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How to poison fleas in the basement?

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Often people encounter fleas - blood-sucking insects that also attack pets. You can rarely find them in a city apartment, but in country houses, especially with a basement, fleas become regular guests.

There are several ways to get rid of basement fleas. This includes using folk remedies, chemicals, or calling a health service. Each person chooses the most convenient method to get rid of insects in their home or basement. The problem with flea control is their rapid reproduction, which makes them difficult to control. If insects are noticed too late, they can completely fill the premises, including cellars, basements and other shelters.

Why do fleas appear in the basement?

Fleas in the basement are quite common. There are about 500 species of fleas in our country, and some of them can get into houses and apartments. Often the reason for their appearance in residential premises is homeless animals that find a cozy refuge in basements. Such places have everything fleas need: warmth, dryness, darkness and proximity to food sources. Parasites enter homes through cracks, pipes, vents, or can be brought in by rats, mice, and even pets such as cats, dogs, and hamsters. Fleas can also come from neighboring apartments or the entrance, especially if the parasites were not destroyed or were not noticed.

Female fleas can reproduce quickly, laying up to hundreds of eggs at a time, causing a rapid increase in numbers in basements. Having moved into a human home, they leave eggs in various corners, on the floor and even on furniture frames. The larvae first feed on surrounding surfaces, but after a few days, when they become adults, they attack home residents and their pets, using their piercing-sucking apparatus to pierce the skin and feed on blood.

Determining the type of fleas is not necessary, since the methods of fighting them and treating the premises have the same principles. We will further cover methods for cleaning the basement and other similar places in the next section. Now let's discuss why fleas pose a danger to people and their pets.

Are fleas dangerous to humans?

Many experts insist that flea control should be done as soon as possible. Basement fleas often come from contaminated areas and can become carriers of dangerous diseases. These blood-feeding parasites can easily transmit infection. This is why treating floors and corners in houses, apartments and basements is so important.

Cellar fleas bite all living organisms, from rats to humans. They pierce the skin and penetrate the blood vessels, feeding on blood. The bite site begins to itch, turn red and become inflamed. These insects do not live on their hosts; after feeding, they detach. However, the constant need for food keeps them in the house and basement for a long time.

One of the main reasons for eliminating fleas in the basement is the possibility of them transmitting various diseases. Fleas can retain viruses within themselves for up to 150 days.

People can be infected with the following diseases from parasites:

  • Hepatitis is a disease for which no fully effective drugs have yet been found;
  • Encephalitis – a disease affecting the nervous and musculoskeletal systems;
  • Plague is an infection that spreads rapidly and has caused mass casualties in history, including more than 20 million people in Europe;
  • Typhoid – a disease whose symptoms (high temperature, intoxication, nervous system disorders) can lead to irreversible changes in the body;
  • Salmonellosis;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Tularemia.

For people with sensitivities and allergies, flea bites can have serious health impacts. Severe itching can lead to suppuration of the wound, and the bite site will need to be treated for a long time. Therefore, prompt eradication of basement fleas and treatment of basements is necessary to protect the premises from parasites and prevent health problems for people and their pets.

Eliminating fleas in the basement

To combat fleas in a basement, apartment or house, you can use various treatment methods. Particular attention should be paid to areas where insects breed most often: the floor, cracks, corners, folds of furniture and similar areas.

There are different ways to treat houses, basements and cellars:

  1. Chemicals: Chemicals can be used both in the basement and in living areas, provided that the instructions are followed. There are many aerosols, powders and gels. However, precautions must be taken to prevent them from falling into the hands of children and pets. The treatment procedure usually does not require much time, and basement fleas disappear.
  2. Folk remedies: Sprouts of wormwood or pine needles can be placed in the corners of the room, since insects do not like their smell. Wet cleaning with ammonia or eucalyptus solution can also help. A mixture of baking soda and salt can be used to treat surfaces on which fleas are found, followed by vacuuming. These methods are usually effective on small numbers of fleas.
  3. Cold: The cold is ineffective in basements due to heating systems, but in the house you can try to ventilate the room by opening windows and doors for a few hours. Fleas cannot survive in low temperatures, so they leave the room.
  4. Smoke bomb: This method can only be used in country houses. By heating the air and filling it with sulfur vapor, the smoke bomb poisons fleas and other pests. However, this method is not safe and can lead to the spread of toxic substances to other apartments in the house.

Pet handling

Fleas can easily stick to pet fur. If your pet is bitten by these parasites, he begins to sleep poorly and itch constantly. Pay attention to your pet's unusual behavior, as this may be due to the presence of fleas.

If you find fleas on your pet's fur, take the following measures:

  1. Wash your pet with a special anti-flea shampoo. This procedure is recommended to be carried out regularly until the fleas disappear completely. This hygiene measure is also suitable as a preventive measure.
  2. Purchase anti-flea drops from your veterinary pharmacy. A few drops applied to the animal’s withers can destroy existing parasites and repel new insects.
  3. Use a special flea collar. By putting it on your pet, you will prevent fleas from appearing on his fur.
  4. If fleas are seriously bothering your pet, contact your veterinarian. Doctors can prescribe special medications to help fight these parasites more effectively.

Preventing fleas

In order to prevent basement fleas from appearing in your apartment, it is recommended to take proactive measures. One of the simplest and most effective ways is regular cleaning. Check the items in your basement periodically and avoid the accumulation of excess trash.

Hard-to-reach areas of the room can be cleaned using a mop, vacuum cleaner, brushes, rags and other available means. Start by removing dust and debris, then mop the floor with water and cleaner. Check not only the room or corner of the basement where fleas were found, but also the entire area of ​​the property, as the insects can quickly spread.

You should also pay attention to washing bedding and clothing, where fleas can also hide. Use high water temperatures (at least 60 degrees Celsius) when washing. After washing, dry the laundry thoroughly and iron it. If you have carpet, it is recommended that you take it to a dry cleaner.

Such actions will help not only clear the basement of unnecessary items, but also make sure that all fleas have left your home.

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Why might fleas appear in the basement?

Fleas in the basement can appear due to insufficient hygiene of the room or if a stray animal has wandered in and serves as a carrier of these insects. The basement provides excellent conditions for fleas: warm, dry and protected from the cold, which contributes to their rapid reproduction.

How to deal with fleas in the basement?

Flea control in the basement can be effective using a variety of methods, such as powders and gels, aromatic herb and plant solutions, and methods including freezing and smoke bombs. However, when using any chemicals, you must follow safety precautions so as not to harm your health and others.

How to properly treat your basement for fleas?

To properly treat your basement for fleas, it is important to carefully inspect all corners, baseboards, crevices and other places where these insects can hide and breed. First, it is recommended to sort out things in the basement to get rid of unnecessary items and throw away garbage. Then carry out dry cleaning, including sweeping and dusting. After this, you can begin wet processing. To do this, it is better to use water with soap and the addition of an insecticide to ensure complete destruction of fleas and their larvae.

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