How do you kill cockroaches with cold fog?

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Cold fog treatment is widely used to kill cockroaches, bedbugs and other insects not only in agriculture and industry, but also in residential areas. This popularity is due to the high efficiency of the method, which is absolutely safe and easy to use.

Cold fog technology. Main principles

Cold fog is air saturated with tiny droplets of an insecticidal substance. These drops are evenly dispersed throughout the room, penetrating even the most inaccessible corners and settling on every surface.

The effectiveness of cold fog is significantly superior to conventional aerosol sprays due to the extremely small droplet size. This characteristic ensures uniform coverage of surfaces in the room and extensive distribution over a large area. Mechanical separation into droplets preserves the properties of the substance and maintains its constant effectiveness.

To disinfect an apartment using the cold fog method, a special device known as a generator is used. Generators come in different types, differing in their technical characteristics.

Cold fog generators. Main types

To maximize the efficiency of treating a room against cockroaches, it is important to choose the appropriate type of generator.

There are several types of equipment:

  1. Ultrasonic generator:
    • Operating principle: The insecticidal solution is crushed into droplets under the influence of ultrasonic waves.
    • Advantages: Reliability, high speed, small droplets, low weight, low noise.
    • Disadvantages: High cost.
  2. Disk generator:
    • How it works: A rotating disc creates droplets from an insecticidal solution.
    • Advantages: Low noise, ability to adjust droplet size, durability.
    • Disadvantages: More expensive equipment, more difficult to maintain.
  3. Pneumatic Aerosol Generator:
    • Operating principle: An air stream from the compressor crushes the insecticidal solution into small particles.
    • Advantages: Inexpensive, easy to use.
    • Disadvantages: Noisy.

The pneumatic aerosol generator is the most popular because of its low cost, ease of use, despite its noise. Disc generators provide silence and drop control, but require more investment. Ultrasonic generators are the most modern and efficient, but also more expensive. It is important to consider the purposes for using a cold fog machine as they can also be effective in combating fungus, bacteria and odors.

How is cold mist used against bedbugs and cockroaches?

To effectively kill insects such as cockroaches or bedbugs, the use of cold fog is preferable to conventional aerosols. Adult insects and their eggs often hide in hard-to-reach corners of rooms where it is difficult to reach with an aerosol cloud due to its large particles. In contrast, cold mist produces tiny droplets that settle slowly, allowing them to easily spread throughout a room, covering surfaces and getting into tight crevices and corners.

The key to successfully killing cockroaches with cold fog is not only the use of a high-quality generator, but also the correct choice of insecticide. A wide range of products are available in the market. Among professional products, such drugs as Otrina suspension, Solfak, DET and others are especially in demand.

As a result of disinfestation with cold fog, cockroaches die in just 2-3 days. With the right choice of insecticide, the destruction of both adult insects and their eggs is achieved, ensuring complete elimination of parasites after a single treatment.

Cold fog. Advantages and disadvantages

The cold fog method has both advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits include:

  1. Penetration of drops of insecticidal solution into every crack and crack where cockroaches may be hiding.
  2. The long-term presence of a cloud of product in the air after spraying, which effectively destroys insects even in the upper parts of the room.
  3. No streaks or stains on surfaces.

Another important advantage is the prompt destruction of cockroaches. In a short time, the entire area of ​​the apartment becomes free from insects.

The disadvantages of cold fog are small and common to professional treatment methods:

  1. The insecticide settles on all surfaces, including furniture.
  2. After treatment, it is not recommended to wash the floor for a month, and during this time children and pets should not be in the room.
  3. Return to the apartment is possible no earlier than 8 hours after completion of the procedure.

How to prepare an apartment for cold fog treatment?

Before you begin pest control of your apartment, it is important to make the necessary preparations to ensure that the procedure is as effective as possible and to avoid potential harmful consequences for you and your family.

How to do this preparation?

  1. Carry out a wet cleaning of the room, thoroughly cleaning the floor, baseboards, furniture and door jambs.
  2. Move furniture near the walls closer to the center of the room, ensuring a minimum distance of at least 15 centimeters from the walls to the furniture.
  3. Remove all hygiene items such as toothbrushes and other personal items.
  4. Remove dishes from kitchen cabinets.
  5. Hide food in the refrigerator, place it in airtight containers, or temporarily put it on the balcony. It is better to hang clothes in the closet and close it tightly.
  6. If you have an aquarium, cover it or use a thick cover and turn off the compressor.
  7. Remove all pets from the premises.

You can receive additional information about preparing an apartment for disinfestation from our specialist during a telephone consultation.

How is cockroach treatment carried out?

At the appointed time, our disinfection specialists will visit your home to assess the level of cockroach reproduction. They will analyze the situation, select the optimal insecticidal agent, determine its dosage and choose the method of carrying out the procedure. They will also check how correctly the preparation for disinfestation was carried out.

The exterminator will treat your premises. If you choose to be present during the process, you will be provided with appropriate protective equipment. While all other people must temporarily leave the premises.

Upon completion of the treatment, the exterminator will provide you with recommendations on what to do after the procedure and tell you how to avoid the reappearance of cockroaches.

What needs to be done after disinfestation?

After completing the cold fog treatment, leave the room closed for several hours and then ventilate it thoroughly. Ventilation should continue for at least 30 minutes. Then it is recommended to wipe with a soapy solution and soda those areas of the room that have contact with food or skin. After this, the areas should be rinsed with clean water. The remaining parts of the room do not need to be washed, as the insecticide should remain on them as long as possible to prevent the cockroaches from returning.

What other methods of exterminating cockroaches are there?

Sometimes the use of cold fog for disinfestation is not possible for various reasons. However, there are a limited number of viable alternatives. In the case of cockroach control, special gels can be effective. They are designed to be attractive to cockroaches while being lethal to them. The gels are odorless and easy to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the effect of treating cockroaches with cold mist last?

After applying drops of cold fog, they remain in the air for approximately two to three hours, after which they settle on the surface, where they continue their effect for some time.

What steps should you take after using cold fog to control cockroaches?

After completing the treatment, carefully close the room and leave it for several hours. After this, ventilate the room and wipe with soap and soda solution those areas that may come into contact with products or your skin. It is not necessary to wash all surfaces to ensure a longer effect of the drug against insects.

How is cockroaches treated with cold mist?

The pest control specialist sprays the insecticide using a special generator. Droplets of the drug are distributed throughout the room, penetrating even into hard-to-reach corners.

How does cold fog affect cockroaches?

Cold fog effectively destroys not only the cockroaches themselves, but also their eggs. The effectiveness of this method exceeds 90%, which means that in most cases all insects are killed the first time.

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