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How to Fight Silverfish in an Apartment

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Sugar silverfish are a type of small insect that can cause inconvenience to humans. These insects can live in rooms with poor ventilation, especially preferring to settle in toilets and bathrooms. Silverfish love a humid and warm microclimate; it is in such conditions that they actively reproduce. Although silverfish do not pose a serious threat to human health, living in the same room with them causes significant discomfort.

Why silverfish may appear in your apartment

Silverfish is an insect that many encounter only when it appears in their apartments. However, it has existed on Earth for more than 300 million years. Silverfish survive due to high fertility and rapid reproduction, as well as the ability to survive for long periods without food. They are also called sugar silverfish or woodlice, and pictures of this pest are easy to find on the Internet.

Silverfish may take up residence in bathrooms and closets, preferring damp conditions, but may also move to other parts of the home. They feed on paper products, wallpaper, small particles of starchy foods and even animal feed. These pests can damage books, floors and walls in rooms, as well as food.

Silverfish have an oblong body, a pointed tail and mustache. They have no wings and are covered with silvery scales, which gives them their name. They prefer dark places and can move at high speed thanks to their tenacious legs. These pests can even climb vertical surfaces.

The reasons for the appearance of silverfish in an apartment can be different: high humidity in some areas of the room, neighbors with poor ventilation, or accidental introduction of insects on clothes or things. In ordinary life, silverfish do not cause serious harm to humans, but they can damage things through their activities, leaving stains, developing fungus and leaving eggs in food.

Silverfish in your home: “first aid”

The appearance of silverfish in the house is usually unnoticeable due to their small size and preference for hiding in dark corners of the room.

If silverfish are found in the house, the following measures can be taken:

  1. Thorough cleaning: Immediately carry out a deep clean using chlorine-containing detergents to disinfect the areas where they temporarily lived.
  2. Finding and eliminating the source: Try to find out where the silverfish might have crawled from. These are usually dark areas of the room, such as under the sink or behind the shelves of old cabinets. Such places should be thoroughly washed to remove dirt and dust, and then dried thoroughly.
  3. Treatment with insecticides: If you do not have small children or animals in your home, treat surfaces with insecticides. Then carry out wet cleaning and ventilate the room well.
  4. Checking communications: Check the bathroom for cracks or holes in the pipes and walls. If such problems are discovered, they should be repaired immediately.

However, these measures may not be sufficient, since new individuals may hatch from eggs already laid. To completely get rid of silverfish, it is necessary to use more radical methods, which we will discuss below.

Fighting silverfish: drugs and methods

The fight against silverfish in an apartment can be effective if you use a variety of methods and folk remedies. Here are some proven ways to help get rid of these nasty insects:

Make traps:

  • Homemade traps: Create traps using bait. For example, cover a jar with masking tape and place silverfish bait inside. You can also use damp wads of newspaper to attract insects with the moisture.
  • Special traps: Buy ready-made traps made from adhesive tape that can be placed in different parts of the apartment.

Use traditional recipes:

  • Spice: Place dry spices with astringent aroma, such as bay leaf, cinnamon, lavender, in different places in the kitchen.
  • Essential oils: Use citrus, geranium or eucalyptus essential oils. Use oils carefully to avoid contact with skin.
  • Diatomite: Scatter diatomaceous earth powder in areas where silverfish frequently appear.

Apply chemicals (if necessary):

  • Choose chemicals that contain permethrin. Follow directions and use products with caution.

Carry out repairs and maintenance:

  • Wall painting: Paint the walls instead of wallpaper to reduce entry points for silverfish.
  • Cabinets: Install lockable cabinets for books and belongings.
  • Patch gaps: Seal cracks in the bathroom and other areas with sealing materials.
  • Communications audit: Check and, if necessary, replace the ventilation and communication systems in the apartment.
  • Mold control: Disinfect the room if mold is found.
  • Using a heated towel rail: Install a powerful heated towel rail in your bathroom to reduce humidity levels in the room.

Remember that to control silverfish it is important to be careful and follow directions and safety when using chemicals. If the problem does not go away, it is better to contact professionals from the pest control service.

preventive measures

Effective control of silverfish begins with preventing their appearance. Following simple preventive measures will help you avoid problems in the future:

  1. Humidity control: Install a ventilation system and heater in your bathroom to reduce humidity levels. Ventilate regularly and leave bathroom doors open after use and at night.
  2. Washing machine care: Remove laundry from the washer and dryer promptly to prevent damp odors.
  3. Hermetically sealed food storage: Store all bulk foods in sealed plastic containers in the kitchen to prevent attracting insects.
  4. Regular cleaning and inspection of things: Maintain order, clean the room regularly and inspect your belongings. Avoid accumulation of unnecessary items to avoid creating a hiding place for insects.
  5. Professional processing: If necessary, contact the Marafet service. Experienced craftsmen will conduct a thorough inspection, determine the required dosage of insecticides and ensure long-term relief from insects. This service is also available to control other pests such as cockroaches, bedbugs, midges and others.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish (4 Easy Steps)


Where can silverfish come from in your home?

Silverfish may appear in the bathroom or toilet if they come from neighbors or if your home has poor communications and ventilation. Typically, these insects enter through narrow cracks in walls, floors or even ceilings, as they are able to move vertically using their legs.

What scents do silverfish dislike?

Silverfish are repelled by sharp and tart odors. These can be plants such as eucalyptus, fir, lavender and many types of citrus fruits. The simplest way to use scents against insects is to scent a space using essential oils.

Are silverfish dangerous to people?

Silverfish do not pose much of a threat to humans. They do not bite humans and, by their nature, are fairly harmless creatures. However, they can spoil food with their excrement or leave stains on soft tissues, which is unpleasant for humans.

How to treat an apartment for pests?

An apartment in which pests have appeared requires effective treatment using insecticides. The easiest and most effective way is to seek help from exterminators from the sanitary service.

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