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How to get rid of flies on your property

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In ancient times, it was believed that the appearance of flies in a house testified to the great wealth of the owners. This saying had some basis, since flies usually appeared in conditions of excess food, which indicated the wealth of the owners of the house. But in addition to this symbol of wealth, flies are not only an unpleasant phenomenon, but also a dangerous source of various diseases and infections that can cause skin irritation.

One of the main sources of food for flies is garbage and spoiled food. Moving from one room to another, flies carry particles of dirty food and harmful bacteria on their legs. This ability makes them dangerous for residents of houses and apartments.

Sooner or later, many people come to the conclusion that it’s time to start fighting flies. However, not everyone knows which methods can bring results.

How flies get into our houses

With the arrival of spring, flies begin to emerge from hibernation and appear in various parts of the house. When the weather becomes cold, insects look for shelter for the winter, hiding under window sills, windows and various crevices. Flies can appear almost anywhere in your home. As the temperature rises above ten degrees, flies come out of hibernation and begin to look for food in the kitchen.

These flying insects cannot see transparent objects due to their vision. Once inside the house through the windows, flies cannot find a clear exit to the street. They begin to fly around the kitchen, leaving marks on the ceilings, and move from room to room.

As soon as the flies inspect their new habitat, their active breeding period begins. They lay eggs on plants, food, trash heaps and other suitable places. Their high reproduction rate allows them to quickly spread throughout the home. Areas where flies congregate are best treated with effective insect control methods.

Flies have a sensitive sense of smell and can distinguish different odors well. Strong aromas such as jam, butter, honey or meat attract flies. This is both their advantage and disadvantage. Many methods of controlling flies rely on the use of scented products or the installation of traps with a strong scent.

To avoid attacks by unwanted insects, do not leave food with a strong smell on the table. Always try to remove food and cover it tightly. This will help reduce the number of flies in the house and protect food from contamination.

Flies in a country house and in the country

Summer is the ideal time to visit the cottage and have a good rest, but it is also a favorable period for the life of flies. In places where flies are concentrated, it is difficult to enjoy a peaceful holiday due to their intrusiveness. In addition, in addition to the irritating behavior of these insects, there is a risk of contracting diseases that are dangerous to humans.

The largest number of flies can often be found in country houses, as these conditions are ideal for their breeding. When harvesting on the site, you can unknowingly bring flies into the house by taking spoiled fruits from the plants. Flies prefer to lay their eggs in such fruits, and you may not even realize that you have brought unwanted insects into your home.

Getting rid of flies in a country house is much more difficult than in an apartment, especially if there are pets in the house. However, successful fight against them can begin with routine prevention. Installing screens on windows, using sticky tape, and placing baited traps indoors can significantly reduce fly numbers. Of course, this will not get rid of it completely, but it will make the number of flies more manageable. In the future, we will talk about folk remedies and traps for fighting flies.

Why are flies dangerous to humans?

Flies can not only disturb our sleep by constantly landing on different parts of the body, but they are also carriers of dangerous bacteria and diseases.

Here are some of the diseases that can be carried by flies:

  • Typhus
  • Cholera
  • Helminthiasis
  • Tuberculosis

This is not a complete list of dangerous infections that can be carried by flies, but it is enough to understand the importance of exterminating these insects. And although flies may seem harmless, one visit to an infectious diseases hospital can change your mind. Prevention and caution can best protect you from unwanted consequences.

Preventative insect control products

To reduce the number of flies in your home, you can take a few simple steps:

  1. Do not leave trash or leftover food behind.
  2. Close the trash can.
  3. Store food only in closed containers.
  4. Clean the premises regularly and carry out wet cleaning.
  5. Clean sinks and bathrooms from dirt.
  6. Rinse the stoves with water to remove food residues.

Systematic wet cleaning and the absence of litter can significantly reduce the population of flies in your premises or area. This simple and effective method may be sufficient to prevent the active breeding of flies in your apartment or country house.

What means can you use to get rid of flies?

People are always faced with insect problems, and flies can cause significant damage to your home and health. To avoid this, let's look at the most popular methods of killing flies at home.

The most popular methods of killing flies include the following:

  1. Special traps
  2. Fumigators
  3. Tapes
  4. Aerosols and dichlorvos
  5. Plant and spice oils
  6. fly swatters

It should be noted that all of these methods are applicable to eliminating small clusters of flies. If you already have a large number of insects, then the best solution would be to seek help from a specialized pest control company.

Flies are especially difficult to control outdoors. These insects can ruin your holiday or evening gatherings with friends, especially if you are preparing food. It is recommended to take care of protection against flies in advance by installing traps and having an aerosol on hand. This way, you can prevent annoying flies during cooking and at the holiday itself.

In addition, for prevention it is recommended:

  • Maintain cleanliness in country toilets.
  • Clean barns and paddocks regularly.
  • Avoid building compost pits near your home.
  • Prevent standing water in accumulation areas.

Folk remedies and traps can be successful with small fly populations and are alternative control methods.

How to Get Rid of House Flies (4 Simple Steps)

Frequently Asked Questions

What traditional medicine remedies will help fight flies?

In addition to standard methods of controlling flies, such as tapes, traps and aerosols, you can use folk remedies. These include strong-smelling oils, such as wormwood, or other phytoncides. By applying them to areas where flies accumulate, you can repel and destroy small groups of insects in your premises. It is important to pay attention to prevention, which will also help reduce the fly population.

Is additional surface treatment necessary?

Flies are carriers of dangerous bacteria and infections. If you eat fly-infested foods, such as fruits or plants, it can cause digestive or gastrointestinal problems. To avoid this, you should remove food from the table in sealed containers or a refrigerator, and also treat tables with antiseptics and disinfectants.

When should you contact a professional for fly control?

A few flies in a country house are not a serious problem and can be killed using fly swatters, special tape or homemade traps. However, if the fly population becomes so large that it is impossible to control it, it is better to turn to professional exterminators. Experienced specialists will treat the premises and area, install traps if necessary and provide a guarantee for their services.

What professional fly control methods are recommended?

Professional pest control includes several basic methods of killing flies: using cold fog, hot fog and setting traps. Most often, the cold fog method is used to control flies, which is a very effective and proven method of killing insects. Tiny drops of liquid can penetrate almost all surfaces of a country house or completely cover the area.

Which company should you choose to get rid of flies in your home?

If flying insects are causing you trouble and their population becomes so large that household remedies no longer help, it is best to turn to the professionals.

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