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Will renovation help get rid of cockroaches?

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Cockroaches are insects well known for their tendency to take up residence in apartments and houses. The problem with cockroaches is widespread, and everyone can encounter their presence in their home. These fast insects are highly resilient and resistant to various control methods, including the use of poisons and traps.

Many people think that the problem with cockroaches is associated exclusively with hostels and unfavorable areas of the city. In fact, cockroaches often inhabit ordinary apartment buildings with a large number of residents.

These pests prefer to live in places where people live. Even a fresh renovation in your apartment does not guarantee protection against the appearance of these fast insects, since neighbors in the home may have a favorable environment for the reproduction of various parasites.

The problem of the spread of cockroaches is relevant in any place - both in private houses and in multi-storey buildings. Next, we will look at the ways in which these parasites penetrate apartments.

How cockroaches get into an apartment

Finding a cockroach in your apartment is not a difficult task. These pests, reaching sizes of about 2 centimeters, actively move on various surfaces. They often end up in apartments from neighbors’ homes, where they find favorable conditions for reproduction. Cockroaches can move through ventilation, exhaust hoods, cracks in walls, balconies and corridors.

Common causes of cockroaches in an apartment include:

  • Reproduction and active life of pests in neighbors or in the basement.
  • Unsanitary conditions in the apartment, such as scattered garbage, dirty dishes, accumulations of dust and dirt.
  • Uncollected food remains and large accumulations of food are open to insects.
  • Low-quality repairs with hidden gaps in baseboards and walls.

In addition, cockroaches can get into an apartment in different ways, for example:

  • Purchasing upholstered furniture and things from people who have parasites.
  • Purchasing goods in stores where cockroaches could breed in industrial conditions.
  • Receiving packages from other people or online stores.

  • Carrying outerwear and shoes after visiting places with a high concentration of these insects.

Cockroaches can settle in almost any room of the apartment, preferring places with warmth, food and moisture. Therefore, kitchens and bathrooms, where there are damp surfaces and condensation, are the most attractive for them.

Next, we will look at whether repairs affect getting rid of cockroaches.

How does apartment renovation affect the appearance of insects?

Many people have the opinion that carrying out renovation work in an apartment can completely get rid of insects. To some extent this is true, but only under certain conditions.

If, during the renovation, a complete reconstruction of all surfaces is carried out, sealing cracks in the walls and floors, updating plumbing and replacing furniture, then conditions are created in which it becomes unpleasant for insects to live. However, after the renovation is completed, the risk of attracting pests again arises due to the presence of dirt or leftover products.

If renovations in an apartment are carried out superficially, without addressing all problem areas, the result may be limited. Simply replacing wallpaper and furniture may not be enough to impact the insect population.

If cockroaches continue to breed among neighbors in an apartment building, repair work may turn out to be ineffective, and the entire living space will have to be reconstructed.

Renovations can be an effective way to get rid of pests for good, but it is important that they cover all aspects, eliminating opportunities for pests to breed.

Ways to control cockroaches

If there are not many problems with insects yet, you can try to get rid of them by following several steps.

Basic methods for controlling insects in homes include the following steps:

  1. Carrying out a complete general cleaning of the entire home. It is necessary to get rid of all food remnants, thoroughly clean the surfaces of old dirt, remove debris and dust accumulated under the furniture, and also wash all the dishes.
  2. Getting rid of possible sources of penetration of cockroaches and their spread in the apartment. It may be necessary to seal any gaps through which pests can enter the room.
  3. Carrying out treatment and using various chemicals to completely destroy cockroaches. These products can be purchased in specialized stores.
  4. If necessary, it is better to entrust the problem to professionals in the field of pest control to provide a more effective and safe solution.

Means for completely getting rid of cockroaches

If you decide to deal with the problem yourself, it is important to carefully familiarize yourself with the various tools that can be used in this process.

The stores offer a variety of products for treating premises and repelling insects. Let's look at the most popular options for getting rid of cockroaches in an apartment:

  1. Chalk: This age-old method involves drawing lines with a special chalk on walls, furniture and floors. The disadvantage is the need for repeated processing and temporary disruption of the appearance of the room.
  2. Aerosol: A modern method that effectively sprays into areas where cockroaches are active. However, such products can be toxic and require special care.
  3. Gel: This option is also applied to the same areas as the spray, but is safer for people and pets.
  4. Trap: Works like a typical insect trap with adhesive tape that attracts cockroaches. Once they hit the tape, they stick.
  5. Ultrasonic repeller: Effective in driving away cockroaches without killing them, which prevents them from returning indoors.

Unfortunately, none of these methods will completely get rid of cockroaches, especially if used only once.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is it better to treat cockroaches: before or after renovation?

It is recommended to use various insect control methods before starting renovation work in your apartment. The ideal option would be to get rid of all insects, carry out a thorough treatment first, and then proceed with general repairs, eliminating all potential sources of entry of these small “guests” into the house.

At what stage of renovation is it recommended to treat cockroaches?

It's best to start controlling speedy pests before you begin large-scale renovation projects, such as replacing furniture and fixing cracks. First, it is recommended to get rid of harmful “tenants”, and then actively begin renovating the apartment.

What effectively kills cockroaches instantly?

Unfortunately, there is no universal option for instantly killing cockroaches in an apartment. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on the specific situation. It is best to contact specialists who can provide an accurate and effective solution to this issue.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

To finally get rid of insects, you can use folk remedies or household chemicals available in stores.

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