What insects are most often found in an apartment?

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Cockroaches are probably one of the most common problems, but unfortunately, they are far from the only unwanted guests in our homes.

Insects are attracted to living near humans for three simple reasons: the presence of warmth, water and food. In such favorable conditions, they not only survive, but also actively reproduce, sometimes too intensively. You should not convince yourself that the appearance of insects is possible only in a neglected apartment without renovation in old buildings. Even in new buildings they find excellent living conditions. The presence of pests in the apartment causes dissatisfaction among everyone. Insects can destroy food supplies, spoil things, and some of them, such as bedbugs, even bite, posing a health hazard.

What insects can you encounter in an apartment?

  1. Mol:
    • Clothes moth: Lives in closets where it spoils things.
    • Food moth: It starts in the kitchen, manifesting itself as mealy webs and small worms in food.
  2. Mosquitoes:
    • They attack residents of apartment buildings and private buildings, causing trouble.
    • Decision: The use of fumigators in the apartment, and for dachas and private houses - special treatment against mosquitoes.
  3. Fleas:
    • They get into the apartment with pets, and can also be carried on shoes.
    • Necessity of processing: Especially in case of fleas appearing in basements.
  4. Bedbugs:
    • Nasty insects with small black bodies known for their bites.
    • Decision: Treatment for bedbugs.
  5. Drosophila:
    • Drosophila flies enter apartments through ventilation and with food, often settling in the kitchen.
  6. Spiders:
    • Insectivores help reduce the number of other insects.
    • Tip: After treating the apartment, it is recommended to update the mesh on the ventilation ducts.
  7. Wasps:
    • Wasps and nests may appear on balconies or in the entrances of high-rise buildings.
    • Important: Getting rid of a wasp's nest is a dangerous task and is best left to the experts.
  8. Ants:
    • Small light brown, red or yellow, often called pharaoh ants.
    • Decision: Get rid of ants with professional treatment.
  9. Cockroaches:
    • Various species of cockroaches pose a serious problem.
    • Decision: Many folk and professional remedies.

How to completely protect your apartment from insects?

Unfortunately, no one is immune from the possible appearance of insects in their apartment. However, all is not lost, and there are special means that will help you not only destroy existing insects, but also reduce the risk of their reappearance.

If you are concerned about a particular type of insect and their numbers are still low, you can probably handle the problem yourself. In this case, special do-it-yourself kits, such as Ecoz Box, designed for cockroaches, bedbugs, or their comprehensive control, can help.

However, if the pest infestation is significant, we strongly recommend hiring a professional service to carry out the treatment. Professional methods ensure effective destruction of insects and prevent possible reappearance. In such cases, entrust the process to experts to ensure a long-term solution to the problem.

Why are all these insects dangerous?

Midges, flies and wasps are seasonal enemies attracted by leftover food and other household debris. Their presence in the apartment causes discomfort, and some of them can bite and sting painfully.

Adult moths themselves are not dangerous, but each moth can lay up to 400 eggs, from which hatch larvae that can destroy food supplies and damage clothing.

Spiders, ants and cockroaches, although they do not interfere with everyday life, do cause discomfort. Ants and cockroaches, feeding on leftover food, multiply quickly, and many household products only affect adult individuals, which makes getting rid of them quite difficult on your own.

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What insects most often enter apartments?

The most common insects in apartments are cockroaches, ants, moths, midges, flies and spiders.

Why do cockroaches and ants appear so often in houses?

Cockroaches and ants are attracted to warmth, food and moisture, making homes an ideal place to live and breed.

How to prevent insects from appearing in an apartment?

To prevent the appearance of insects, you should regularly clean the room, store food in airtight containers, seal cracks and cracks, and carry out preventive treatment of the room using special products.

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