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How to prepare an apartment for treatment against cockroaches

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The appearance of cockroaches in any room causes indignation and concern. Many of us rush to the store to buy a remedy for these insects. However, a more effective solution to the problem is to call specialists from the sanitary service. One of the most reliable and popular companies in this area is Marafet. Our experts will carry out pest control so that cockroaches will only become a bad memory for you.

Before carrying out pest control, it is extremely important to prepare the apartment. This stage plays a key role, so it is worth approaching it with particular seriousness.

Which rooms should you pay special attention to when disinfesting cockroaches?

Exactly following the rules when disinfesting a room will ensure the most effective result. Particular attention should be paid to those rooms where the likelihood of harmful insects is increased.

The main areas of the apartment where insects can live include:

1. Kitchen: This is where you can find entire colonies of cockroaches and their larvae. Here they have free access to a power source. If the food has not been put into the refrigerator, you have to prepare to throw it away, as cockroaches crawl on the surfaces of the shelves and can transmit bacteria. Once in the human stomach, these bacteria can cause serious health problems. Also in the kitchen, cockroaches can access water, and without it they cannot survive.

2. Bathroom: The humidity here is quite high, which makes this room comfortable for cockroaches to live in.

3. Bedroom and living room: Cockroaches can also be found in these rooms, but usually in smaller numbers than in the kitchen and bathroom.

Cockroaches can grow in both residential and non-residential premises. In any case, it is important to properly prepare the apartment for disinfestation.

Stages of preparing a room for treatment against cockroaches

We will tell you in this section how to properly prepare an apartment for treatment against cockroaches. The quality of processing depends on how the preparation is carried out.

The important stages of preparation are:

1. Inspection of the room: Before starting disinfestation, it is necessary to inspect the room for the presence of small objects. If something is lying on the surface, put it in a hermetically sealed cabinet.

2. Moving furniture: If there is large furniture in the room that is close to the wall, it should be moved so that the sanitation specialists have access to all the hard-to-reach places where cockroaches may be hiding.

3. Cleaning: Clean the room thoroughly. In addition to mopping the floor, take out the trash, dust all surfaces, and wipe down baseboards. After penetration of the insecticidal preparation into hard-to-reach places, complete destruction of all harmful insects can be achieved.

4. Cleaning up food: Do not leave food on a table or other open surface. Make sure all food is stored in the refrigerator.

5. Preparing dishes: Cover the dishes, or better yet, put them in the cupboard while processing.

6. Safety: Before pest control, send children to a safe area and remove pets.

7. Aquarium: The aquarium can be left in its place by turning off only the air inlet and carefully closing the lid. This will cut off the supply of contaminated oxygen to the aquarium.

8. Emptying furniture: Empty cabinets and drawers, remove dishes from them. Thus, after disinfestation, they will not have to be washed to remove any possible agents that may get on the objects.

9. Bathroom: Remove all hygiene items from the bathroom from visible places.

10. Bedroom: In the bedroom, remove bed linen, pillows and other textile items.

11. Impermeable Coverings: Cover your furniture and other large items with impermeable sheeting.

12. Remove paintings and icons: Remove paintings and icons from the walls and place them in a safer place in your apartment.

13. Reconsider things: When cleaning, think about the necessity of things. Many of them can probably be thrown away. By cluttering the room, we ourselves create conditions for the reproduction of bedbugs, cockroaches, ants and other pests.

14. Book Sort: Look through the books on the shelves. They may also contain insects or their larvae.

Collective treatment: If you know that your neighbors also have insects such as cockroaches, offer them collective treatment. Carrying out the procedure in several rooms at the same time can be more efficient and economical.

Proper preparation will allow the treatment to be carried out quickly and efficiently, ensuring the best result.

What to do when room treatment is completed

As soon as the specialist leaves your home, you need to close the apartment and leave it for a while. It is recommended to avoid entering the treated area for the next 6 hours. During this period, the applied products will be evenly distributed over the walls and floor.

After the time has passed, ventilate each room and wash the floors. For cleaning, you can add baking soda to the water. Once these steps are completed, you can return to your normal lifestyle in your home.

Where to order pest control treatment

The appearance of pests in a residential building brings new worries and problems. To get rid of pests as quickly as possible, it is important to contact a reliable pest control company.

Companies most often use modern equipment and high-quality products to kill pests.

How to Prepare Your Apartment for Pest Control | The Guardians Choice


Do I need to remove all things when treating for cockroaches?

In order for the treatment to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to remove food and personal items from all surfaces. This will allow specialists to reach all infested areas, and you can get rid of cockroaches for good.

How long should I stay away from the premises after treatment for cockroaches?

If you have ordered the services of specialists to exterminate cockroaches, strictly follow their recommendations. Typically, you must wait at least 2 hours after treatment before returning to the premises. This time may vary depending on the drugs used and the degree of infection of the object.

How does the process of disinfestation against cockroaches in an apartment take place?

After submitting an application for processing by the sanitary service, an agreement is concluded. Then the specialist arrives at the specified address, diagnoses the premises, and only after that begins the disinfestation process. In this case, safe drugs are used that do not pose a threat to people and pets. After completing the procedure, pay attention to the recommendations that should be followed after treatment.

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