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How to treat clothes for bedbugs

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Blood-sucking insects can seriously disrupt our lives. Once in a house or apartment, they begin to attack, giving no rest day or night. In a short time, your home can turn into a new refuge for these parasites. Sometimes it is not possible to detect parasites immediately, and they manifest their activity only after a week. During this time, bedbugs have time to multiply and spread throughout your entire territory. When you start noticing a few bites on your body, you may not even think about it, but the number of bites is increasing every day.

Bedbugs usually hide in furniture, belongings, clothing, under baseboards and in chests of drawers. These insects prefer an active night life and seek out dark and cozy corners in your home. At night, they come out of their hiding places in search of food. Bed bugs bite a person and then hide again in various corners of your room. If you already know the procedures for generally getting rid of insects in the house, the question arises: what to do with clothes and linen?

Where do bedbugs hide indoors?

Bedbugs, being blood-sucking parasites, prefer to feed on the blood of people and domestic animals, and therefore their habitat is always as close to humans as possible. They choose places that are as close to human activity as possible, such as closets, furniture, beds, dressers and clothing. Bedbugs prefer night time for their activity and choose dry and dark places to live, where they can comfortably and efficiently feed on blood.

Under favorable conditions, bedbugs begin to actively reproduce, laying their eggs in various places, such as linen, clothes and fabrics in closets and other parts of the house. If things are rarely moved, bedbugs can make their nest there.

Bed bugs can get into your laundry and take up residence in your closet in the following ways:

  1. Transferred from home clothes.
  2. From things bought at markets and flea markets.
  3. Transferred from neighbor's laundry.
  4. Along with contaminated clothing and bedding.

Sometimes the closet itself can become a source of infection in a room, especially if the bedbugs have already settled inside it after nightly hunts and have chosen a convenient hiding place in fabrics, clothes or other things.

How to find bedbugs in clothes and underwear

Bedbugs can infect any objects in the apartment. If you notice these insects for the first time, you should immediately start searching and try to determine the source of the infestation. First, you should pay attention to the furniture, since it is on its surface and inside that bedbugs are easier to notice.

Sometimes you can find bedbug eggs on things or in closet drawers. In this case, you should carefully remove everything from the cabinet and carefully inspect it. If bedbugs are found, it is not recommended to throw things around, as small insects can scatter throughout the house, creating additional problems. It is better to carefully remove the contents of the cabinet and treat it with special means and methods, which will be discussed in the following text.

When the number of bedbugs becomes significant, things and cabinets begin to emit an unusual smell. This can also be a sign of the presence of bedbugs in the apartment. After treatment procedures, you can get rid of the odor using special means such as aerosols, fragrances and other aromatic fillers.

Bedbugs are not able to gnaw through clothing, so they move along the surface of the fabric and create their nests there. Be careful, as bedbugs can settle in any clothing, including suitcases, fur coats, underwear and pants pockets.

If you notice an unusual smell in your closet, this may be a sign to thoroughly inspect all furniture and clothing for the presence of bedbugs. If you discover bedbugs, you should immediately begin disinfecting your clothes against bedbugs using methods that are appropriate for you.

A good method for treating things against bedbugs

Despite the terrible bites of bedbugs, getting rid of them on clothes is quite simple. Bedbug eggs and the insects themselves quickly die at high temperatures. If the item can be washed at temperatures above 65 degrees, this is the first method that should be used. No additional disinsection treatment of clothing is required.

There are traditional methods in which things are treated with ammonia and vinegar. However, such drastic methods can permanently damage your clothes, and the smell from these products will definitely not be pleasant. Washing in hot water alone will help get rid of bedbugs on your clothes.

If you don't have time for dangerous bed bug washing, you can put the infested items in a bag and take them to the dry cleaner. In this case, it is important to warn employees that items may contain bedbugs and their eggs.

Treating clothes for bedbugs is a simple procedure that anyone can do. The best way is to wash things at a high temperature.

Methods for treating things and furniture against bedbugs

In addition to washing, clothing can be treated for insects in several ways, each of which has its own effectiveness and level of safety for pets and people. Let's look at some of them.

  1. Insecticides: The first thing that comes to mind is the use of insecticides. They cause paralysis in parasites and are readily available in supermarkets or markets in the form of aerosols, solutions and sprays. However, this method has its drawbacks: danger to people and ineffectiveness against insect eggs.
  2. Boiling: Boiling clothes can be an effective method, but it is not suitable for all types of fabric. Insects and their eggs quickly die in hot water.
  3. Freezing: This method is quite effective, but bedbug eggs are resistant to severe frost, so it is less effective than boiling.
  4. Steaming: Helps treat clothes made from delicate fabrics.

It is important to note that regardless of the chosen method of processing clothing, without complete disinfection of the premises, you will not be able to completely get rid of parasites in your home.

The use of chemicals to kill bedbugs

Parasites in an apartment always pose a serious problem for all residents. However, treating only clothing does not bring positive results. An exceptionally comprehensive approach and complete disinfestation can give effective results in the fight against parasites. Although you can try using some proven chemicals yourself, you must exercise extreme caution and strictly follow the instructions for use.

Most of the chemicals available in the market mainly kill insects on the surface. It is important to remember that soaking or heavily treating clothes with such products is not recommended.

Who carries out insecticide treatment for bedbugs?

If parasites or other dangerous insects appear in your home, you should not waste time using folk remedies or experimenting with chemicals, especially if the infestation of the apartment is very strong. Attempting to eliminate the problem yourself can lead to loss of effort, time and money, but will not lead to complete relief from pests. Our recommendation is to contact professionals immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What could be the consequences of treating things for bedbugs?

After treating things for bedbugs, it is necessary to additionally treat the place where the insects lived. For this purpose, special means and procedures are used using insecticides, such as Medilis, Ziper, Neo and others.

How to avoid bedbugs in the house?

To prevent bedbugs from infecting your clothes and apartment, follow a few simple rules. Try to avoid bringing clothes from the street or from unsavory places. When buying clothes at a market or flea market, pack them in a sealed bag and wash them.

How long can bedbugs live in things?

Bedbugs have a high survival rate. They can live up to a year without food, but if things don't contain food sources, such as pets or their owners, bedbugs will look for new sources. In this case, all neighbors and nearby apartments will be at risk, so if you discover bedbugs in an apartment, it is important to treat the premises immediately.

How to treat clothes against dangerous insects?

There are several methods for disinfesting clothes against bedbugs. You can wash, steam, freeze or dry clean your clothes. The choice of method depends on the specific situation and material of the clothing. It is important to consider the washing recommendations for specific types of fabric.

Who provides bedbug extermination services?

If bedbugs are found in your apartment, it is recommended that you contact pest control specialists instead of wasting time looking for means of self-control. Experienced professionals will quickly identify the source of infection and carry out high-quality treatment of the premises using insecticides.

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