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Habitat of bedbugs in an apartment

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Before starting pest control in the house, it is necessary to determine the location of parasitic insects. This is important because directly destroying their hideouts will make the procedure more effective. However, locating these locations can be difficult as they are active at night and hide during the day. There are certain places in the apartment that bedbugs prefer most, and you should start your search there.

How can you tell if there are bedbugs in your house?

Recognition of the presence of bedbugs in the house is possible by the following signs:

  1. Bite marks on the skin: The skin reacts to bedbug bites with itching, swelling and inflammation. The bites are located close together, and the body's reaction may be stronger than with mosquito bites.
  2. Traces of blood on bedding: Blood stains on a blanket or sheet can occur due to the prolonged flow of blood from bedbug bites, especially if a person turns over in their sleep.
  3. Characteristic odor: The presence of bedbugs in an apartment may be accompanied by a musty, damp smell, reminiscent of the aroma of fermented fruit. This smell becomes more noticeable when parasites multiply intensively.
  4. Bedbug Detection: The insects themselves can be found alive, although this may require sleepless nights and careful observation in bed.
  5. Crushed bedbugs: Bed bugs are often crushed in bed in the morning. They, having lost their dexterity after being saturated with blood, become easy prey.
  6. Egg shells and larval skins: The presence of empty egg shells and larval skins also indicates the presence of bedbugs in the house.

Determining these signs will help in the timely identification and control of bedbugs.

Where to look for bedbugs during the day?

During the daylight hours, bedbugs prefer to stay in their shelters, leaving them only at night, since their activity is concentrated in the dark. Finding bedbug habitats in an apartment can be a difficult task, but there is a certain rule: these insects always tend to settle closer to where people sleep. Unlike mosquitoes, bedbugs move slowly, so they need to keep the distance to their food source as short as possible. This is why most of these parasites choose places near beds.

Since bedbugs do not have flight abilities, their movement is limited to running on various surfaces. The speed of an unsaturated bug is approximately 1 meter per minute. In order to get to a suitable place on the human body, bite and get enough blood, the parasite needs approximately 4-10 minutes. When a bedbug is saturated, its movements slow down by more than half and it takes 5 to 15 minutes to move.

Now let’s look at the main places where bedbugs can most often be found in an apartment:


  • Inside the mattress, especially if there are holes;
  • Between the mattress and the head of the bed;
  • Inside the bed frame;
  • Under pillows, sheets and inside pillows, especially if the linen has not been changed for a long time.


  • In the spring block, especially through holes in the upholstery;
  • In various crevices and folds;
  • In pull-out drawers if the sofa is used for storage.


  • In the spring block and folds, although bedbugs rarely inhabit chairs on which they do not sleep.

Other furniture

  • Wardrobes, chests of drawers, bedside tables;
  • “Walls”, sofas or beds located close to the wall.

Room decoration

  • Cracks in walls, floors and ceilings, behind baseboards, under wallpaper, carpeting, MDF panels, behind door jambs, under suspended ceilings.

Decorative elements

  • For elements of interior decor, such as panels, photographs and paintings;
  • Behind carpets both on the floor and on the walls.

Curtains and curtains

  • In thick curtains with many folds.

Household appliances and wires:

  • Sometimes bedbugs can settle in various electrical appliances, switches and sockets.

A thorough inspection of these places can help in identifying and getting rid of bedbugs in the apartment.

How to find out where bedbugs live in an apartment?

If your goal is to permanently get rid of these parasites, your first priority will be to locate all their hiding places. You can't do without this step. Considering that bedbugs most often live near beds and other sleeping areas, the initial search should be carried out there.

Signs of the presence of bedbugs in an apartment can include:

  1. Characteristic odor: Listen and determine which room has a smell reminiscent of rotten fruit. Typically this happens in the bedroom.
  2. Waste: Near the habitats of bedbugs, you can see small dark spots, which represent their excrement.
  3. Larvae skins: The peeled skins of bedbug larvae look like brownish husks. Bed bugs shed their shells as they go through about five developmental stages.

Typically, bedbugs are located not only in one place; most often their nests are located in several locations. Therefore, even if you have found one habitat, you need to continue your search and inspect all possible areas where these pests may be hiding. Finding insect hiding places is an integral part of the bedbug extermination process.

In case of unsuccessful attempts to get rid of these annoying parasites on your own, the best solution would be to seek help from a professional health service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to detect bedbug habitats?

To identify the habitats of bedbugs, you should carefully examine potential hiding places, such as beds, sofas, areas of wallpaper protruding from the walls, and others. Particular attention should be paid to the characteristic signs of the presence of these insects, such as the smell of rotten fruit, the presence of dark spots, small brown scales and empty egg shells. More information on this topic can be found in the main article.

What don't bedbugs like?

Bedbugs can be repelled by using certain scents, such as cloves, celandine, rosemary, wild rosemary, eucalyptus, vanilla, tansy, cinnamon, tea tree, lemongrass, valerian, lavender and others. To combat these parasites, you can use incense sticks or lamps. In addition, bedbugs cannot tolerate the smell of cheap perfume or cologne. However, the most effective method remains treatment using professional preparations. Only an experienced exterminator can completely rid an apartment of bedbugs, including all the cracks and habitats of these pests.

When is bedbug season?

Bed bugs do not have a clear season of peak activity. However, according to some data, in Russia they show increased activity from late April to early November. During this period, they become more aggressive in biting and actively breed, which is associated with warm weather and the movement of people, sometimes transferring bedbugs to other areas during the holidays. Despite the winter period, bedbugs remain active and do not hibernate.


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