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Extermination of cockroaches in the entrance

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Cockroaches that appear in the entrance of an apartment building can disturb the peace and quiet in any apartment, “making noise” throughout the entire entrance. This may not seem like a big deal to some neighbors, and the discovery of these insects will not cause them to panic.

However, imagine that today you saw cockroaches in the basement or on the floor of the stairwell, and tomorrow these pests penetrate the premises of your apartment, appearing on the table and bed.

Such pests actively reproduce and quickly increase their population. Therefore, when pests appear in the public areas of an apartment building, they can quickly spread to the apartments of all residents.

The appearance of parasites in the entrance

Bedbugs, rats and cockroaches are pests that cannot exist away from humans. They constantly need food and water, so they strive to settle as close to people as possible, penetrating their houses and apartments.

Apartment buildings provide excellent conditions for increasing the population of these pests, since they have all the necessary conditions for reproduction. Cockroaches feel especially comfortable in dark rooms with a suitable temperature, as well as the presence of food and moisture.

At the entrance of an apartment building, cockroaches can be found in the following places:

  1. The basement is an excellent place for these insects to live. In a dark and damp basement, they successfully reproduce and move from it to apartments on the lower floors in search of food.
  2. The garbage disposal is a real source of food for cockroaches. They are attracted to leftover food, dirt and debris, making this a favorable environment for their development.
  3. Attic – Although cockroaches can take up residence in the attic, they do not feel as comfortable there due to the unfavorable conditions. However, bed bugs can live in the attic and pose a problem in upper floor apartments.
  4. The stairwell is not the most suitable place for cockroaches to live and breed due to the openness and active movement of people. However, this is where pests can be seen, which indicates their proximity to your apartment.

If you notice the appearance of cockroaches in the entrance, it is necessary to urgently take measures to combat these pests.

Penetration of cockroaches into the apartment

In the attic or basement of a residential building, cockroaches can successfully reproduce, avoiding unnecessary glances, sometimes penetrating into apartments on both the lower and upper floors. However, what happens when the population increases significantly and there are not enough resources for everyone?

In search of food and water, cockroaches will head to places where there are large numbers of people, such as apartments. Residents may leave unwashed dishes, contaminate kitchen surfaces, and leave trash and food in plain sight. This will attract cockroaches, and they will head to such premises.

As the insect moves, it leaves a chemical trace that helps its relatives detect it. Following this trail, other insects will also go to a “suitable” apartment. As a result, cockroaches will join the company of their fellows and remain indoors, after which they will begin to spread further.

As soon as cockroaches begin to invade apartments, it is necessary to address the issues of treating both the apartment itself and the common areas. To disinfest an apartment, you can use a variety of traditional methods or purchase commercially available chemicals. However, for large spaces, it is recommended to invite professional pest control experts.

Who is responsible for baiting cockroaches in the entrance?

Disinsection of premises in the house is the responsibility of the management company (MC) servicing your house. If you find cockroaches in a common area, it is important to immediately report it to the management company.

According to the concluded agreement on treatment and disinsection with the sanitary and epidemiological service, the premises must be treated as soon as possible after submitting the application. If treatment is ineffective, additional intervention may be required. In case of inaction of the Criminal Code or SES, collecting signatures from neighbors and filing a complaint with Rospotrebnadzor are possible steps.

Moreover, regular disinfestation in the house should be carried out constantly, at least once a month. If the management company does not fulfill this obligation, gathering neighbors and solving the problem even through the courts may be necessary.

Exterminating cockroaches in a home is a complex procedure, as it requires treatment of many rooms and shelters where cockroaches can hide, leaving behind their larvae and eggs.

It is not recommended to independently engage in the destruction of synanthropic insects in non-residential premises. This requires special chemical equipment and products that are available to professionals in the sanitary and epidemiological service.

If you or your neighbors have discovered various insects and pests, such as bedbugs, rats and cockroaches, it is recommended to contact experienced professionals. They will treat the basement, attic, and other common areas of the entryway to prevent cockroaches from moving into your apartment.

How to avoid cockroaches from entering the apartment during treatment

If the entire entrance is already being destroyed by cockroaches, and the management company (MC) is taking the necessary measures, it is important to take steps to protect your apartment from possible penetration of insects from the basement or attic. This will help prevent them from being found on the floor or ceiling of your home in the future.

Here are a few ways to ensure the safety of your premises while fighting cockroaches in your basement or entryway:

  1. Before carrying out pest control, keep your apartment clean and tidy so that escaped insects do not find food or garbage in your home.
  2. To prevent cockroaches from entering your apartment during disinfestation in the basement, cover all ventilation and sewer systems with special grilles.
  3. Treat possible insect movement areas with special gels and sealants to prevent their penetration.
  4. Avoid leaving garbage bags near the front door to avoid attracting rats, bedbugs and cockroaches to your apartment.

To prevent the appearance of bedbugs and cockroaches on the territory of a residential building, it is important to carefully monitor the sanitary condition of the common premises and ensure the proper performance of the duties of the management company.

How to treat cockroaches

Treating premises against bedbugs, rats and cockroaches on your own does not always bring the desired result. Using commercially available household products may help temporarily, but often does not completely eliminate the pests on the first try.

Professional pest control is carried out using modern methods such as cold or hot fog. During this procedure, the smallest particles of the product remain in the air, penetrating into the most inaccessible and inconspicuous places where cockroaches can live.

Small pests have an outstanding ability to quickly adapt to chemicals, so the use of cheap drugs may not be effective against them.

What do professional exterminators use to kill roaches?

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to treat cockroaches in the entrance?

Yes, treating cockroaches at the entrance is an important preventive measure. It is especially important to carry out the treatment in the basement. If insects are detected, you should contact the management company (MC) for timely treatment and prevent the spread of cockroaches into apartments.

How to deal with cockroaches in the entrance?

To combat cockroaches in the entrance, it is not recommended to use household products available in stores. Residents should contact the management company for professional disinfestation using modern equipment and tools.

How to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment building?

If cockroaches are found in the basement or entrance, you must inform the management company about this and carry out disinfestation in the apartments yourself or with the help of specialists from the sanitary and epidemiological service. This way you can quickly get rid of pests, preventing them from returning.

How many times a month should the management company carry out processing?

The management company is obliged to regularly disinfest the entrance and basement from all types of pests. Treatments should be carried out monthly using professional products and techniques to effectively control parasites and prevent their spread.

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