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We have been taught since childhood that ants are useful inhabitants of the forest, but what should we do if they have conquered our house or apartment? The appearance of insects in the house always causes concern and makes you think about means of combating them.

The causes of ants are varied, and there are many ways to combat them. It is important to consider that many insects are capable of carrying diseases and viruses on their legs. As ants move across surfaces in the house, they can leave bacteria on them that can become a source of disease for humans. Therefore, it is important to begin eliminating ants immediately.

Ants quickly build nests and make passages around the house, getting under floors, walls, sockets and other communications. To search for food, they establish a connection between the anthill and the water source, providing themselves with food and creating several anthills throughout the house.

If you are faced with a problem of ants in your apartment and do not know what to do, this article is designed to help you. In it you will find useful information about means of fighting ants and where to turn in case of failure.

Why do ants build a nest in an apartment?

In forest areas, ants build their colonies, finding ideal living conditions. However, sometimes they can make their nests in human living spaces, such as houses, cottages or apartments.

The reason for the appearance of ants in the house is often insufficient cleanliness of surfaces and floors. In polluted places, ants find food, mark paths and begin to actively search for food. If conditions are right, the colony can quickly increase in size and the queen can move the anthill closer to the food source.

Although keeping your home clean does not guarantee complete protection from pests, it is important to avoid providing them with natural attractions in the form of dirty dishes, unwashed sinks or garbage. This recommendation is especially relevant for residents of the first floor. Regularly washing dishes, wiping up water from the sink, and keeping floors clean will help prevent ants and other insects from being attracted to food sources.

How do ants manage to get into our house?

There are many ways that can bring ants into your apartment. It seems almost impossible to completely avoid the appearance of various insects in the house. However, you can take steps to prevent ants from entering your home. To do this, you need to understand how ants can get into your home.

Here are a few reasons why ants may appear in your home:

  1. Your neighbors carried out pest control against ants, and the insects moved in with you.
  2. If your apartment is on the first or last floor, there is a possibility that the ants came to you from the basement or attic.
  3. Ventilation shafts are often a place through which ants can enter a home.
  4. Ants can be brought from the street or from the forest.
  5. During the breeding season, ants acquire wings and can fly into your window.

To avoid encounters with ants or other insects, it is recommended to install screens on windows and ventilation. This simple step can keep you calm and prevent insects from entering your home.

If you bring plants from the forest to keep at home, try to immediately replace the soil. This will help prevent not only ants, but also other insects from appearing in your home.

Why is it worth fighting ants?

At first glance, ants may seem like harmless and useful creatures in the wild. However, when these unwanted guests begin to enter our homes, spoil food, get into our food and bite us at night, our attitude towards them immediately changes.

Ants, like other insects, constantly move through unsanitary places, carrying various viruses and bacteria. They then leave these microorganisms on furniture surfaces and the foods we eat. This may lead to unwanted health effects.

Another disadvantage of ants is that they create shelters and hide food in the walls and floors of the house. In a warm home, these products will eventually begin to decompose and become moldy. At night, if you accidentally crush ants with your body, you risk being bitten.

Ants, like other insects, can be carriers of dangerous diseases and infections. To avoid putting yourself at risk, it is better to get rid of ants as soon as possible.

What methods of control should be used against ants?

Controlling insects and ants in the home involves a wide variety of methods that people have developed over time.

There are many popular options for controlling ants that are widely used today:

  1. Oils with a strong scent: The use of aromatic oils such as lavender, cinnamon, mint, clove, due to their strong scent, can act as an ant repellent.
  2. Tobacco and black pepper: Pepper powder, tobacco powder, or even baby powder can be sprinkled along ants' routes to repel them.
  3. Repellent plants: Plants such as chamomile, tansy, wormwood, and lavender located along the perimeter of the room can repel insects.
  4. Ammonia or vinegar: A solution obtained from a mixture of ammonia or vinegar with water can be sprayed indoors or in areas where ants accumulate.
  5. Bait with boric acid: A solution of boric acid, sugar and water applied to baseboards and cracks indoors can produce effective results.

It is important to note that traditional methods can only repel ants, and they are effective if the number of insects in the house is small. If there is a colony of ants, it is recommended to treat the room with cold or hot fog. With a small number of insects, you can choose an affordable method of control, be it a ready-made product from the store or a self-prepared solution.

Which specialists should you call for pest control?

Initially, when faced with a problem of insects or ants in their apartment, many people try to cope with the situation on their own. They purchase common products in stores, experiment with traditional recipes and, ultimately, turn to professionals for help, experiencing loss of time, stress and expense.

We strongly recommend that you entrust the fight against ants to professionals.

If you have any questions and are not sure what specific service you need, our consultants are always ready to help you. They will answer all your questions, clarify any uncertainties, and schedule a date for a specialist visit to your property. We have high review ratings, experienced specialists and affordable prices. We are waiting for you among our clients!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do ants get into our homes?
Ants choose a wide variety of habitats. If there is enough food and warmth in these places, the ants do not think twice and begin their attack. The source of the appearance of ants can be anything, from plants brought from the forest, to pest control of neighbors, unclosed ventilation shafts, or even the accidental appearance of a queen ant through a window during the breeding season.

What products are effective in fighting ants in an apartment?
When insects appear in an apartment, many people attempt to solve the problem on their own. Grandmother's advice, advertised products and recommendations from friends are all the first to come to mind. However, if ants are widespread, for example, a boric acid solution is unlikely to help. To successfully kill ants, you will need to use more powerful drugs. In the case of plots and private houses, getting rid of unwanted guests becomes even more difficult.

Do folk remedies help against ants?
A variety of baits and folk remedies can help repel ants from your apartment, but complete removal of them is only possible with professional treatment. Experts will analyze your home, identify where ants appear and destroy their anthills.

What are the consequences of the presence of ants in the house?
The ant itself does not pose a danger to humans, but it can cause a lot of inconvenience. Ants choose a site for an anthill close to a food source, often ending up near the kitchen. They spoil food, carry garbage and can become carriers of viral diseases. Ants also hide food in walls or floors, which can cause it to decompose and mold, especially if there are a large number of workers.

Who can help get rid of ants in your apartment?
To get rid of ants once and for all, it is recommended to immediately contact professionals. You can try various drugs, folk remedies and treating the premises yourself, but to completely solve the problem, especially if there is a large colony of ants, contacting experts is the best option.

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