How to find a nest of bedbugs in an apartment

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The presence of bedbugs in the home is a serious problem, especially given their tendency to go undetected until the occupants of the home or apartment begin to experience their bites. If you notice even the slightest sign that bedbugs have appeared in your home - bite marks or signs of redness of the skin, you must immediately begin searching for and destroying them. How can you solve this issue and get rid of this annoying insect once and for all?

How to find bedbugs in an apartment during the day?

Without a doubt, the easiest way to detect bedbugs in your home is to invite pest control experts. However, professional treatment for these parasites can be quite expensive, especially if the entire premises is to be treated. Therefore, if you are looking to save money, it is better to handle this task yourself.

Typically, bedbugs hide in several places. This is, first of all, a bed or other places used for sleeping. Bed bugs prefer to be close to humans, placing their shelters between the structural elements of the bed, in the corners, frame, inside the mattress and upholstery seams, as well as on the side below. Detecting bedbug clusters in such areas is usually not difficult; Bed sheets. Bed bugs often choose blankets, pillows and other bedding. This helps them close the distance to people and at the same time provides better cover. Detecting bedbugs here can be quite difficult, requiring careful inspection of folds and seams for the presence of parasites and their hiding places; Furniture located next to the bed. Bed bugs reproduce at a high rate, which causes them to infest hidden places in a home or apartment, such as dresser drawers, closets, and chairs. You can usually find bedbugs in corners, joints, backs of furniture, communications, decorative elements and cladding.

Quick detection and destruction of bedbugs is extremely important, otherwise their population will only grow, and in the worst case, they can spread outside the apartment. It is also important to monitor daylight, since the darker the room, the easier it is for bedbugs to hide.

For those who want to independently identify bedbug hiding places in the apartment, it is recommended to carefully inspect the living space. If you have enough time, you can do this yourself, carefully checking all the mentioned places in order, starting with the bed, where the likelihood of finding bedbugs is highest.

How to find bedbugs in bed?

So, we have looked in detail at where bedbugs prefer to settle in a house or apartment, and it is clear that the first place of preference for these insects is the bed. Obviously, this is where one should first look for their presence.

What is the best way to perform this search? The following procedure should be followed:

  1. Remove the bed linens and wash them, preferably in hot water, as bed bugs cannot tolerate high temperatures.
  2. Carefully check your blanket, pillow and other bedding, paying particular attention to corners, seams and damaged fabrics where bedbugs are most likely to live.
  3. Inspect the mattress by turning it over and carefully checking the underside and sides for black spots, a sign of bed bugs.
  4. The easiest places to spot bed bugs are at the back of the bed, in the corners and at the junctions of its various parts, especially if they have been in the house for several days.

It is important to remember that detecting a bedbug is only the initial stage. When they are found, the question arises of what to do next. There are two main options: try to deal with bedbugs yourself or seek help from professional exterminators.

There are many methods for exterminating bedbugs yourself, from old “grandmother’s” recipes to the use of modern insecticides. However, if you decide to turn to professionals, you should choose a company carefully.

A quality company will provide highly qualified specialists who will effectively detect all bedbug habitats and successfully get rid of this disease.

How to find bedbugs in a sofa?

Many people choose to sleep on a sofa instead of a bed because of its soft upholstery and intricate design with many details, making it an ideal hiding place for bed bugs. Therefore, carrying out a thorough inspection of the sofa, especially if you use it for sleeping, can be important.

However, due to the complexity of the design, it can be difficult to inspect the entire sofa without disassembling it. So be prepared that you may have to take it apart.

To successfully search for bedbugs, you must carefully check all damage to the sofa upholstery, including those that may not be noticeable at first glance. Particular attention should be paid to corners and joints, especially those located at the back and bottom. To do this, you will have to move the sofa and perhaps even turn it over. In principle, inspecting a sofa is no different from inspecting a bed, except for the complexity of its design.

Let's look at this process in more detail:

  1. Examine everything on the couch, such as blankets and pillows. If there are only a few bedbugs, detecting them may be difficult.
  2. Look at the surface of the sofa, covered with leather, fabric or other material. Pay attention to corners and joints where bedbugs often hide.
  3. Move the sofa and turn it over, and if necessary, disassemble it, removing various parts such as armrests, thoroughly checking each one for bedbugs.
  4. Keep in mind that many sofas have interior storage space for bedding and other items, creating an ideal hiding place for bed bugs.
  5. Keep in mind that finding bed bugs in a sofa can be difficult due to its many nooks and crannies that provide convenient hiding places for the insects.

Conclusion: Finding bed bugs in a sofa requires significant effort and time due to its many possible hiding places for these insects.

How to kill a bedbug yourself?

Getting rid of bedbugs on your own can be a challenge, but it can be done. By using modern insect repellents, you increase the chances of successful extermination. However, the fight against bedbugs requires not only the destruction of adults and larvae, but also the mandatory destruction of nests along with eggs to prevent their return. Given the resistance of eggs to chemicals due to their dense shell, it is necessary to use stronger means to effectively destroy them.

To finally solve the problem of bedbugs, it is important to find all their habitats and eliminate all opportunities for reproduction.

There are several ways to destroy bedbugs and their nests, ranging from simple methods such as squashing to the use of modern insecticides. Primitive methods are not always effective, especially for small insects. Insecticides, on the other hand, are highly effective and we recommend using them to successfully kill bedbugs. There are various drugs on the market, such as Dichlorvos, Get Total, Ecokiller, Karbofos, Xulat Micro and many others.

Most of these products have a residual effect, which ensures the successful destruction of not only adults, but also larvae that hatched after treatment. To effectively eliminate bedbugs, it is important not only to find all their hiding places, but also to apply the insecticide correctly, strictly following the instructions.

Ultimately, controlling bedbugs is a complex process that requires care and consistency. Immediate pest control measures are necessary if you find bedbugs in your home to avoid significant inconvenience from their presence.

How To Find Bed Bugs - How To Know If You Have Bed Bugs


Is it possible to detect bedbugs during the day?

During the day, it is much more difficult to detect bedbugs in an apartment, since they prefer active activity at night. To detect these insects during daylight hours, it is necessary to carefully inspect the sleeping areas and other furniture in the house. However, bedbugs usually become visible only when their numbers have already increased significantly. Signs of bed bugs include bite marks on a person and black spots on the bed (a very telltale sign).

What are bedbugs afraid of in an apartment?

First of all, bedbugs, like other parasites, are afraid of sanitizing the apartment, especially sleeping areas. Effective use of pest control products after treating an apartment will help get rid of bedbugs and prevent their reappearance.

How to detect bedbugs in the house?

To successfully detect bedbugs, it is important to carefully inspect all furniture used for sleeping, bedding and other pieces of furniture in the apartment. A thorough inspection of all potential bedbug hiding places, such as corners and joints of furniture, damaged upholstery and folds of fabric, will reveal the presence of insects. It is recommended to move and turn the furniture, and in some cases disassemble it for a more detailed inspection.

How to detect a bedbug at night?

Since bedbugs are active at night, this is when they come out of their hiding places in search of food. Blood-sucking bedbugs can be found on the surface of the human body and in the bed.

Found bedbugs? What to do?

If bedbugs are detected, it is recommended to immediately begin the disinfestation procedure. Using modern drugs to kill bedbugs, following the instructions, will help to effectively solve the problem. Calling in professional insect exterminators is also an option, but this may be more expensive.

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