Cockroach Control Strategies

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For most people, cockroaches evoke a feeling of disgust. Their scariness stems not only from their appearance, but also from the potential risks associated with their presence. Cockroaches appear suddenly and quickly adapt to their new environment. If you fail to take control of them in a timely manner, you may face unpleasant consequences.

The most common cockroaches are of the genus Blattella germanica, also known as cockroaches. These red cockroaches often live in apartments, where they are incompatible with other insects and successfully fight for territory. Determining them is quite simple: they are small (up to 17 mm) and have a chitinous cover of reddish or brown color.

Where do cockroaches come from

Not only people value comfort, but also synanthropes, such as domestic cockroaches. Our destinies are closely intertwined, since these insects simply cannot survive in their natural environment. They find their refuge in our apartments, where they spoil food and, in the absence of food, do not even refuse various materials, glue and soap.

The reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in the house are numerous:

  • Insects are forced to migrate from neighboring places if the population density there becomes too high, and some individuals are left without food. The second option is for neighbors to carry out pest control, as a result of which the cockroaches need to look for a new shelter.
  • Cockroaches can enter you from dirty and dark places, such as basements or sewers, using different routes: through open windows, sinks or ventilation systems.
  • You can bring an uninvited guest home yourself, for example, with purchases from a store.

  • After purchasing used household appliances and other goods, cockroaches can settle, for example, in refrigerators.
  • Cockroaches regularly explore new territories, trying to find new sources of food, and our apartments provide an ideal habitat for them.

What factors could influence the appearance of cockroaches

Violations of hygiene rules, such as leaving dirty dishes in the sink, crumbs on the table, excessive accumulation of dust and debris, only aggravate the situation and increase the risk of unwanted “neighbors”. Regularly cleaning your pet's bowls and avoiding leaving bowls with water or leftover food out overnight are also important measures.

Excess moisture can also be a factor that attracts cockroaches, as water is a vital resource for them. Finding insects in the bathroom or kitchen may be related to this.

Temperature conditions also play a role in attracting cockroaches because, like humans, they have certain preferences regarding indoor temperature. Maintaining cleanliness and creating an environment unsuitable for insects in the apartment is important to prevent their appearance.

To effectively eliminate cockroaches, it is recommended to use an integrated approach. If your neighbors have cockroaches, take steps to protect your apartment by sealing cracks and other potential points of intrusion.

Why is it important to take action on time?

Cockroaches on their legs and chitinous cover can carry up to 40 types of bacteria, some of which pose a serious and even fatal threat to humans. The earlier the fight against these pests begins, the greater the chances of overcoming the problem on your own. However, if the population reaches a critical level, a specialist must be called.

Cockroaches can carry bacteria that can cause:

  • Intestinal infections.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Salmonellosis.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Asthma and other diseases.

In addition, there may be helminth eggs and powerful allergens on the legs of cockroaches. Some people have allergic reactions to the chitinous coating of insects. It is important to take measures to control cockroaches as soon as you notice their presence.

Preparing for disinfestation

There are several strategies for getting rid of cockroaches in an apartment. The first involves independent steps, while the second involves calling disinfectants to your home. Regardless of the path chosen, the key step is to prepare the premises for the disinfestation process.

In winter, disinfestation is easier, since it is possible to use freezing methods both for the entire apartment and for individual items. Cockroaches die at temperatures of -20°C in just a few hours. To effectively get rid of cockroaches, it is also important to solve the problem of water and excess humidity in the room, monitoring the condition of the pipes and preventing possible leaks.

Before starting processing it is important:

  • Prevent cockroaches from accessing water and food.
  • Shut off the water supply.
  • Protect products from toxic substances.

  • Clean appliances and check for roach hiding places.
  • Carry out general cleaning.

Leave the premises after treatment, ensuring the safety of your household and pets. Explore the options of making cockroach traps or purchasing them from an online store. During the pest control process, you may be surprised to find more cockroaches than you expected.

Getting rid of cockroaches yourself

There is extensive information on how to get rid of cockroaches using "grandmother's" methods, which is published publicly on forums and social networks in the form of discussions or articles. It's important to note that the results may not always be as expected, but these methods are worth trying.

Here are some available and widely known methods:

  1. Boric acid: Evenly distribute the powder on the surface where cockroaches were noticed. The active substances of boric acid affect the digestive system of insects, causing their death. This product is available in pharmacies and can be baited with an edible product to increase effectiveness.
  2. Essential oils: The strategy is based on using scents to repel insects. Cedarwood, tea tree, or citrus essential oils can be used to achieve this goal.
  3. Vinegar with water: This is another effective means of pest control.
  4. Pitfalls: You can create traps yourself using double-sided tape and bait, or purchase ready-made ones in the store.


There is a wide range of professional products designed to combat cockroaches. Modern drugs are highly effective because they contain toxic substances that affect the nervous system of insects.

The types of these drugs are varied:

  • Aerosols: Sprays provide a convenient way to treat various surfaces.

  • Gels: This version of the drug is odorless and can be used in the presence of household members. It provides a long-lasting effect and you do not have to leave the room temporarily.
  • Powders: Effective when distributed in places where insects accumulate.

When processing the kitchen, special attention should be paid to hard-to-reach places, since this is where cockroaches hide and form nests. After completing the disinfestation process, it is recommended to install traps for preventive purposes.

Tips and Tricks

Even in a clean apartment, pests can take up residence. As a rule, they begin their attack in the kitchen, where crumbs and water are easy to find. At night, they come out of their hiding places, trying to find food, moving along the floor, walls and even dishes. Insects do not have strict food preferences: even if there is no food, they will not pass by even inedible materials.

Preventative measures play an important role, so it is important:

  • Close cracks and eliminate narrow openings in the apartment.
  • Wash dishes and bowls for pets regularly.

  • Constantly maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and keep order in other rooms; Wash floors thoroughly, avoiding leaving crumbs.
  • Set up traps so that insects that get into the kitchen cannot get out again. It is recommended to change traps periodically.

There are many other useful tips on social media on how to get rid of cockroaches quickly.

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How to effectively get rid of cockroaches?

There are many myths and legends about the resilience of cockroaches, but it is absolutely possible to deal with them. The most effective method is to turn to professionals. Remedies available without the mediation of specialists do not always provide a guaranteed result, especially when it comes to boric acid, which can be purchased at a pharmacy.

How to deal with a large number of cockroaches?

Even a single appearance of a cockroach should be considered an alarming signal. If there is a massive appearance of insects, traps and bait may be powerless. The only solution is to turn to professional disinfection services. It is also wise to invite neighbors to jointly sanitize so that cockroaches leave your home once and for all.

What scares cockroaches the most?

Cockroaches are extremely sensitive to strong odors. You can use ammonia, boric acid or essential oils. For example, the scent of citrus, tea tree or geranium can repel cockroaches. Wipe door frames and other potential pest habitats with a cotton swab soaked in essential oil. It is also useful to set baited traps.

What cleaning liquid should I use to avoid attracting cockroaches?

It is recommended to use ammonia diluted with water (1 teaspoon per liter of water). Wipe the floors in all rooms and leave the room for several hours, as this is significant for humans. You can also use table vinegar instead of alcohol. After cleaning, it is wise to place a trap with bait.

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