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Acaricidal treatment

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When relaxing at your summer cottage, there is a risk of contracting a deadly disease - tick-borne encephalitis. To prevent this disease, which is difficult to cure, it is recommended to carry out acaricidal treatment in advance.

This process includes treating the area from tick parasites and other insects. The disinfection preparations used are also capable of killing rats, other rodents, mosquitoes and worms.

When ordering the appropriate service, a specialized team of workers in special protective suits will arrive at the specified address. They will bring the necessary preparation with them, carry out preliminary preparation of the area for spraying and rid it of insects. All you have to do is accept the completed work. To apply for acaricidal treatment, visit our website.

Acaricidal treatment according to SanPiN

To disinfect the soil, only safe products are used that are licensed in accordance with sanitary standards and regulations. Using other drugs is dangerous. The use of unlicensed compounds may cause irreversible damage to the soil and crops.

The processing rules require leaving the treated area for 2 hours after completion of the disinfection process, after which the area becomes safe again.

License for acaricidal treatment


Acaricidal treatment of the area against ticks

The process of garden disinfection is extremely simple and effective. We follow a certain algorithm:

  1. Choosing a suitable day: We take into account the necessary weather conditions for maximum efficiency of the process.
  2. Site investigation: We determine the types of ticks living in the garden and conduct a detailed study of the area.
  3. Search for hot spots: We localize the places where the concentration of insects is highest.
  4. Selecting a treatment agent: We select the optimal preparation suitable for treating a given garden plot.
  5. Garden disinfection: We apply the selected drug using a special sprayer to ensure uniform distribution.
  6. Monitoring the results: After disinfection, we check the garden for the presence of parasites and make sure that the measures taken are effective.

Acaricidal treatment price

The cost of the service provided directly depends on the total area of ​​the area being treated. We divide gardens into several categories depending on the number of acres, and, as a rule, the larger the area, the higher the cost of the disinfection procedure.

Price dynamics can also be affected by the following factors:

  1. Land survey by entomologists: Conducting a site survey by insect specialists.
  2. Advice on care and prevention: Providing months of advice on garden care and pest prevention.
  3. Creating a “safety zone”: Installing barriers to help prevent the introduction of insects.
  4. Treatment for other insects: Includes additional measures to control ants, parasites and worms.
  5. Timing for disinfection: Possibility to choose half a day or a specific time for the procedure.
  6. Departure on weekends and holidays: Possibility of processing the site on official weekends and holidays.

Carrying out acaricidal treatments

Before cultivating your garden, it is important to choose the season carefully. According to recommendations, disinfection is carried out twice a year during the period of highest insect activity. The best time to call specialists is April and October.

In order to prevent the drug from being washed away by rain, you should choose a period without precipitation. In addition, it should be warm and sunny for the next three days after treatment.

Carry out acaricidal treatment

To prevent the appearance of parasites, it is recommended to regularly trim tall grass and shrubs, and also avoid leaving weeds, old leaves, branches, humus and other debris in the beds.

It is also important to prevent rats as they can carry ticks. Regular deratization of the garden and elimination of food debris in the house will help reduce this risk.

If you are keen to avoid problems with mites, you can order acaricidal treatment services from a fumigation service.

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