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Alcohol solution of boric acid against cockroaches

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Boric acid is often suggested as an effective treatment for cockroaches. In the online space you can find many recipes for baits that include boric acid and a variety of food products. But how effective is this remedy? Is it capable of completely getting rid of cockroaches, or does it only temporarily repel insects?

Cockroaches are famous for their ability to adapt to various chemicals that are used to kill them. However, there are drugs to which cockroaches do not develop resistance, and boric acid is one of these drugs.

Why are cockroaches afraid of boric acid?

Boric acid is a powerful antiseptic, widely known for its healing properties in the treatment of scratches, otitis externa and other inflammatory processes. However, internal consumption of boric acid can lead to poisoning, as is the case in humans. This circumstance explains its use in solutions and powders in gardening, where it exhibits its destructive activity against insects.

Also in agriculture, boric acid is used as a fertilizer for plants suffering from a lack of boron in the soil, especially when it is waterlogged or overly acidic. It should be noted that excess boron can also cause problems such as yellowing and drying out of plants.

Baits with boric acid have an extremely effective and destructive effect on cockroaches and other insects. Its toxicity makes this substance an effective means of combating these pests, providing comprehensive destruction of cockroaches in the home.

How does boric acid help against cockroaches?

Boric acid is a toxic substance in powder form. Its effect on the body of cockroaches is multicomponent: it suppresses the nervous system, deprives insects of mobility and affects the reproductive organs. After a cockroach enters the body, death does not occur instantly, but after one or two days.

Using boric acid in its pure form, its particles, carried by cockroaches on their legs, contribute to the poisoning of other pests. This process occurs even if the cockroaches remain in their hiding places, making pest control more effective.

How to use boric acid against cockroaches?

There are various methods of using boric acid to control cockroaches. The powder can be scattered around the room in its pure form, used to create bait, or added to water to create a liquid product. The principle of operation of the bait is simple: the cockroach consumes or drinks boric acid, and particles of the substance also stick to its paws, getting into hard-to-reach places.

The most effective method of pest control is to sprinkle the powder indoors near baseboards, garbage cans and around plumbing fixtures - places where cockroaches come for water and food or on their routes from hiding. The powder easily clings to the legs of cockroaches, providing an effective effect.

An alcohol solution of boric acid, known as boric alcohol, appears to be less effective against pests. Its pungent odor repels insects, but cockroaches rarely come into direct contact with the acid, which is necessary to kill them. To repel insects, an alcohol solution of acid can be added to water for washing the floor and wiped with this mixture all accessible surfaces in the apartment.

Liquid boric acid (powder diluted with water) is more effective. To give the mixture a pleasant smell, it can be added to honey or jam. This mixture is attractive to cockroaches and provides a more effective effect.

Boric acid in baits is also effective. It makes edible foods poisonous to cockroaches. Adding sweet ingredients with insect-attractive odors to the mixture makes it more attractive to cockroaches.

Recipes for cockroach baits with boric acid

In each case, you can use different recipes for cockroach baits with boric acid powder. The basic methods for preparing baits are the same: a combination of a sweet or starchy product, boric acid powder and an aromatic element to attract cockroaches. Recipes can be chosen depending on what ingredients you have on hand.

Here are some bait options:

  1. Boric acid with egg: Remove the yolk from the egg, mix it with boric acid powder (20 grams) and add a little vanillin. Form balls and distribute them in places where cockroaches often appear.
  2. Boric acid, boiled potatoes and raw eggs: Stir the potatoes, mix them with a raw egg, add boric acid (50 grams) and vanillin. Form into balls.
  3. Flour, boric acid (30 grams), vanillin, powdered sugar: Mix all ingredients, add a little water or egg if necessary to form balls.
  4. Starch, boric acid, vanillin, egg: Combine all the ingredients, form small balls and place them in strategic places.
  5. Bread ball with boric acid: A simple bait option is a ball of bread with the addition of acid.
  6. Liquid bait option: Mix boric acid (50 grams of powder) with 100 milliliters of warm water, vanillin, sugar or honey. Pour the bait into saucers and place them in places where cockroaches usually look for water.

The advantage of using such drugs against cockroaches is that they are safe for people and pets. After using a solution of boric acid or bait with powder, there is no need to ventilate the room, and it can be used without leaving the house. However, you should be careful when working with chemicals: use gloves and a respirator, and wash your hands thoroughly after preparing the bait. It is also important to ensure that children and pets do not touch or ingest prepared medications.

How To Kill Cockroaches With Boric Acid and Sugar

Frequently Asked Questions

Can liquid boric acid be used to control cockroaches?

Liquid boric acid is often used as a remedy against cockroaches. To prepare such a solution you will need boric acid powder and water in certain proportions. Having dissolved the powder in water, you can pour it, for example, into saucers, and place it around the room, providing cockroaches with access to this solution.

How to prepare a solution of boric acid to fight cockroaches?

A solution of boric acid for cockroaches is prepared from boric acid powder and water. It is advisable to use hot or warm water to quickly dissolve the powder. About 2 tablespoons of boric acid powder per glass of water will be sufficient. To attract cockroaches, you can add sugar, jam or honey to the solution.

Is it possible to simply sprinkle boric acid to get rid of cockroaches?

Yes, this is one of the methods of using boric acid that effectively fights insects. Sprinkle boric acid powder wherever you notice cockroaches: along baseboards, around trash cans, in the bathroom around the sink, and so on. Cockroaches carry particles of the substance on their paws, which becomes destructive for all inhabitants of the nest.

What is boric acid solution used for?

The boric acid solution can be aqueous or alcoholic (with an alcohol content of 0,5% to 3%). Boric acid is used to drive cockroaches out of the room. It is toxic to insects and quite effective. The boric acid solution is poured into saucers or other containers and placed throughout the apartment. Cockroaches must enter the digestive system for poisoning to occur. To achieve this effect, make sure the water is removed and the bathtub and sink are dry so that cockroaches will discover the acidic water solution in their search for moisture. The alcohol solution repels cockroaches due to the smell of alcohol.

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