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Wasps under the roof of a house

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Summer means not only warmth, sun and fresh fruits, but also the presence of various biting insects. Some of them, such as mosquitoes, pose little danger to people and animals. However, others, such as wasps, can cause serious problems. Special traps can be used to combat wasp bites. In this article we will explain in detail how to create effective traps and what you need to do to improve their effectiveness.

What is the danger of wasps?

Wasps multiply very quickly and do not hesitate to enter human homes. These insects, being lovers of sweets, prefer to sit on fruits and berries, and when trying to expel them they can inflict a very painful bite. However, the bite of these insects not only causes redness and pain, but can also pose a serious threat, especially for people with allergies. When a wasp stings, a toxic substance is injected that can cause anaphylactic shock.

For children, wasps pose a particular danger due to their relatively weak immunity. In addition, they can seriously damage the harvest of fruits and berries. If wasps have built a nest on your property, you must immediately take measures to eliminate them. Although they can help pollinate some plants, they are definitely not welcome by any gardener.

Wasp trap from a bottle

An effective way to control wasps is to destroy their nest, but this is not an easy task. A more affordable solution is traps made from plastic bottles. In the following tutorial we will detail how to create a wasp trap using a plastic bottle.

To get started, you will need a bottle with a volume of at least 1,5 liters (for example, a soda bottle), as well as the following tools and materials:

  • Knife for construction work;
  • Awl or drill;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • Wire.

Cut off the top, tapering part of the bottle and flip it inside the remaining part. Make holes in the remaining part of the bottle using a drill or awl - through these holes the trap can be attached to the tree.

Place some bait in the bottom of the bottle and grease the inner walls with vegetable oil to make the wasps slide. Do not connect the two parts of the bottle to make it easier to open and clean the trap after use.

Use wire and duct tape to secure the trap to the tree trunk, preventing it from swinging in the wind.

Place the trap in a well-lit area to stimulate fermentation processes inside the bait. It is also recommended to protect the trap from rain, for example using a plastic roof.

Once you remove the wasps from the trap, destroy them immediately by burning, burying or flushing them down the toilet. Otherwise, the smell may attract other wasps, which may attack you.

What to make bait from?

In order for a trap to effectively attract insects, it is necessary to add bait that is of interest to the target insects. Wasps prefer sweets, but are also attracted to alcoholic drinks.

The most common wasp bait options are:

  • Braga;
  • Beer;
  • Fermented jam.

Additionally, you can add 1 tbsp. l. granulated sugar to enhance fermentation and increase attractiveness to wasps.

However, the use of pure sugar, honey or syrup should be avoided so as not to attract bees that are not of interest in this context. The best option is to use alcohol, as it attracts wasps but goes unnoticed by bees.

The bait should be placed in the bottle so that there is some space between the top of the bait and the neck of the bottle.

To increase the effectiveness of the bait, you can add insect poison such as borax, boric acid, or a store-bought product such as Otos. These products should be dissolved in water before adding to the bottle. This will ensure that trapped insects are killed and prevent their survival.

Meat wasp trap

Meat or fish are also effective bait for these insects, especially in spring or the first half of summer. From about the 20th of April, the queen wasp builds and arranges a nest for all members of her swarm. During this period, she actively searches for food both for herself and for her larvae. By catching the queen, you can get rid of wasps in your area in the summer. The queen can only be attracted to pork, since she is not attracted to other types of meat, such as beef or chicken. If your goal is other individuals, then the bait can be used from any type of meat.

Traps of a more complex design

There is a more complex but effective way to create a wasp trap, which you can also make yourself. To do this, take two plastic bottles: make a cross-shaped cut in one of them, and cut off the tapering part with the neck of the second. Thus, create a funnel that should be inserted into the cut of the first bottle. This funnel will act as a hatch for insects. It is possible to make up to two tapholes in each trap. It is important to close the cap of the main bottle to prevent wasps from escaping through the neck opening. Most wasps will not be able to pass through the entrance, and the number of individuals that manage to do so will be insignificant.

In addition, ready-made wasp traps are available for purchase in stores. They operate on the same principle as homemade ones, but are much more expensive. Thus, making your own trap is a more cost-effective option. In addition, if a homemade trap is blown away by the wind, its loss is not as critical as an acquired one. Thus, the homemade option has its advantages.

How does the trap work?

Bait is placed in the insect trap, after which it is installed on a tree in a well-lit place by the sun. Fermentation processes begin inside the bait, which leads to the release of a specific odor. This aroma attracts wasps, but is not interesting to bees, since they do not respond to such a smell.

The wasps get inside the trap, but now they can't get out of it. Insects can crawl along the walls of the bottle, but they collide with the conical part, preventing them from passing further. Only a few “lucky” ones will be able to get through the bottleneck and get out.

How to catch wasps faster?

When making a wasp trap from a bottle, it is necessary to take into account many nuances that affect the effectiveness of the device. An important factor is not only the bait, but also such aspects as the location of the trap, the color of the bottle, etc.

The best option for a homemade wasp trap is a bottle with transparent light walls. This contributes to better disorientation of the insects inside and attracts their relatives. As for the tap hole, its color may be dark.

Here are some useful tips for using plastic wasp traps:

  1. Place them in well-lit and sunny areas so that the bait is effective in attracting wasps.
  2. Don't worry about the strong and unpleasant smell of the trap - it is only felt up close and does not spread throughout the entire area.
  3. If the wasps don't get caught in the trap at first, don't worry, this is normal. Typically, insects begin to appear after a week, and then their numbers increase.
  4. In addition to sweets, alcohol and spoiled meat, wasps can be attracted by shower gel or aromatic soap.
  5. If you decide to remove a nest, do it late in the evening or at night to avoid an aggressive reaction from the wasps.
  6. One trap is not enough for the entire area. The larger the garden or vegetable garden, the more traps will be needed to effectively kill wasps.

If wasps are found around your home, moving quickly to eradicate them is important to prevent problems. In case of a large number of wasps, it is recommended to call professionals. However, if there are not yet many axes, homemade traps can actually be an effective means of control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a wasp trap with your own hands?

The process of creating a wasp trap from a plastic bottle is quite simple. First, the conical part of the bottle is cut off, which is then inserted inside upside down. Bait is placed at the bottom of the bottle, and a small roof is placed over the trap to protect it from rain. There are also more complex versions of traps, detailed instructions for making which can be found in the main part of this article.

Where is the best place to place the trap?

The answer to this question is simple: the trap should be placed in a sunny place for better heating. This arrangement promotes efficient distribution of bait and therefore attracts more wasps.

How to create a bait yourself?

Various substances can be used as bait, such as alcoholic beverages (for example, mash or beer), fermented jam or rotten meat. Some people prefer a strongly scented soap or shower gel. If the goal is to catch a queen wasp (which is recommended to effectively rid the area of ​​wasps in the near future), then only pork should be placed in the trap, as other meats will not be as attractive. More detailed information about the different types of baits can be found in the main part of the article.


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