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Temperature of death of cockroaches

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Changing temperature conditions is an important aspect for the development and reproduction of many creatures, including humans. Cockroaches, like other insects, avoid setting up their homes and laying eggs in areas with extreme temperatures. When conditions change, the Prussians instantly leave the inappropriate place and begin searching for a more comfortable shelter.

Cockroaches prefer to live in houses where the room temperature is maintained between 20 and 29 degrees Celsius. An important condition is also access to food and a sufficient supply of water. Under these conditions, cockroaches actively reproduce, increasing their population.

Folk remedies, such as boric acid, are often used to combat cockroaches. However, such methods are not always effective, and insects may survive and continue to reproduce. Experts from the SES argue that the most effective method of combating cockroaches is to change their breeding conditions by adjusting the air temperature, which increases the likelihood of their destruction.

Let's look at what temperatures cockroaches die at, and how you can independently use temperature changes to kill them.

Will a cockroach die at low temperatures?

One of the methods of getting rid of annoying cockroaches is to create a low temperature in the room. In fact, cockroaches are cold-blooded creatures, and their bodies are not able to withstand unfavorable temperature conditions for long.

Long-term exposure to a cold environment has a strong impact on adult cockroaches, leading to their death. This effect also affects cockroach larvae and eggs. At low temperatures they are not able to adapt and begin to die.

In this context, we will consider what room temperature can help in the fight against cockroaches at different stages of their life cycle. We will also discuss the possibility of getting rid of insects on your own without the use of aggressive household chemicals.

What temperature kills cockroaches

The main goal when using temperature to kill insects is to create a maximum deviation from the normal temperature regime in order to slow down and stop all the vital processes of the parasites. The greater this deviation, the faster the death of cockroaches occurs.

Let's consider different scenarios at what temperature cockroaches die in different rooms:

  1. Temperature from 0 to 15 degrees. In such conditions, cockroaches do not die. Their life processes slow down and they go into hibernation, waiting for conditions to improve. The body of cockroaches retains its protective functions, preparing to return to normal conditions, after which they resume active reproduction.
  2. Temperature from -1 to -5 degrees. A drop in temperature below zero poses a danger to the life of cockroach larvae, leading to their death. Larvae that do not have a protective shell do not cope well with the cold, which can lead to their death. Adult cockroaches can also die, although it is less likely.
  3. Frost below -5 degrees. Extremely low temperatures can kill both larval and adult cockroaches. The timing of exposure is key, and the longer the insects are exposed to the cold, the greater the chance of complete destruction.

Thus, we have established at what temperature cockroaches die. It is important to remember that short-term exposure to even very low temperatures does not guarantee complete elimination of cockroaches. To effectively kill parasites using temperature, prolonged exposure is required.

What temperature to use to kill cockroach eggs

If you have successfully gotten rid of adult cockroaches and larvae using low temperatures and the insects are no longer a problem, another question arises: how to deal with eggs that may have been laid by cockroaches?

If the process of freezing the room was not long enough or the temperatures did not reach the desired level, then the cockroach eggs could remain intact due to their protective shell. In this case, even a small number of surviving eggs can lead to a restoration of the population, and cockroaches can repopulate the entire house.

Often cockroaches choose places to lay eggs that are difficult to detect and inspect. If at least one clutch remains unnoticed, for example, in a crack in the baseboard, between the wall and wallpaper, or on the wall of a closet, and if the use of cold does not allow getting rid of it, then new cockroaches will soon hatch.

To completely destroy the entire population at all stages of development, it is necessary to fight at temperatures below 10 degrees. Under such conditions, cockroaches will have no chance to survive, especially if they are exposed to such frost for a long time.

Temperatures that cockroaches can withstand

Cockroaches easily tolerate various temperature changes. At an optimal temperature of 20 to 29 degrees, they can live and reproduce freely. The insect body is able to withstand changes up to 50 degrees above zero.

Why is the cold air killing method rarely used? The main reason is the difficulty of maintaining a constant room temperature below -10 degrees. This method is sometimes used for individual pieces of furniture, for example, when upholstered furniture is taken out into the cold to control cockroaches.

Temperatures below zero can not only have a negative impact on insects, but also damage heating systems, furniture, water supply and sewage systems, which creates additional difficulties. Therefore, temperature effects are usually limited to application on individual surfaces.

Understanding the temperature at which cockroaches die can help when choosing indoor treatment methods. Insect control must be systematic and well thought out to give them the least chance of returning.

Using high temperature to control cockroaches

Cockroaches can be harmed by using not only low temperatures, but also, conversely, high ones. Pest control professionals often use the hot fog method.

This method involves the use of a special preparation heated above 55 degrees. By selecting a high temperature, you can harm the cockroaches and increase the likelihood of successfully killing the insects.

The reverse method, cold fog, can also be used. Its impact can also cause harm to insects and save a person from unacceptable pest attacks. Cockroaches that survive this will leave the house, carrying the urgent eggs with them.

Does heat kill roaches?

Frequently Asked Questions

What temperatures can kill cockroaches?

Aracans are highly resistant to various temperature conditions. Successfully getting rid of these insects requires prolonged exposure to critically low or high temperatures, which in turn can have a negative impact on various systems in the home. Therefore, it is recommended to contact professionals who use modern processing methods.

Is it possible to eliminate cockroaches using cold?

Yes, applying cold can help control insects at different stages of their lives. However, for successful results it is necessary to maintain low temperatures for a long time. During short-term freezing, for example, when ventilating a room in winter, cockroaches may not die completely, and the destruction procedure may need to be repeated.

Why is it not recommended to crush cockroaches?

Using fly swatters and slippers to kill cockroaches is not the best option. With such methods, a defense mechanism in the insect’s body can be activated, leading to the release of toxic substances and the attraction of other insects.

Is it possible to drown a cockroach?

Yes, cockroaches can be drowned as they do not have the ability to swim. However, it should be remembered that this is an ineffective method and does not ensure complete destruction of the entire population. It is recommended to use modern processing methods and seek help from professionals.

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