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Are Prussians afraid of cats?

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The appearance of cockroaches in an apartment always causes dissatisfaction among its owners. Due to their rapid reproduction, they instantly spread, affecting not only this home, but also neighboring ones. To prevent the proliferation of insects in the house, it is necessary to use effective control methods, such as folk remedies, chemical methods, treatment with toxic substances and others.

For many years, humanity has been struggling with insects, parasites and pests in their homes. Much effort has been made to develop modern drugs and new methods of pest control. However, in ancient times, people were forced to explore the destruction of parasites by trial and error due to the peculiarities of their lifestyle.

Various poisons were used to control cockroaches. It turned out that Prussians quickly do not tolerate strong odors. Solutions of ammonia, wormwood, bay leaf and other aromatic oils and herbs were used. Sometimes the room was fumigated with these products or applied to surfaces in the house. The question of whether animals, such as cats, can repel insects with their smell from the apartment requires further study.

Why you should get rid of the Prussians as soon as possible

Although cockroaches are not known for attacking or biting people, these seemingly harmless insects can cause serious trouble in your home or apartment. They most often settle close to a water source, so they prefer to inhabit kitchens. These areas are abundant in food supplies, usually have little light, and maintain a suitable temperature.

These conditions provide an ideal environment for the rapid reproduction of insects in the apartment. Cockroaches will constantly run across the surface of the countertops where your products are located, and on their paws they can carry dangerous diseases and helminth larvae. These small pests can get into your food without you even realizing you've consumed contaminated food.

If there is a significant accumulation of cockroaches in your apartment, an unpleasant odor will appear over time, which can only be eliminated after getting rid of the insects. Small particles of pests can enter the respiratory tract of both humans and pets, which can cause allergic reactions and worsen asthma.

Therefore, the consequences of cockroaches in your home can be serious, and treatment should not be delayed, giving the insects the opportunity to expand their colony.

What are cockroaches afraid of in an apartment?

Cockroaches, like many other insects, have a highly developed sense of smell. This ability allows them to quickly adapt to new conditions by detecting sources of water and food. However, this advantage is also a disadvantage of these insects, since they are sensitive to strong odors.

Folk remedies have been used for many years, and although they are less effective compared to modern methods of treating premises, if there are a small number of insects, they can serve as additional protection for your apartment from cockroaches.

There are several groups of products whose odors repel cockroaches:

  1. Chemicals with a repellent odor.
  2. Aromatic oils with anti-cockroach properties.
  3. Plants with a smell that cockroaches do not like.
  4. The smells of some animals that frighten cockroaches.

It is important to understand that folk remedies and scents only repel cockroaches without destroying them. If cockroaches are found in an apartment, especially if they have formed a colony, it is more effective to seek help from professionals to completely destroy the pests, and not just scare them away.

What smells can repel parasites in an apartment?

As we have already clarified, cockroaches are afraid of the smell of household chemicals, chemical compounds and aromatic oils. Now we will tell you about the chemicals that cause the greatest fear in cockroaches.

These pests are especially wary of the following substances:

  1. Vinegar and its smell: Cockroaches cannot stand the smell of vinegar. This product is available in almost every home, making it easy to use. To use vinegar against insects, it is recommended to dilute it in water in a ratio of one to two. This product can be used to treat kitchen surfaces, some objects, baseboards and furniture.
  2. Ammonia: A solution of ammonia with its pungent odor can repel cockroaches. To use, mix a few tablespoons of ammonia with a bucket of water and treat floors, surfaces and some objects with this product.
  3. Naphthalene: Cockroaches do not like the smell of mothballs. Place jars of mothballs in places where insects accumulate or prepare a solution from it by mixing it with water. Cockroaches usually hide behind furniture, under baseboards and in dark places.
  4. Bleach or white: Treating floors and surfaces in an apartment with bleach or bleach can be an effective remedy. When using such products, safety precautions should be observed, including the use of protective clothing and a mask.

There are also many other products that cockroaches cannot tolerate, such as kerosene, ammonia, gasoline, etc. However, their use at home is not recommended due to their high toxicity and flammability. When using chemicals to control cockroaches, it is important to follow safety precautions and use personal protection.

We drive away cockroaches with a solution of boric acid

Boric acid is a common remedy found in many home medicine cabinets. Its effectiveness should not be underestimated, as it can help in getting rid of cockroaches. A simple method is to sprinkle boric acid powder along the paths of insects. When cockroaches touch the powder with their paws and try to clean it off, the acid enters their body, leading to death.

Boric acid affects the nervous system of pests, causing disturbances that lead to their death. The main thing is to ensure contact of the product with the cockroaches’ body. One method is mixing boric acid with food. The cockroaches will eat this bait and begin to die over time.

Cockroaches are able to survive even after exposure to various chemicals. Limiting access to water is important because without it it is difficult for them to survive and withstand the chemical attacks used against them.

What microclimate of the apartment will help in the fight

To create comfortable conditions for cockroaches in your home or apartment, you need to take into account certain factors. Air temperature, humidity, presence of liquid and lighting in the room play an important role. If your kitchen is dark, warm, there is a lot of water, and there is poor light, then this is an ideal climate for cockroaches.

Cockroaches are extremely sensitive to temperature and cannot tolerate cold. Reducing the temperature in the house to zero can cause insects to freeze. This method may be effective for a country house, but not so for city apartments.

High temperatures are also unacceptable for cockroaches. A rise in temperature above 30-35 degrees, combined with a lack of water, will cause the insects to dry out within a few days. It is important to avoid leaving crumbs and leftover food on the floor and in the kitchen, as if pests cannot find food, you will be much more likely to get rid of them.

Why are cockroaches afraid of cats?

Cockroaches do not fear cats as a threat to their existence; most likely, they do not tolerate the smells of other animals. This is especially noticeable if you have reptiles or lizards in your home. The smell of these animals poses the greatest threat to cockroaches, as it clearly signals danger.

Although a cat or dog may eat a few cockroaches, they are unable to cause serious damage to the insect population because their primary diet is different from what cockroaches eat. Considering that cockroaches can carry diseases and helminths, eating them by a cat can complicate life not only for her, but also for her owners.

Getting rid of cockroaches on your own is possible only in the early stages. If the colony has already multiplied many times, the only way to get rid of pests may be a complete chemical treatment of the premises.

Do Cats Keep Roaches Away? Real Facts

Frequently Asked Questions

What smells do cockroaches hate?

As a result of evolution, cockroaches have acquired a high sensitivity to odors, which allows them to quickly find sources of water and food. However, this sensitivity makes them immune to substances with a strong odor. Scents such as tea tree oil, bay leaf, and wormwood can repel cockroaches, causing them to leave your apartment.

Do cats scare cockroaches?

Some pets and their smell can repel cockroaches. It's not so much the pets themselves, but the smell emanating from them. The presence of a pet, such as a cat, may prevent a few cockroaches from appearing in certain areas, but will not completely eliminate the problem. The smell of lizards and other reptiles is especially effective on cockroaches.

Is it possible to scare away pests with sound?

There are devices on the market that use ultrasonic waves to target cockroaches. Cockroaches cannot tolerate certain frequencies of sound, so they run away in panic from the source of the sound. These devices do not kill cockroaches, but only repel them from your territory, so they are best used in combination with other control methods.

How to get rid of cockroaches using folk remedies?

If the premises are heavily infested with cockroaches, then limiting the use of pharmaceuticals, aromatic oils and infusions may no longer be sufficient. Insects can quickly adapt and move to neighboring rooms. In case of a massive infestation of cockroaches, you should seek professional pest control, since independent attempts often do not bring effective results.

What insect repellent treatments are guaranteed to lead to success?

If you have cockroaches, the best solution is to contact a specialized service. Insects have a high ability to reproduce and adapt to the means used, which can make independent measures ineffective.

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