How to get rid of crickets

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Summer is a time when nature comes to life and many events take place. Many of us have troubles associated with the appearance of unwanted guests in the form of insects. Problems with cricket control are not uncommon. Fortunately, crickets do not pose a threat to human health, but they can damage furniture and other items, so it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Crickets in the home can be caused by several factors, and there are many ways they can get indoors. Male crickets make a distinctive sound to attract females, and it is this chirping sound that can be annoying to many people.

Why do crickets get into the house?

To successfully control crickets, it is important to understand their habits, habitats and characteristics. Let's take a closer look at them.

The cricket is an insect from the order Orthoptera, with a yellow-gray body up to 2 cm long, long hind legs and antennae. He moves by jumping, which makes him invisible. In nature, crickets live in thick grass, in houses - in warm and humid places. Their trills, produced by males, serve as a call for mating.

Crickets are possibly beneficial because they feed on other harmful insects (cockroaches, beetles, moths, etc.). However, their presence in the house can cause great inconvenience. Firstly, crickets feed not only on plants, but also on paper products, wooden objects and fabrics. Secondly, female crickets are extremely fertile and can lay up to 200 eggs at a time, which increases the risk of massive infestation of the premises.

Crickets are rarely seen in apartments and houses. They can only appear if it has become cold outside or food sources have become depleted. Insects enter through windows, doors, cracks and ventilation.

If your home has high humidity, easy access to food (such as unwashed dishes or crumbs), and lights that warm the space (crickets love light and warmth), then your home can become their refuge.

Getting rid of crickets is not difficult, but if there are a lot of them, it is recommended to contact the sanitary service or the specialists of the Marafet company. We use safe drugs and modern equipment to completely eliminate their presence in your home. Our processing takes only a few hours and is carried out after concluding an agreement with the client.

How to prevent crickets from appearing in the house?

When there are no insects left in your home, it is important to take measures to prevent their reappearance. Prevention is an excellent method of protecting against pests. By following these guidelines, you can prevent insects from invading your home.

To achieve maximum results and get rid of crickets in your home, follow these steps:

1. Install special nets on apartment windows and ventilation grilles.
2. Seal the cracks and cavities in the apartment with sealant to prevent insects from entering.
3. Regularly put leftover food in the refrigerator and keep your house clean so as not to attract insects.
4. Strive to regularly ventilate rooms to maintain normal humidity levels in the room.
5. Cover your windows with curtains at night to prevent light from attracting crickets inside.
6. If possible, set up a bird feeder and feed them. Birds will help exterminate insects in the garden, fields, gardens and other places.

Following all these rules will help you avoid repeated pest control and protect your home from their penetration. After putting these tips into practice, you will be sure that you are not only repelling crickets, but also other insects.

What methods are there to control crickets?

In this section, we will talk about various methods of getting rid of crickets. There are several methods, each of which has its own advantages and is used in certain conditions.

1. Chemical method:
It is recommended to use chemicals only in cases of severe insect infestation. To control pests, you can use insect repellent powder or dichlorvos aerosol. When treating a room with an aerosol, you must take precautions: clear the room of foreign objects, put personal items in cabinets, wear gloves and a mask to avoid contact with the substance. Windows and doors should be closed tightly. After airing the room for an hour and a half, carry out wet cleaning. To prevent the insects from returning, repeat the procedure after two months.

2. Folk remedies:
You can use herbs and plants to make traps. For example, you can sprinkle chamomile on infected areas - its pungent smell repels crickets. A solution of wormwood, which is poured into water and left to infuse for several hours, can also be used to treat wooden surfaces and reduce the number of insects. However, with large concentrations of crickets, these remedies may not be effective.

3. Traps and baits:
You can make traps yourself or purchase ready-made ones, for example, glue traps for flies. A solution consisting of molasses, molasses and water attracts insects and is installed in places where they appear. Once inside, the crickets cannot get out. Traps should be changed periodically to prevent the smell from dissipating. Baits are not always effective against large numbers of crickets.

If you need to destroy cricket eggs, clean, vacuum the entire apartment, throw away the used filter and tie up a garbage bag. These measures will help prevent the insects from reappearing.

We destroy crickets in various rooms

It is also possible to get rid of crickets outside the apartment. If you can use chemicals indoors, then outdoors, for example, in the garden, this is not always advisable due to the possible impact on the crop.

Here are some ways to control insects in different places:

1. In the garden:
-Use a mixture of red pepper and tobacco, sugar syrup, or place a beer bottle buried in the ground up to the neck to attract their attention.
- Wormwood can also be an effective remedy - use a decoction to water the soil and lay the leaves between the beds.

2. In the bath:
— Methods of fighting crickets in a bathhouse are similar to those used in a garden, since the type of room is not very different from an ordinary house.

3. In the car:
— Encounters with crickets in a car are rare, but possible. Usually only one individual is caught, which is easy to catch and release out the window. However, if several insects are found in the car, it is better to treat the car with a chemical. This is due to the fact that it is not clear where exactly a cricket can lay eggs, and professional treatment will help avoid possible consequences.

How to Get Rid of Crickets (4 Easy Steps)


Why is the cricket afraid?

Crickets do not tolerate strong odors and cannot withstand chemicals. That is why, to combat them, it is recommended to use aromatic herbs such as wormwood, chamomile, lavender, bay leaf and other plants with a pleasant smell. Chemicals affect the nervous and digestive systems of crickets, instantly destroying them.

How do crickets get into the house?

Crickets move by jumping, which allows them to even climb through windows. They can also get inside the apartment through cracks, holes and other cavities. They are difficult to notice in city apartments, but they often appear in country houses after being in the garden.

How long can crickets stay in the house?

The length of stay of crickets in the house is not determined. The sooner you start fighting these insects, the less damage they can cause. The Marafet company guarantees high-quality removal of crickets. Our specialists know all the intricacies of various pest control methods, ensuring complete destruction of insects.

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