How to Fight Ants in an Apartment

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Ants can settle not only on the street, but also inside apartments. As soon as they appear in a living space, a person’s life becomes stressful. Despite their tiny size, ants can cause a lot of trouble. They spoil food by laying eggs and harm indoor plants. Ants can be seen not only inside apartments and country houses, but also in areas near the house.

There are many methods for controlling ants, but not all of them guarantee success. No folk method can compare with the effectiveness of professional processing. If you don’t want to waste time on useless attempts to get rid of ants in your apartment and are looking for instant results, the best solution would be to contact a professional sanitation service.

What troubles can you expect from an ant invasion in an apartment: important aspects

If ants have entered your apartment, you will have to face serious problems. These insects not only make the place look dirty, but also destroy food. They are able to penetrate even closed packaging, especially if it contains sweets. Ants' feet can carry dangerous microorganisms, which they spread across furniture surfaces in the kitchen and other rooms.

The appearance of anthills in an apartment entails the following troubles:

  1. Product contamination: Ants leave bacteria on food and surfaces in the apartment, making them unfit for consumption.
  2. The appearance of fungus and mold: Ants store food reserves in their secluded corners, from which fungus and unpleasant odors later appear.
  3. Breakdown of household appliances: Ants can create anthills in equipment, which leads to its malfunction.
  4. Destruction of plants: They can also harm plants in gardens and vegetable gardens.
  5. Damage to furniture: Wooden furniture is subject to destruction due to the activity of ants.
  6. Spread of diseases: Ants can carry dangerous infections that can be harmful to humans.

As you can see, the damage caused by ants is enormous. To prevent their proliferation, it is important to immediately begin treating the apartment. This can be done using folk remedies or by contacting experienced specialists.

What could be the reason for the appearance of ants in an apartment: the main nuances

Ants are considered one of the most unpleasant insects that can appear in an apartment. They migrate due to lack of food or in response to attempts by residents of neighboring apartments to get rid of them.

Let's consider the possible ways in which ants appear in an apartment:

  1. Warm and dry in the house: During the cold season, ants seek shelter in warm rooms, creating anthills in apartments or heated rooms.
  2. Irregular trash removal: Ants tend to appear in areas that are not cleaned properly, and leftover crumbs attract them to tables and surfaces.
  3. Carrying ants from the street: Ants can accidentally get inside the house on shoes brought from the street.
  4. Poisoning ants from neighbors: If neighbors use ant poisons, the insects may seek safe places, including your apartment.
  5. Pets: Ants are attracted to feed in pets' bowls, especially if they are on the floor.
  6. Entry through ventilation, basement or door: Ants can enter an apartment through loosely closed ventilation holes, from the basement, or through doors that are not tightly closed.

Regardless of how the ants got into the apartment, it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The choice of processing method depends on your preferences and capabilities.

What folk methods can you use to get rid of ants in an apartment?

There are many methods to control ants, including some you can make yourself. Although it is easier to buy a special preparation in the store, there are not always guarantees of complete destruction of pests.

Historically, ants have been a nuisance for people, but even then, ways were found to get rid of them using affordable means.

The most popular methods include:

  1. Baking soda in bait: A mixture of water, sugar and baking soda placed in areas where ants are more likely to appear can kill them once they enter the stomach.
  2. Boric acid: A solution of boric acid mixed with egg yolk and spread where there are a lot of ants causes disruption of the nervous system and their death. This product is available in pharmacies.
  3. Essential oils: Various strong-smelling essential oils, such as pine, peppermint, and mugwort, can be soaked into fabric and placed around the home.
  4. Vinegar and water: Wiping down surfaces in your home with a vinegar and water solution, especially areas where ants move, can kill them. Vinegar can also be used to fill anthills on the site, which will lead to their death.
  5. Eggs: The trap of the removed white and yolk creates a sticky surface from which it is difficult for ants to escape.
  6. Yeast: A mixture of yeast with a sweet substance and water, which swells in the stomach of the ants, causes their death.
  7. Hot peppers: Placing hot peppers in your kitchen can repel ants. You can create paths from red or black ground pepper.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of methods. You can also purchase ready-made products in the store to combat ants and other pests if you don’t want to prepare folk remedies yourself.

What types of ants are found in residential buildings?

In multi-story buildings, you can find only two types of ants: pharaoh ants and thief ants. Pharaoh ants cannot survive without human presence and prefer temperatures between 23 and 30 degrees Celsius. Female pharaoh ants are twice as large as males and are red in color.

Thief ants can live away from people, but often appear in search of food. They are yellow-brown in color and feed on the eggs and larvae of large insects. During the construction of their anthill, they loosen the soil, which makes them easier to detect on the site.

Both types of ants are considered dangerous to humans, and the same methods are used to combat them.

What store-bought products will help in the fight against ants?

If you notice that ants are running past you and do nothing to destroy them, expect whole hordes of these pests in the near future. Ants reproduce very quickly, so you need to start fighting them immediately. If the ant colony is still small, you can try to eliminate them yourself using various products available in stores.

After visiting the nearest store, you can use the following means to combat ants in your apartment:

  1. Special traps for ants: adhesive, electric or with a bait compartment. Ants caught in the trap get dirty in the bait and carry it into the anthill, infecting their relatives.
  2. Gels against insects: the gel is applied to the places where ants were found. It contains an ant-attracting substance and poison. The ants carry the poisoned bait into the anthill.
  3. Pest control powders: the ants take the powder to their nest, spreading the poison inside the anthill.
  4. Aerosols: The spray is applied to hard-to-reach places, and its effect appears after a few days.
  5. A piece of chalk: cheap ant control product.

We have already discussed the reasons for the appearance of ants above. If the problem is caused by neighbors or requires professional attention, it is better to arrange for a professional treatment to get rid of the pests and make your home free of various pests.

What to do to protect your home from ants

As we mentioned earlier, ants can appear even in a clean apartment. Colonies of these pests can come to you from neighbors or accidentally come with you from the store. How to protect your home from unwanted guests?

For prevention purposes, you can follow the following recommendations:

  1. Clean regularly, including hard-to-reach places. Don't put off taking out the trash until later.
  2. Fix faucet leaks immediately. High humidity creates favorable conditions for ants.
  3. Repair microcracks in the house. Even small cracks can serve as entry points for insects.
  4. Carefully check store purchases before bringing them home. Ants can hide in food packaging.
  5. Periodically use bleach when cleaning floors. Bleach helps eliminate odors and can repel ants.
  6. If you find ants, immediately call pest control specialists. This will help prevent the colony from multiplying and avoid serious problems.

Following these tips will help you avoid pests on your property.

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How to quickly identify an anthill in your apartment? Finding ants in your home will require a little time and attention. Pay attention to the direction the insects are moving and use bait. Where ants have gathered in large numbers, their nest is most likely located. A professional sanitary service can also cope with this task.

How to get rid of house ants?

To control pests, you can use various methods, such as boric acid solution, vinegar, store-bought insecticides. However, the most effective solution is professional treatment.

How to prepare for professional processing?

In order for the treatment to be quick and effective, it is important to prepare the room well. Before treatment, it is recommended to vacuum and wash the floors, remove dishes and cutlery from the kitchen, close the windows and make sure there are no food leftovers in the refrigerator. It is also recommended to temporarily remove pets from the home. If you follow these recommendations, processing will be completed quickly and efficiently.

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