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Ants in the bathroom

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Unfortunately, even in modern big cities, the appearance of ants in the bathroom or any other room is not uncommon. These insects enter apartments through various available channels, creating their own colonies, which can quickly spread to neighboring rooms. Fighting them becomes a difficult task, requiring significant effort and time.

The bathroom often provides the best environment for ants to set up their home. This is a warm place in the apartment where the heated towel rail is always on, providing constant access to fresh water, increased humidity and the ability to move to other rooms through the hoods in the bathroom. In such conditions, the ant family actively develops, creating larger and larger colonies every day.

After reading this article, you will receive answers to questions about what to do after the appearance of ants in the bathroom of an apartment, how to effectively fight them using available means, as well as what special preparations can be used to exterminate a colony of ants in the bathroom, while achieving high-quality results.

How to find out if there are ants in the room

First of all, when ants appear in the bathroom, noticeable traces of their presence will be the products of their vital activity, especially on light or white tiles. Ants, being active around the clock, can go out for reconnaissance in the bathroom, kitchen or any other room at any time of the day. These insects explore your home in search of available food, and then actively transport it back to their anthill. It is important to note that even unattractive food leftovers in a trash can can attract the attention of ants, so regular waste disposal is recommended.

After discovering scout ants and traces of their “stealing” of food, it is important to pay attention to the ants themselves. If these are small red ants carrying large quantities of something into their anthill, they may have taken up residence in your home. If the appearance of an ant was sporadic or it looks “wild,” most likely it accidentally got to you through a window or ventilation shaft.

The reason for the appearance of ants in houses

For every living creature, including ants, the main goal is to maintain constant comfort and ensure the continuation of their species. This is why ants choose a human home to establish their colonies, preferring the bathroom or kitchen - places that are closer to the source of food and water.

In your apartment, both scout ants may appear, looking for a more convenient place to set up an anthill and the life of working individuals, as well as young queens, looking for an ideal place to create a nest. Ants can enter premises in various ways - through ventilation grilles, entrance doors, floors from neighbors, attaching themselves to clothing, and so on.

However, the main reason for establishing a colony in your home is comfortable temperature, humidity and easy access to food and water. Ants usually choose a nest site that is closer to access to liquid, since they usually do not have problems finding food. The ideal place for such insects is the bathroom.

Why you need to get rid of ants in the bathroom as soon as possible

At first glance, it may seem that ants do not pose a danger, since they do not bite people and, therefore, cannot carry dangerous diseases. However, this statement is erroneous.

Because these insects move on different surfaces, they may appear not only in your home, but also in dumps near it or, for example, in a pet litter box. The viruses and bacteria they pick up along the way are actively transmitted when the worker ant goes foraging and comes into contact with sugar, bread or any other exposed insect food.

Since ants are active carriers of dangerous diseases, it is important to get rid of them immediately to prevent negative consequences for the health of you and your children.

Below is a small list of bacteria and viruses that ants can carry on their feet:

  • Salmonella;
  • Eggs and larvae of helminths;
  • Pathogens of cholera;
  • Pathogens of typhoid fever and others.

How to get rid of ants in the bathroom

If the colony of ants has not yet had time to grow and has not penetrated into neighboring apartments, you can try to get rid of them by preparing the poison yourself. One effective method is to use boric acid mixed with soft, ant-attractive food. The resulting mixture should be placed on the floor or tiles in the bathroom. It is recommended to carry out such treatment during the day, when the ants are most active and their nest is constantly filled with food. Thus, the poison will be transferred inside the ant family, reach the queen and destroy it. This will get rid of pests in the bathroom and in the apartment as a whole.

If ants have spread beyond the bathroom to the kitchen, boric acid may not be as effective at controlling them. In this case, it is recommended to use professional pest repellents. Among them:

  1. Combat: aerosol format applied directly to the nest area.
  2. Get: also in aerosol format, enough for a few ants to touch the substance.
  3. Storm: a gel with an attractive odor that ants mistake for food and carry back to their nest, spreading the poison among the family.
  4. Globall: a gel that acts quickly and effectively, produced in Germany.
  5. Raptor: Available in gel and aerosol formats, it is effective against cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes and other pests.

It is important to remember that after successfully getting rid of ants in the bathroom, keeping the bathroom tidy and hygienic, regularly cleaning up food debris and keeping the area dry will help prevent the pests from reappearing.

How to get rid of ants in the bathroom and kitchen


Why do ants appear in the house?
It is often believed that the reason for the appearance of ants in an apartment is a violation of cleanliness and non-compliance with cleaning rules. However, this statement is incorrect. Anthills can appear indoors for various reasons. Insects with wings can enter through window screens, exhaust ducts or elevators. For ants, sufficient room humidity and constant access to food are important conditions for comfortable living. If a queen ant finds a dark and sheltered area near a trash can or bread bin, the ants can quickly spread throughout the house.

How to deal with ants in an apartment?
It is difficult to destroy an ant nest in an apartment, since without destroying the queen the colony will continue to develop. Effective disposal of ants is possible only after discovering the nest and the place where the queen lives. The nest can be easily tracked by following a smooth trail of worker ants between the foraging area and the nest. Once a nest is discovered, various control methods can be used, but the main emphasis should be on destroying the queen. If there are a large number of insects, there may be several ant colonies in the room.

Why do ants appear in the house?
The reasons for the appearance of ants in the house can be varied. In private homes, they can get there naturally through doors, window cracks and other openings. In apartments, ants can also come from neighbors, attracted by the smell of garbage or food. They can also enter through windows, and the uterus can get on a person's shoes or clothing.

How to fight and poison ants?
After discovering an ant colony in a bathroom or other room, it is important to start fighting them as quickly as possible. Boric acid, which can be used at home, can be an effective remedy. Meat, potatoes or egg yolk with the addition of boric acid create a bait that should be placed close to the ant nest. In this case, it is recommended to turn off the water, leave the room and repeat the procedure in a few days. In most cases, this allows you to successfully get rid of ants.

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