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How to find an ant nest in an apartment

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Despite your frugality and regular cleaning of the premises, an unwanted guest may appear in your home - a red ant. These insects do not transmit viruses and do not pose a danger to people, as they do not sting, leaving painful bites. However, along with ants, discomfort appears in the apartment: the need for constant supervision of food and water, since anything left unattended for a short time can lead to problems. Getting rid of ants that have already settled in your house is long and difficult, but knowing certain subtleties, you can solve the problem quickly and completely.

Reasons why red ants appear in the house

Finding a red ant in the house can be an unpleasant surprise, and its appearance is due to various reasons. Here are some of the most common factors that contribute to the appearance of ants in an apartment:

  1. Open access to food: Red ants, like many other insects, look for food sources for their colony. If a scout transmits information about the availability of food, the colony may move closer to your home. Even small traces of food can attract the attention of ants.
  2. Inattention to food waste: Irregular disposal of waste left after cooking can attract ants. Leftover food, even small ones, can make the problem worse.
  3. Pet food: Even if you store food carefully, pets can become a source of food for ants. Not cleaning bowls regularly or leaving food on the floor can attract insects.
  4. Secluded places in the living room: High humidity and the presence of bulky furniture that is rarely moved for cleaning create conditions for ants to settle. They look for quiet and secluded places to build a nest.
  5. Proximity to nature: Even without obvious reasons, ants can appear, especially if you live in a private house. Insect nests may be located in the yard, and in winter they may gravitate to warm places, including your home.

It is important to pay attention to these factors and take steps to prevent and eliminate possible sources of ant attraction.

How to find an ant nest and get rid of the queen

If the queen and several individuals of ants have already entered your apartment, and then the ant colony has grown to enormous sizes, your main task to achieve an ideal result is to destroy the nest. Even if all worker ants are destroyed, leaving a couple of individuals and a queen, the quantitative restoration of insects will occur very quickly.

Detection of an ant nest can be done in two ways:

  1. Ant route tracking: Ants usually follow clearly defined routes from the food point to the nest. You may find these routes in various rooms, such as the kitchen. By following these tracks, you can find an ant's nest.
  2. Ant baits: If the ant colony is still young, you can place baits in several places to create a new route. The location of the central nest should then be tracked using the decoy data.

If you have found a nest and are sure that there are no other similar nests in your premises, you can begin the process of getting rid of ants. The easiest way is to manually find and destroy the queen. However, this can be tricky as warrior ants can resemble the queen herself. If you are confident in your knowledge and the absence of other queens in the colony, killing the queen will ensure the gradual disappearance of the ants.

A more common, simpler and more effective method is to use poison baits. The ants will spread the poison to the entire colony, including the queen.

Once the ant population has noticeably decreased, it is important to carefully fill any cracks and crevices that ants may be entering or are already using. A sealant is usually used for this, and in the near future there will be no traces of ants left.

How to Find Ant Nest Inside your Home - The Pests Control Network


How to get rid of ants once and for all?

Controlling the presence of ants inside your home can be a challenging task. The first step is to remove food and water that are accessible to insects. It is also important to regularly dispose of trash and not leave out food that attracts ants.

However, in this way it is impossible to completely destroy the anthill. To get rid of worker ants, you must first destroy the queen, using poison that the ants will transfer to the queen.

Where do ants hide in the apartment?

A colony of ants primarily cares about the safety of the queen and the protection of the nest. Their main habitat is places inaccessible to humans with high humidity and stable temperature. To detect red ant queens, it is recommended to check wooden objects in the room, ranging from cracks in the wooden floor to furniture. The exact habitat of ants can be revealed by following the workers carrying food to the nest.

Where can you find a queen ant?

The queen of the ant colony is hidden in the most secluded place, as ensuring the safety of the colony for the ants has the highest priority. Large colonies may have multiple queens in different parts of the nest, making the search more difficult. The queen is usually located in one area of ​​the nest, constantly supplied with food and protection. By following the trail of ants carrying food, you can discover the location of the queen.

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