not appear.

Here are a few ways they can get into your home:

  1. Neighbors: Through pipes and holes in walls, these tiny creatures can easily get to you.
  2. Basements: Used items can be a source. The desire to save often makes us forget about precautions. No matter how carefully you've looked at photos online, it's also important to check for ootheca when receiving new items.
  3. Public places: In the context of mass communications, there is always a risk of catching something. Therefore, it is important to remain vigilant in public places such as trains, hotels and even when visiting people.

Storage of the drug

To prevent possible risks, it is important to adhere to precautionary measures. Store the substance at room temperature in conditions of moderate humidity. Place it in a safe place out of the reach of children. Also avoid contact with other chemicals and open flames, including heated surfaces.

If the effectiveness of riapan is insufficient, it is recommended to seek help from the health service.

Why Cockroaches Are So Hard To Kill


Is it possible to buy bedbug repellent at the pharmacy?

It is best to purchase insecticides online from specialized websites or stores that specialize in insect control products. This way, you can effectively solve the problem by using products specifically designed for bed bugs.

Pharmacy medications are often associated with “grandmother’s methods,” which do not always bring the desired result.

What kills pests quickly?

When a problem occurs, it is important to get rid of bedbugs quickly. We recommend that you pay attention to the wide range of insecticides on the market. They are available in various forms such as gels, powders, aerosols, etc. It is wise to purchase several types for a comprehensive effect.

Riapan is one of the most effective remedies for bedbugs.

Why might this happen?

No one can be completely sure that their apartment will not become a home for bedbugs. Even the cleanest people can face this problem. Bedbugs can come from neighboring apartments in search of food, and can also be transferred from public places.

How to get rid of bedbugs in 1 day at home?

Scientists say that bedbugs will die at temperatures above 50 degrees. Start the fight with heat treatment by washing bedding and other items at high temperatures. Warm up the furniture with a hairdryer, directing a stream of air to all corners of the sofa. After this, carry out general cleaning and install traps in the necessary places.

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