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Soda for cockroaches and a few more ways to get rid of cockroaches

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Cockroaches are incredibly resilient insects that can adapt to almost any environment. That is why their destruction is an extremely difficult task. However, not a single person enjoys the proximity of these insects.

The presence of cockroaches in the house causes a feeling of disgust, but the problem is not limited to this. These parasites contaminate food and things, and can also be carriers of various infections.

There are many ways to get rid of cockroaches: folk, household and professional. If there are not too many parasites in the house, you can try to deal with them yourself.

Why cockroaches may appear in an apartment

The appearance of cockroaches in an apartment is often associated with the presence of these pests among neighbors in the house. If at least one apartment in the entrance is infested, cockroaches will sooner or later spread to other rooms.

Why is this happening:

  1. When a colony of cockroaches gets too large, they run out of space. They begin to look for new territories.
  2. If the apartment is clean and there is no food, cockroaches go in search of new food sources.
  3. If neighbors carry out pest control, cockroaches look for safe places.

Knowing about these features, remember the importance of carrying out pest control together with your neighbors. In this way, migration of pests can be avoided.

However, not only neighbors can be a source of infection. Cockroaches can get into your home with packages or new purchases. Also, unpleasant surprises may be hidden in furniture purchased second-hand.

It is important to note that cockroaches will not stay in apartments where unsanitary conditions are maintained. If pipes are leaking in the apartment, food is left on the table, garbage is not taken out, and dishes are left in the sink after dinner, this is where cockroaches will find the maximum number of food sources and will be attracted.

Cockroach habitats

As soon as cockroaches get into the house, they try to hide in secluded corners as quickly as possible. They are active mainly at night, when it is difficult to notice their presence.

Places where cockroaches can hide in the house:

  1. Under the wallpaper.
  2. Under the baseboards.
  3. In the cracks of walls and floors.
  4. In the ventilation holes.
  5. On the back walls of furniture, especially if it is old.
  6. Next to the trash can.

When carrying out treatment, it is important to find all the places where these pests can live. To completely get rid of insects, treatment should be carried out wherever there is a possibility of parasites hiding.

Cockroaches and their danger to humans

As mentioned, cockroaches are attracted to unsanitary conditions. When these parasites crawl through dirt, garbage containers and sewers, they leave behind disease-causing bacteria on their paws.

Prussians can pose a danger to humans in the following ways:

  1. Spread of infections: Cockroaches can carry dangerous infections such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, salmonellosis, typhoid fever and others. These small insects can cause an entire epidemic.
  2. Allergic reactions: Both the cockroaches themselves and their waste products can cause severe allergic reactions in humans.
  3. Damage to household appliances: By getting inside household appliances, cockroaches can clog drains, damage hoses, filters, and even damage electronic modules, rendering the appliance inoperable.

Thus, proximity to cockroaches not only causes disgust, but can also lead to serious problems for health and domestic comfort. It is best to prevent their appearance in the apartment, and if an infection does occur, immediately begin to get rid of uninvited guests.

Methods for exterminating cockroaches

Getting rid of cockroaches requires a comprehensive approach, given their ability to quickly adapt to various conditions, including chemicals. Here are the main methods of controlling cockroaches:

  1. Physical method: This method is one of the least effective. Collecting and destroying all adults, eggs and larvae by hand requires a lot of time and effort, and does not always achieve the desired result.
  2. Chemical method: This is an effective way to get rid of cockroaches, but is not suitable for everyone. The use of insecticides can be dangerous for allergy sufferers and requires caution.
  3. Temperature effect: This method is suitable for country houses, but not for city apartments. The room must be exposed to open windows in the cold for a long time to kill cockroaches.
  4. Pitfalls: Ready-made or homemade traps should be placed in areas where cockroaches are common. This method is effective against adults, but is not as effective against eggs and larvae.
  5. Folk remedies: These methods usually do not kill cockroaches, but rather repel them. Folk remedies can be useful as a preventive measure.

To increase efficiency, it is recommended to use several methods simultaneously. However, it is worth remembering that independent control measures can only be effective if there is a small population of cockroaches in the apartment.

Effective chemical repellents for cockroaches

To combat cockroaches, you can use various household insecticides, which are easily purchased in stores. They are highly effective and generally safe for apartment residents. However, caution must be exercised, especially if you have allergies. It is important to temporarily remove children and pets from the premises during treatment.

Let's look at some types of household medications:

  • Aerosols: These ready-made cockroach repellents work almost instantly. However, some of them can leave a strong odor, so it is recommended to leave the room while processing.

  • Gels: These are safe and effective products that are easy to use. Gel residues are easily removed from surfaces. However, the gels do not affect cockroach eggs.
  • Crayons and pencils: These products are easy to use and suitable for treating hard-to-reach areas. However, they have a limited application area and may leave marks on surfaces.
  • Powders and tablets: They act similarly to crayons; they do not need to be diluted with water. They are safe, but require regular replacement.
  • Boric acid: This is a common pharmaceutical product that can be used as bait for cockroaches. Boric acid is harmless to humans, but poisonous to cockroaches, corroding the walls of their digestive tract and paralyzing the nervous system.

All of these remedies can be effective, especially if the population of cockroaches in the house is still small.

Traps with poison against insects and other devices

You can use various poisonous devices to control cockroaches. Sticky traps can be effective and are easy to make at home. Here are some simple trap options:

  1. Sticky tape with honey: Cut the double-sided tape into strips approximately 20 cm long. Place the adhesive side on baseboards, floors, kitchen cabinet doors, and other surfaces where cockroaches can move. Drizzle a little honey, syrup or jam on top to attract insects. Leave the adhesive tape on overnight and check the results in the morning. Dispose of the tape containing the caught cockroaches and install new tape in the evening.
  2. Cardboard with viscous glue: Use cardboard coated with glue instead of tape. You can create a small cardboard house and put a special bait inside, for example, a tablet. Place cardboard around the stove, under the kitchen counter and next to the trash can.
  3. Jar with bait: Take a glass jar or cut a plastic bottle. Wrap the container in paper and put bait inside, such as onions or sugar. Check the trap from time to time and if there are caught cockroaches inside, pour boiling water over them.
  4. Poison traps: Place the poison in a small plastic container. The container should have holes through which cockroaches can get inside. Some models have Velcro on the bottom, allowing you to fix the device in a vertical position. The poison, once in the body of a cockroach, instantly poisons it.

These methods are safe for children and pets. However, it should be noted that killing cockroaches using these methods can take quite a long time.

Ultrasonic repellers

This device does not destroy parasites, but only repels them using ultrasonic waves of a certain range. Such ultrasonic protection can be useful in preventing various insects and rodents from invading your home. However, it should be remembered that ultrasonic repellers are more effective as a preventive measure, especially if you know that your neighbors have parasites.

Several effective home remedies

There are many traditional methods that offer ways to get rid of cockroaches. Some of them are highly effective. Let's consider below the most popular folk methods of fighting cockroaches.

Gypsum and alabaster are a reliable remedy for parasites

Mix sugar, bread crumbs, flour with plaster or alabaster and distribute this mixture in places where cockroaches live. When minerals enter the cockroach's body, they harden, resulting in the death of the parasite. This method is low cost, highly effective and easy to use.

Baking soda against cockroaches

Mix equal parts of soda and sugar, then add water. The resulting mixture is distributed in cabinets, on the floor, as well as near sewer pipes and cracks. When a parasite ingests this simple homemade recipe, it forms bubbles inside itself, which often leads to its death.

Kerosene, vinegar and ammonia

Kerosene, vinegar and ammonia are quite effective means in the fight against these parasites. However, when processing, it should be remembered that kerosene and turpentine are toxic substances. When working with them, you must follow safety rules and use a small amount of kerosene or turpentine, pouring them under the sink.

You can use vinegar to wash baseboards, corners and ventilation grilles. Insects cannot stand the smell of vinegar, but this substance does not kill them.

Ammonia also has an aromatic repellent effect. A few drops of ammonia can be added to the water when cleaning to enhance the repellent effect.

Pyrethrum powder

This powder is made from wild chamomile flowers and is a completely natural remedy. The dry powder should be sprinkled on surfaces that cockroaches frequent. You can also dissolve it in water and spray the room with the resulting solution.

Due to its natural origin, pyrethrum is absolutely safe for humans, but at the same time effective against parasites. Insects do not develop an addiction to this substance.

Control cockroaches with herbs

Strong odors are effective against cockroaches, so using certain herbs can repel them. Chamomile, wormwood, wild rosemary and bay leaf are especially effective. They can be placed around the apartment in the form of fresh bouquets or dried herbs can be used.

Since herbs do not have a destructive effect on parasites, this method is best used for preventive purposes.

Bay leaf and mint from the Prussians

In addition to herbs, you can use strong-smelling foods such as lemon and cucumber, as well as mint, pine cones and essential oils. Peppermint and tea tree oils are especially effective.

Essential oils can be added to the water when cleaning after the complete disappearance of cockroaches in an apartment or private house. This will help protect against re-infection.

Preventing the appearance of cockroaches in the apartment

Once the cockroaches have left the apartment, it is important to take measures to prevent their reappearance. After all, it is always easier to prevent infection than to deal with its consequences.

Simple prevention methods that will help prevent cockroaches from invading your home:

  1. Regular cleaning of the apartment: take out the trash, wipe the dust, wash the floors every day. To wash floors, you can use water with a disinfectant or add a few drops of ammonia or vinegar.
  2. Seal gaps, cracks and joints through which cockroaches can enter the room.
  3. Cover the ventilation shaft openings with fine mesh.
  4. It is better to eat food only in the kitchen or dining room; avoid carrying plates of food throughout the house. Do not leave food, crumbs or dirty dishes on the table. It is recommended to wash dishes immediately after eating.
  5. Maintain plumbing systems, regularly check radiators for leaks and correct any problems immediately.
  6. Handle pet food carefully, throw away uneaten food, and carefully close dry food bags.
  7. Place aromatic sachets with dried aromatic herbs in your apartment and use aroma lamps with essential oils from time to time.
  8. Water indoor plants in the morning so that the soil has time to dry out in the evening and cockroaches do not have access to water.
  9. Keep your cabinets clean and regularly check the condition of the refrigerator door seals.

By following these simple tips, you can prevent cockroaches from reappearing in your home. Remember that cleanliness is the key to your health! Cleaning and order will prevent parasites from spreading throughout your home.

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How to get rid of cockroaches using soda?

Soda is one of the simplest and most effective remedies for cockroaches, which is an alternative to chemicals. The effect of soda is that upon contact with the body of a cockroach, it releases carbon dioxide, which kills the insect. To use soda in the fight against cockroaches, it is mixed with sugar in equal proportions and placed in places where cockroaches may be hiding. Sugar attracts insects, which eat the mixture and die.

What smells and sounds repel cockroaches?

Cockroaches are afraid of strong aromas and ultrasonic waves. As sources of aroma, you can use aromatic herbs (for example, mint or lemon balm), plants (geranium can be grown in an apartment), as well as essential oils. However, it should be remembered that these products only repel cockroaches and do not destroy them. If you are looking for truly reliable ways to get rid of insects, it is recommended to purchase special household insecticides or order sanitary treatment of the premises from professionals.

What products should I use when cleaning floors to prevent cockroaches from appearing? Since cockroaches cannot tolerate strong odors, you can prepare a solution for cleaning floors by adding a few drops of essential oils or ammonia to water. You can also wipe the surfaces with a water-vinegar solution.

How to prevent cockroaches from appearing in the house?

First of all, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness and order in the house: regularly clean, take out the trash, treat surfaces and floors with disinfectants or solutions of ammonia or vinegar. It is important not to provide cockroaches with sources of food and water, so you should put food in the refrigerator, wash dishes immediately and fix leaks. In a clean room, cockroaches will not find shelter.

Can professionals completely get rid of cockroaches?

Professionals use more effective drugs, modern equipment and advanced methods. Their experience allows you to quickly identify all the hiding places of cockroaches, as well as their eggs and larvae. This means that professionals can carry out truly effective treatment and completely rid you of insects.

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