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Kitchen: small cockroaches

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A popular habitat for insects in an apartment is the kitchen, where they appear first. This choice is determined primarily by access to water and food. There are several ways in which cockroaches can enter an apartment, including the possibility of living in old equipment or emerging from neighboring rooms.

It is worth noting that two types of cockroaches are often found in apartments: black and red. It is important to note that these two species do not usually coexist in the same territory, since one of them displaces the other.

With the appearance of offspring, signs of the presence of insects become more noticeable, and the risk of contracting dangerous diseases increases. To successfully get rid of pests and prevent their reappearance, it is important to familiarize yourself with basic information about them in order to effectively counter this enemy.

Where did the harmful insect come from?

It makes no difference whether cockroaches appeared in the kitchen of their own free will or by chance. It is much more important to understand how they entered your home.

Among the possible options:

  • Pipes and ventilation system in a multi-storey building: If cockroaches are found in the bathroom or kitchen, this may indicate that they entered your home through the sink or other plumbing fixtures. Sewage systems provide convenient routes for moving from one living space to another in search of food.

  • Acquired property: Buying used property often comes with unpleasant consequences. It is difficult to identify problems in the photos in the ad, and the previous owner may not be aware of the presence of cockroaches in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Hello from the past: If, after moving to a new home, cockroaches again became a problem that could not be solved in the previous place of residence, this may indicate that the pests moved along with the clothes, interior or food.
  • Trojan horse: Cockroaches can “inhabit” you even from stores, sneaking into your home unnoticed in a bag or purchased items. Failure to comply with sanitary standards in trading floors can lead to similar situations.
  • Unpleasant bonus: When opening packages from marketplaces, you should be vigilant, as cockroaches can get into the box regardless of the stage of their life cycle.
  • Uninvited guests: Cockroaches can easily enter your apartment if they have already chosen your home, bypassing the neighbors. Lack of water, food, or effective pest control methods from neighbors may be the reason for the migration of pet cockroaches.

Now, knowing the sources of cockroaches in the kitchen, it is easier to take measures to prevent their reappearance. The fight against cockroaches is inevitable, but first it is important to understand what species we are dealing with.

Red and black cockroaches in the kitchen

These varieties of synanthropic organisms are most often found.

Small black cockroaches often appear suddenly, but in addition to them, you may notice a red cockroach, also known as a red cockroach, in your apartment in the kitchen or bathroom.

Once in the same territory, these longhorned beetles gradually displace their relatives. They show a more caring attitude towards their offspring and are highly fertile.

Why are barbels so tenacious?

These arthropod insects rightly deserve their reputation as some of the toughest animals on the planet. In fact, a lethal dose of radiation that could destroy a third of black and red cockroaches turns out to be useless against them.

So, cockroaches have the ability to survive in harsh conditions due to the following features:

  1. Independent females: The absence of males nearby does not affect reproductive function. Females retain the males' gametes in their bodies for several months, allowing the cockroaches to reproduce at an astonishing rate.
  2. Poison Resistance: Getting rid of pests will require more than one treatment. Adults can be killed by insecticides, but their offspring, located in the ovary, remain resistant to the effects of poisons.
  3. Cold resistance: Although they will not survive extreme cold, cockroaches remain alive in low temperatures, only dying at temperatures around freezing. Some people even try to control cockroaches by ventilating the room for short periods of time in winter.

Not alone at home

How to detect the presence of cockroaches in the kitchen?

There are several obvious signs:

  1. Bad smell: Although it is difficult to describe in words, those who have encountered this problem will easily recognize it. Cockroaches live in garbage disposals, leaving behind traces of rot and moisture.
  2. Traces of life activity: Small cockroaches in apartments always leave characteristic black spots - feces, on dishes and other surfaces. When inspecting the premises, you can also find remains of scrambled eggs after the larvae hatch and the shells of grown individuals.
  3. Allergic reaction: The appearance of cockroaches in the kitchen can manifest itself as a deterioration in health for no apparent reason. Symptoms such as asthma and itching may be a warning sign for pest control.
  4. Unexpected meeting: During the day, cockroaches rarely leave their hiding places, busy with nesting and other activities. However, at night the likelihood of meeting them is high. When the lights are turned on, not all cockroaches can quickly hide in shelters.
  5. Desire to fight: The desire to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen arises faster if you realize the harm they can cause to your moral and physical well-being.

How to effectively get rid of barbels

What to do if at least one cockroach is found? First of all, don't panic.

Follow these few steps to permanently get rid of cockroaches in your kitchen:

  • Kitchen treatment: Although pests can appear even in a clean kitchen, it is important to thoroughly clean the entire room. It is recommended to set traps near the trash can, clean the equipment, and freeze the equipment. Remove food completely and remove any crumbs.
  • Insecticidal preparations: To effectively kill red and black cockroaches, use various insecticides, such as glue traps, aerosols and baits in the form of gels, capsules and powders, as well as special crayons.

  • Folk remedies: Traditional methods can also help control cockroaches in the kitchen. Small cockroaches can become accustomed to insecticides, so control may include the use of boric acid and ammonia. Cockroaches cannot tolerate the smell of geranium, mint and citrus fruits.
  • Prevention: Cockroaches appear seemingly out of nowhere, reproduce quickly and can carry various infectious diseases. Carry out regular preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of pests.
A Bad Cockroach Infestation in the Kitchen


What does a small cockroach look like?

Cockroaches are red and black, belonging to the sewer category. They have six legs, a triangular head shape and thin projections at the end of the body.

In narrow openings, unusual, at first glance, individuals may be hiding. White cockroaches surprise with their appearance, but do not have any noticeable differences from the individuals we are used to. These insects, while in the process of molting, are already deprived of their chitinous cover, which gives them a light appearance due to the small amount of pigment in the cuticle.

Why are cockroaches dangerous?

Small cockroaches in an apartment can cause significant harm. If they can't find food, they may start chewing on wires, increasing the risk of fire. There are cases when cockroaches, forced by a lack of food, entered the mouth, nose or ear of a sleeping person.

However, not only a feeling of disgust should motivate you to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen. These parasites pose a danger to people and domestic animals, being carriers of diseases such as tuberculosis, typhus, meningitis and others.

How long can a cockroach live without food?

Cockroaches can survive without food for no more than 30 days, consuming not only food suitable for humans, but also various materials.

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