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Why can cockroaches crawl on the ceiling?

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The appearance of cockroaches in the house causes indignation and concern. However, their harm is not limited to unpleasant emotions. Cockroaches can actively settle not only in residential premises, but also in public institutions, such as canteens, cafes, schools, kindergartens, supermarkets, warehouses, etc. These insects spoil food, pollute the environment and serve as carriers of infectious diseases. Getting rid of cockroaches is a challenge because they multiply quickly and trying to kill them on your own may not be effective.

To eliminate cockroaches, you can use various insecticides, such as gels, powders, special traps, crayons and other products available in stores. However, after such treatment there is a risk of cockroaches returning. To avoid wasting time and avoiding costs for ineffective means, it is recommended to contact the Marafet company. We offer professional treatment for cockroaches, bedbugs, ants, rodents and other pests.

For what reason do cockroaches enter an apartment or house?

When faced with the appearance of cockroaches in the house, many people wonder about the reasons for their appearance. It is a common belief that cockroaches are attracted by the smells of food and appear in an apartment where there is food. I want to clarify this myth. Indeed, the presence of food can cause the appearance of parasites, but not fresh, but mostly spoiled. There are other factors that help attract cockroaches indoors.

Cockroaches can enter a residential building for the following reasons:

  1. High humidity. A leaking faucet or damp batteries create favorable conditions for the existence of cockroaches, which cannot survive without moisture for long.
  2. Warm. Cockroaches cannot tolerate cold, so they prefer to live in warm apartments.
  3. The presence of cracks in the ventilation system, floors and other places through which cockroaches can enter in search of food.

Parasites can also enter the house from neighboring apartments, the basement or sewer system. They can be found in grocery bags due to non-compliance with sanitary standards in stores. Cockroaches often live in bathrooms or kitchens.

As you can see, there are many ways cockroaches can get into your home. Management companies or sanitation services are usually responsible for their destruction.

What time of day do cockroaches appear in the room?

Cockroaches are one of the most annoying insects that can take up residence in your home. They prefer to find shelter in hard-to-reach places that are inaccessible to humans. Some types of cockroaches can fly, but most walk on their legs. Cockroaches are active both during the day and at night, but during the day they prefer safe places to avoid the danger of being noticed and killed by people.

You can detect cockroaches in an apartment during the day by the following signs:

  1. When they lack food and water, they are forced to leave their shelters.
  2. If their number has become so large that the shelters become cramped.
  3. If you used poison and its effect was not completely effective, cockroaches may move aimlessly throughout the apartment.

To prevent the formation of large clusters of cockroaches, it is important to carry out timely treatment of the infested premises. You can carry out the processing yourself or seek help from professionals.

Do cockroaches really need water?

Cockroaches can appear in the home due to favorable conditions for them, especially in rooms with high humidity, where they can spread.

Water plays a key role in the life of cockroaches, serving as a source of quenching thirst and a means of restoring their body. If you use less aggressive cockroach control products, they can flush out their system and survive, which can ultimately make them resistant to the drugs used.

Without access to water, cockroaches are doomed to die within a few days, while they can live a little over a month without food.

Is it possible to find a cockroach in your bed?

As mentioned earlier, cockroaches prefer warm environments, but in most cases they try to avoid direct contact with people. However, some individuals may exhibit strange behavior, including entering a person's bed while they are sleeping.

This may happen in the following situations:

  1. There is no heating in the room, and it is cold outside. A person uses a heater, which leads to increased humidity under the blanket, attracting cockroaches.
  2. Little food is left indoors, and cockroaches, not finding food, may turn their attention to parts of human skin, especially in infants.

If cockroaches get into the bed, it is important to thoroughly dry the linen, including the mattress, and use the steam generator regularly. However, you should avoid treating your bed with insecticides to avoid potential health hazards.

Why some types of cockroaches can live in the room and not in the kitchen

Cockroaches are known to be nuisance insects and can make their home in a variety of places that provide favorable conditions for them. However, some types of cockroaches prefer to settle indoors, in particular, furniture cockroaches, differing from the Prussians.

The choice of cockroaches in favor of living in a room may be due to the following factors:

  1. Here insects can find small sawdust and other organic waste as food.
  2. There are often crumbs in the room, which serve as another source of food for cockroaches.
  3. The room provides sufficient humidity and warmth, which attracts these pests.

If you plan to carry out treatment against cockroaches, it is recommended to subject all rooms in the apartment to this procedure.

Why do cockroaches sit on walls and ceilings?

After the treatment, you may notice that cockroaches appear on various surfaces of the room, and it may seem that there are much more of them than before. However, this perception is illusory. In fact, most insects simply hid from humans, making the scale of the problem invisible.

After using a chemical to control cockroaches, insects may continue to move around the property for some time. When cockroaches feel the effect of the poison, they strive to rise as high as possible. At this point, their activity decreases and they head to a source of water to try to cleanse their body.

For what reasons can self-treatment against cockroaches be ineffective?

To kill cockroaches, various means are used, such as boric acid, ammonia, various baits with poison, gels and others. However, it is not always possible to completely get rid of these insects. What could be the reason for their survival? Let's discuss this in more detail.

If, despite using a cockroach killer, they continue to appear in your home, you may have made the following mistakes:

  1. Incorrect assessment of the degree of contamination of the object, which may lead to the selection of an insufficient dosage.
  2. The drug did not destroy the cockroach eggs, and the insects managed to reproduce again.
  3. The treatment did not cover all secluded places and localization zones of cockroaches.
  4. The product used does not have a long-lasting effect, which does not allow you to completely get rid of cockroaches.
  5. Insects may have developed immunity to some components of the previously used product.
  6. Expecting results is too early because the effective remedy continues to work.

Therefore, to effectively exterminate cockroaches, it is recommended to contact a trusted company that specializes in this problem.

What to do before professional treatment

When turning to professionals for the destruction of parasites, it is necessary to carefully prepare the object for disinfestation in order to ensure the effectiveness of the procedure and save specialists’ time. Preparation includes the following customer actions:

  1. Taking out the trash.
  2. Cleaning the kitchen sink to remove possible food debris.
  3. Wet cleaning with preliminary vacuuming of floors.
  4. Wiping dishes dry and putting them in closed cabinets.
  5. Cleaning dust from all surfaces.
  6. Removing personal items from the floor.
  7. Washing baseboards.

It is also necessary to take into account that treatment, as a rule, includes spraying the drug around the entire perimeter of the apartment, so it is important to put all food in the refrigerator and store it in closed containers. It is better to temporarily take pets and small children to relatives or friends.

Equipment and large furniture should be covered with waterproof film. Such measures will help ensure successful disinfestation and protect your home from harmful insects.

What to do immediately after completion of professional treatment

After the sanitary service has completed the treatment, it is recommended to give the drug particles enough time to take full effect by closing the doors and leaving the room for several hours.

When returning, please follow these steps:

  1. Ventilate the room thoroughly.
  2. After ventilation, carry out wet cleaning, avoiding touching the corners. It is recommended to carry out a thorough cleaning after a week.
  3. After cleaning, you can safely return children and pets to the house.
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What are the harmful activities of cockroaches in the house?

Cockroaches can cause damage to furniture and wallpaper in the apartment, as well as make the food they find on their way unusable. In addition, as carriers of dangerous infections, large and small cockroaches can transmit these diseases to humans.

Where can harmful insects come from in the house?

Cockroaches appear in residential premises not only due to lack of cleanliness. They can accidentally enter the premises through openings in doorways, ventilation, from basements, as well as when visiting guests or through neighbors. To prevent such incidents, it is recommended to carry out preventive treatment by inviting a sanitary service specialist.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever?

Boric acid can be used to control cockroaches. Wipe all surfaces in the room with this solution, including baseboards and corners. However, in case of severe infestation, it is recommended to contact experienced sanitation specialists who can quickly and effectively get rid of harmful insects.

Why do cockroaches climb to the ceiling?

When cockroaches sense danger, they tend to move as high as possible from their hiding places. This may occur due to the smell of ammonia used to wipe surfaces or when using chemicals.

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