How do smoke bombs work against cockroaches?

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Getting rid of cockroaches in an apartment is not always an easy task and often requires several attempts to achieve complete success. Cockroaches are persistent insects that can quickly adapt and acquire stable immunity to most insecticides. In this context, we will consider the effectiveness of smoke bombs against cockroaches and what precautions should be taken when using them.

The most important thing: is it possible to use a smoke bomb against cockroaches in an apartment?

No, the use of smoke bombs is only recommended in spacious, well-ventilated rooms or open areas. In city apartments, united by a common ventilation system, smoke from a bomb can spread to neighbors, posing a potential risk to their health. To get rid of cockroaches in an apartment more safely, it is recommended to use the cold fog treatment method.

How do smoke bombs work against cockroaches?

Insecticidal bombs are an effective means for treating large areas. Unlike other forms of insecticides such as aerosols, gels and crayons, and dusts, the use of smoke bombs does not require waiting for insects to walk across the treated surface or eat the toxic mixture. The smoke emitted by the saber has an immediate effect on cockroaches and can quickly destroy the population along with the larvae.

The insecticide composition first penetrates the chitinous layer into the respiratory tract of insects, causing paralysis and subsequent death. Even if some cockroaches survive the treatment, they will pick up the poison from floors, walls and furniture. When trying to clean the antennae, they will also ingest toxic substances, which will lead to their death.

Where are insecticidal smoke bombs used?

It is important to note that the use of smoke bombs is recommended only in spacious rooms. The compositions of the checkers may vary by manufacturer in terms of the content of active components, radius of action and concentration. If you need to treat a regular living space, it is recommended to choose less concentrated options. Powerful compounds are suitable for use in open areas and industrial premises.

Smoke bombs are effective for treating the following areas:

  • Hangars;
  • Basements;
  • Garages;
  • Dachas and private houses;
  • Large residential and industrial buildings;
  • Open areas.

Precautions when using smoke bombs

Important to remember: be sure to follow the instructions! The smoke from smoke bombs designed to kill cockroaches contains toxic substances, so all precautions must be followed to avoid unpleasant health consequences.

Take the following precautions:

  1. Use protective equipment. Wear long sleeves, thick pants, gloves and a face mask.
  2. Avoid inhaling insecticidal smoke. Leave the room as soon as possible after launching the checker.
  3. After the effect of the checker has ended, thoroughly ventilate the room by opening all windows and doors. Perform this procedure quickly, holding your breath to prevent smoke from entering your lungs.
  4. After completing the treatment, take a shower to remove any remaining insecticide from the skin.

Pros and cons of smoke bombs for cockroaches

Like any processing method, smoke bombs have their pros and cons.


  • Large radius of influence - one bomb is enough to treat a room of up to 300 m2.
  • High concentration of insecticide in the bomb compared to aerosols.
  • Rapid spread of smoke that fills the entire space without the need to search for hidden places of insects.
  • The effect of a smoke bomb lasts for several days, which helps destroy persistent insects.


  • Smoke penetrates into all corners of the apartment, even with the doors closed.
  • Unpleasant Odor – Smoke bombs have a strong odor and the insecticide may have adverse effects on humans.
  • The smoke takes a long time to dissipate - at least 3 days.
  • The need to leave the apartment for a long time.
  • High cost - one smoke bomb costs approximately 700-1000 rubles.

Smoke bombs are an effective means of controlling cockroaches, but their use requires special care and compliance with safety rules. Instead of this method, it is recommended to pay attention to more modern and safer treatment methods, such as cold and hot mist for cockroaches, offered by professional pest control services, such as Ecoz.

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How do smoke bombs work against cockroaches?

Smoke bombs contain insecticidal components that, when burned, release smoke. This smoke has an immediate effect on cockroaches, penetrating the chitinous layer and causing paralysis of the nervous system, ultimately leading to the death of the insects.

What are the benefits of smoke bombs against cockroaches?

Smoke bombs have a large radius of influence, the ability to quickly spread throughout the entire room, and the effect of their use lasts for several days. One checker may be sufficient to process a large room.

Are there any downsides to using smoke bombs to kill cockroaches?

Yes, there are some disadvantages. Smoke can penetrate into all corners of the apartment, there is an unpleasant smell that takes a long time to dissipate. It also requires leaving the apartment for several days, and the cost of smoke bombs is relatively high.

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