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Where do cockroaches come from in food production and how to get rid of them?

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The appearance of cockroaches in any room, and especially in a food factory, causes excitement and indignation. After all, when they appear, the company's owners will face serious financial losses. The problem becomes more acute given that the production process cannot be stopped. Shops producing sausages, confectionery, pasta, and dairy products operate around the clock. The cessation of such a large-scale production may lead to the bankruptcy of the enterprise.

Cockroaches, flies, ants and other pests multiply at a high rate. Therefore, it is extremely important to immediately begin treating contaminated premises.

Reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in food factories

Everyone knows that cockroaches prefer to appear where food is stored. However, following certain conditions can prevent this problem.

The appearance of cockroaches and other pests in an enterprise may be due to the following factors:

  • Production facilities are often located in old buildings.
  • There is a sewerage system nearby.
  • High humidity on the premises of the enterprise.
  • The emergency condition of the premises, where no repairs have been carried out for a long time, and there are cracks in the walls or chips on the tiles.
  • Storing food in the open.

  • The presence of a large amount of food waste that is not removed from the enterprise immediately.
  • There are many employees working in production, and each of them may accidentally bring a cockroach from their home if their home is infested with these parasites.
  • Cockroaches can enter the enterprise along with products necessary for production.
  • The appearance of insects can be caused by crumbs and leftover food that employees forget to clean up after lunch.
  • Business owners may refuse preventive pest control in an attempt to save money.

These and other factors influence the general condition of the object and contribute to the appearance of parasites. If you find flies, ants, cockroaches or other insects in the workplace, it is important to immediately report this to your superiors, who are required to take pest control measures.

Why control of cockroaches is necessary without delay

Having discovered cockroaches in a home, catering establishments, food production or other premises, it is extremely important to immediately begin exterminating them. The presence of these insects not only causes material losses, but also poses a danger to human health.

The harm caused by cockroaches to humans is manifested in the following aspects:

  • Stopping food production and significant financial losses.

  • Unpleasant odor arising at the site.
  • Food spoilage.
  • Rapid contamination of the room.
  • The risk of workers becoming infected with various infectious diseases, such as dysentery, salmonellosis, meningitis, pneumonia, etc.
  • Possible problems with household appliances due to cockroaches creating their shelters inside the devices.

As can be seen from the above, insect infestation affects not only the general mood, but also various aspects of life and work. Cockroaches are dangerous pests and must be exterminated immediately. If parasites appear in food production, the enterprise may face fines and cessation of work for an indefinite period. Therefore, it is recommended to call specialists to carry out preventive treatment before the possible appearance of flies, cockroaches, ants and other harmful insects.

What does preventive disinfestation include?

According to the operating rules for food production, it is mandatory to carry out preventive procedures 1-2 times a month, and the absence of cockroaches is not an excuse for ignoring these requirements.

To prevent cockroaches in a food enterprise, the following measures should be taken:

  • Timely cleaning - developing a plan to maintain cleanliness in the workplace.
  • In the case of old buildings with cracks and chips in the walls, they must be repaired.
  • Ensuring that the ventilation system is in good condition, including regularly cleaning existing grilles and installing missing ones. The condition of the ventilation and lighting systems is important to ensure favorable conditions in the workshop.
  • Regular cleaning of sewer pipes to prevent blockages and rotting food waste.
  • Regular cleaning of hoods.
  • Pre-installation of special baits with poison to prevent pest damage to products.

Compliance with the above requirements and recommendations will prevent the appearance of pests and ensure the safety of the business, avoiding the need for costs for the mandatory destruction of harmful insects.

Do you need any preparation before the disinfectants arrive?

Eliminating pests is a task that requires special responsibility. Therefore, all disinfection activities begin with proper preparation. These measures contribute to the effective and efficient implementation of the procedure.

The stages of preparation for disinfestation include the following:

  1. Carrying out wet cleaning.
  2. Reviewing the contents of food boxes and containers (spoiled food should be removed immediately).
  3. Wash all utensils used.
  4. Moving large equipment away from the wall to provide accessible passages for disinfectants.
  5. Closing all windows and doors in the facility.
  6. Compliance with SanPin requirements by employees who must be absent from the contaminated premises during disinsection.
  7. Disabling the ventilation system.

Considering that cockroaches can be carriers of infection and germs, careful preparation will ensure quick disposal of insects and the destruction of all harmful microorganisms.

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Where can cockroaches come from in food production?

The problem of cockroach infestation can arise suddenly and affect any food establishment. Harmful insects can appear in a production organization for various reasons, but the main one is improper storage of food products. Following preventative treatment recommendations and maintaining sanitary records will help prevent such problems.

In what cases can cockroaches pose a danger in food production?

The appearance of cockroaches in food production can lead to the risk of people becoming infected with various infectious diseases. In addition, the products on which these insects crawled become unfit for consumption, which can seriously affect the profit of the enterprise. The entire production process is at risk.

How to get rid of cockroaches in food production efficiently and quickly?

By opening products that contain cockroaches or other pests, a business risks losing the trust of its customers. Often, independent control measures do not lead to results, so it is important to seek help from professionals. They will determine the extent of the infestation, calculate the exact dosage of medications, and use methods such as hot fog, cold fog, and insecticidal gels to kill the pests quickly and effectively.

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