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Types of cockroaches at home

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It's hard to imagine, but in the past, the appearance of cockroaches in a house was considered a sign of prosperity for its owners. Today, these insects cause horror and disgust in people, especially those who encounter them against their will.

Cockroaches find their refuge not only in apartments and other residential premises, but also in public places. Their unique life cycle allows them to quickly adapt to different control methods, making them resistant to proven insecticides.

A new “tenant” in the form of a cockroach can become an unwanted neighbor, and with it the risk of contracting dangerous infections increases. Despite this, insects constantly strive to enter our homes, where they find ideal conditions for their existence.

Types of cockroaches in the apartment

Cockroaches belong to the order Coleoptera, and researchers know of at least 7 thousand different species of these insects. There are about 4500 species of cockroaches, and about 3 thousand species of insects similar to them.

Representatives of the cockroach order prefer damp and warm places, and their activity occurs at night. Many species have wings, but not all use them to fly. In some varieties, the wings are poorly developed and provide only a safe landing.

Like many creatures in nature, cockroaches have their own life cycle, which includes the following stages:

  1. Egg: The new generation develops in ootecae, each of which contains approximately 50 eggs. The female carries the nest until the eggs mature, after which it disappears.
  2. Larva: The larvae reach approximately 3 mm in length. In the initial stage they are light, but change color to a darker one during the molting process.
  3. Imago: This is a young individual that develops after the larva.

Cockroaches take no more than 4 months to reach maturity and then typically live for an average of 25 weeks. Despite their low life expectancy, their high reproductive rate compensates for this factor.

What types of cockroaches are found in Russia

All types of cockroaches have high endurance, the ability to survive without food for a month. Even after losing their head, they can continue to exist for 1,5 weeks until their water and nutritional resources run out.

Only three species of harmful cockroaches live in Russia:

  1. Red cockroach.
  2. Black beetle.
  3. American cockroach.

In rare cases, you can meet the Madagascar cockroach, but the likelihood of this is extremely low due to unfavorable climatic conditions. Most often, these individuals somehow escape from the terrariums of exotic animal lovers.

Red cockroach

This species is also popularly known as the Prusak. These pests are deprived of a natural habitat, are synanthropic organisms and can only live near humans.

Red cockroaches originally appeared in South and Central Asia, and only in the XNUMXth century did they become widespread. Before this, other synanthropes existed on other continents - black cockroaches, and since then competition has arisen between them.

The body size of the red cockroach is modest, only 15 mm. Its characteristic feature is its red color. Like other cockroaches, Prussians have wings, but cannot fly, which, however, helps them avoid death when falling from a height.

Despite their endurance and developmental characteristics, red cockroaches are not resistant to cold and die at temperatures below -5°C, which limits their habitat exclusively in homes.

Prussians are not picky about food and feed on various leftover food. In case of hunger, they can even consume paper or soap. However, these insects prefer sweets, meat, fatty foods and flour products.

Black beetle

This type of domestic cockroach is common in Europe, Africa and Asia. However, they cannot coexist with the Prussians, since the latter quickly displace them from their common habitats. This happens because the Prussians not only surpass them in characteristics, but also eat the offspring of black sewer cockroaches.

Black sewer cockroaches have a black body more than 80 mm long, with females usually larger than males. Sometimes their chitinous cover can have gray or brown shades.

This type of cockroach is unpretentious and prefers to live near people. However, due to competition with Prussians, they have to look for other habitats; most often they settle in sewer systems, hence their name.

Due to the lack of developed wings, these cockroaches are not able to fly, but their high speed of movement compensates for this disadvantage. They also have a high life expectancy, reaching three years.

The appearance of cockroaches in the house is always associated with negative consequences, not only in terms of emotional discomfort caused by the presence of insects in the apartment, but also due to the risk of contracting infectious diseases.

Meeting with an American cockroach

The American cockroach looks like a Russian cockroach, but its size is much larger, reaching 5 centimeters. A characteristic feature of its behavior is the ability to fly.

In Russia, the American cockroach is considered rare. These individuals have high endurance, which sometimes allows them to still get into houses throughout the country.

Why do you need to get rid of cockroaches in your apartment quickly?

Cockroaches, whether they be black-necked or black-sewered, are a serious problem. All types of domestic cockroaches carry pathogenic bacteria and parasite larvae, and can also penetrate the human ear or cause damage to areas of the skin.

Getting rid of these pests in a house or apartment is a complex process that requires a consistent approach. After the initial treatment, it is necessary to re-expose approximately 3 weeks later. This is because although the adult insects may die instantly, the female leaves the eggs in a protected ootheca. Soon the larvae hatch from there.

A female German cockroach can lay up to 50 eggs at a time, and other species of domestic cockroaches are also highly reproductive. Despite their small size, they cause significant damage, forming colonies of hundreds of cockroaches.

How to kill insects effectively

Most often, domestic cockroaches choose the kitchen and bathroom to live, where water and food are available to them. However, as the colony develops, they spread throughout the house. Regardless of their variety, special insecticides have been developed to combat these insects, and traditional methods are also used.

To get rid of cockroaches in an apartment yourself, you can use the following methods:

  1. Aerosols: Most often they are presented in the form of a container with a spray bottle. The drug is sprayed in secluded corners of the room where traces of cockroaches are visible. However, these products are toxic, so it is better to use them in empty apartments.
  2. Freezing: Cockroaches most often come from countries with tropical climates and are vulnerable to cold. However, this method is not always effective, since the larvae can replace the adult.
  3. Pitfalls: If the cockroach population has not yet become large, you can place traps throughout the apartment. They are a problem for adult cockroaches.

The choice of method depends on the degree of infection and individual preferences.

Prevention of cockroaches

There are thousands of species of cockroaches, but only a few of them pose a real threat to our daily lives. Simply exterminating insects one day may not be enough. A female (or several females) may leave eggs in nests waiting to be hatched. Therefore, repeated treatment becomes necessary to completely eliminate all individuals in your home.

Naturally, cockroaches can return if you do not maintain cleanliness and do not carry out preventative treatment. You cannot guarantee that new cockroaches will not appear in your home because of your neighbors.

Here are some tips to help avoid problems in the future:

  • Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink.

  • If you have pets, it is important to keep trays and bowls clean.
  • Do not give cockroaches open access to food; It is better to store food in packaging.
  • Don't accumulate trash.

Following these simple rules will help you maintain cleanliness and avoid pest problems.

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What types of cockroaches live in houses?

There are many species of cockroaches, but only a few representatives live in residential areas, including:

  1. Red cockroach or Prusak.
  2. Black sewer cockroach.
  3. American cockroach.
  4. Madagascar cockroach.

The latter, as a rule, is not a typical domestic cockroach and, most likely, got into the house from an exotic animal terrarium. Such cases sometimes occur, and cockroaches can survive in freedom for some time, especially in the warm season.

How to understand that it is a cockroach?

Most often in apartments you can find the Russian cockroach, the red cockroach, which does not tolerate proximity to other pests and gradually displaces them by any available means.

Distinctive features include:

  1. Body size ranges from 10 to 18 mm, with females larger than males.
  2. The color of the shell depends on the age of the cockroach, ranging from dark brown to red. There are also white cockroaches at the molting stage.
  3. Long mustache and the presence of wings that completely cover the back of the cockroach. However, they do not fly, using their wings to successfully land or during mating season (especially for females).

Despite their unique biological characteristics, living with cockroaches can cause significant problems. Early action to combat them is important, and our employees from the Marafet sanitary service are ready to help on the same day of contact.

Where can cockroaches come from in a clean apartment?

Cockroaches, despite their association with dirt, can appear even in a clean apartment, attracted by the smell of food. These insects love sweets, flour and meat, and if necessary, they will not refuse even inedible items.

The appearance of cockroaches in an apartment can be caused by many factors, ranging from accidental entry from a store to movement through ventilation ducts. They often flee from their neighbors in search of new sources of water and food. If parasites manage to lay eggs, it becomes more difficult to get rid of them.

What does a kitchen cockroach look like?

Kitchen cockroaches are nocturnal and are most active when everyone is asleep. They are shy creatures and prefer to run when they feel vibrations from human steps.

The kitchen cockroach measures approximately 14 mm in length. They have wings, but rarely fly. They are extremely mobile and are able to quickly change direction of movement. At birth, their body is dark in color, which becomes more red over time.

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