Treating an apartment with hot fog: is it dangerous?

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Let's start with the key point: the use of hot fog in apartments is absolutely unacceptable! The same applies to other dangerous pest control methods, such as insecticide bombs that produce smoke or steam when ignited.

Some pest control companies continue to offer hot fog treatments for apartments, but this is extremely dangerous. Hot fog lingers in the air for a long time, and its tiny droplets penetrate everywhere, contaminating all surfaces in the room with insecticides. In addition, hot fog is light, spreads through ventilation and can harm not only your health, but also the health of your neighbors, who may not be aware of the disinfestation being carried out.

Although it is possible to bring claims against exterminators in the event of safety problems, it is often impossible to restore health damaged by such methods. Do not settle for hot fog treatment in residential areas, as this method is intended for open spaces, as well as for large production or warehouse areas where the insecticide must be evenly distributed over all surfaces. Hot fog treatment should always be carried out in the absence of people who are not equipped with special protective equipment.

What is hot fog and how does it work?

Hot fog is a combination of smoke, combustion products of insecticides and gasoline vapors. Insecticides, which affect various insect organ systems, are usually harmless to humans, but the main danger is from gasoline fumes.

When using hot fog, high temperatures have a devastating effect on both adult insects and larvae. It is important to note that cockroach and bedbug eggs are resistant to high temperatures, so exposure time plays a significant role when using hot fog. Despite its effectiveness, it is important to remember the possible risks to human health and the necessity of carrying out the procedure in conditions that exclude the presence of people.

Where can hot fog treatment be performed?

Let us emphasize once again: hot fog should be used exclusively in open spaces and not indoors.

Let's explain the reasons:

  1. Unpleasant odors and carcinogenic gasoline fumes in open areas dissipate quickly, minimizing potential health impacts.
  2. Insecticides used in hot fog do not pose a threat to the environment, as they are quickly deactivated and eliminated with water into the soil.
  3. The noise level created by the hot fog generator is quite acceptable in open spaces and does not disturb others.

Hot insect repellent fog can be effectively used in fields where there are no planned plantings of edible or fodder crops, as well as in spacious industrial warehouses and open work areas.

What happens if you treat your apartment with hot fog?

Let us emphasize once again: do not fall for the claims of exterminators who claim that using hot fog in an apartment is safe. The hot fog generator is absolutely not suitable for use in enclosed residential areas. If you are still in doubt, let us consider in more detail what negative aspects accompany this procedure.

During hot fog treatment in an apartment:

  1. Combustion products and gasoline vapors leave marks on walls, furniture, penetrate parquet and laminate flooring, creating difficulties with weathering and leaving an unpleasant smell.
  2. Insecticides also settle on surfaces and can have long-term adverse health effects.
  3. The treatment process is lengthy and noisy, which will inevitably lead to complaints from neighbors about high levels of noise and odor.
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Is it safe to treat an apartment with hot fog?

No, treating an apartment with hot fog is not safe. Hot mist contains combustion products, gasoline fumes and insecticides, which can linger on surfaces, create an unpleasant odor and pose a health risk.

What negative consequences can occur when using hot fog in residential areas?

When treating with hot fog in an apartment, the following problems may arise: settling of combustion products and gasoline on walls and furniture, long-term negative effects of insecticides on health, as well as the creation of an unpleasant odor and noise during the process.

How to choose a safe method for treating an apartment against insects?

It is recommended to use safer treatment methods such as cold fog. This method is effective, safe for residents and does not leave negative marks. Before carrying out the procedure, you should always consult with professionals and choose trusted pest control companies.

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