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Large cockroaches in apartments

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The appearance of cockroaches in the house always causes discomfort. They cause disgust, can damage food and things, and also serve as carriers of infections. The population of these insects is growing very quickly.

We are already accustomed to meeting red cockroaches, popularly called Prussians. However, this is not the only type of cockroach that can appear in an apartment.

Big black cockroach: description

Large black cockroaches have a similar body structure to their red counterparts. The differences lie in size (adults reach up to 3 cm in length, which is twice as much as the Prussians, whose body length does not exceed 1,5 cm) and the black color of the chitinous shell.

Features of cockroach anatomy include:

  • Elongated body covered with a chitinous shell;
  • Segmented abdomen;
  • Three pairs of legs;
  • The presence of wings and long whiskers, which cockroaches use as antennas;
  • Round eyes on the head providing visibility in all directions.

Males usually have longer wings than females, but the females' bodies are larger and more massive.

What do big cockroaches eat?

Black cockroaches, like other representatives of their species, are omnivores. Due to the structural features of the jaws and oral apparatus, cockroaches are able to chew through almost any solid food, including even wood. The main source of food for large black cockroaches is food waste left by people at the table.

When there is a lack of regular food, these cockroaches can be mistaken for a variety of objects, such as paper, books, wallpaper, wallpaper paste, leather (including chewing through shoes), and other materials.

In cases of extreme food shortage, cockroaches may turn to cannibalism, eating their fellows. And in some extreme cases, in the absence of alternative food, a cockroach attack on a person may occur.

Where do large cockroaches come from in an apartment?

The appearance of these insects in an apartment is usually associated with violations of hygiene and sanitary standards. However, it is worth noting that parasites can settle even in those clean and well-kept apartments where regular cleaning is carried out. Why is this happening? Let's consider.

How cockroaches can get into an apartment:

  1. From the basement. Residents of the first floors face an increased risk of encountering unwanted visitors.
  2. From the garbage chute. Residues of food waste and other debris often remain on the walls of the garbage chute, which creates favorable conditions for the reproduction and development of insects.
  3. With shopping. An unpleasant insect can enter an apartment with food, furniture or clothing, especially when purchasing used items.
  4. Through sewerage, ventilation or through cracks from neighbors. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out pest control treatment in several apartments together.

By keeping your apartment clean, you can hope that cockroaches will not stay for long. However, breaking the habit of leaving food on the table and dirty dishes in the sink will also be important.

Why are large cockroaches dangerous for humans?

Finding cockroaches in the house always causes an unpleasant feeling, especially if we are talking about large black individuals. However, it is not only the unpleasant appearance that becomes the reason for fighting these pests.

What damage can cockroaches cause:

  1. By moving through different places before entering your home, cockroaches can carry dirt and bacteria. These pests can leave marks on food, toothbrushes, towels and other personal items, contaminating them.
  2. Cockroaches can become carriers of diseases such as salmonellosis, intestinal infections, helminthiases and others, and also contribute to the spread of epidemics.
  3. Even in the absence of access to food, cockroaches will find something to feed on, for example, your books, documents, wood products, cardboard, wallpaper, wallpaper paste and other things, subjecting them to damage.
  4. Pests can damage wiring by burning it, making nests in sockets and household appliances, which can lead to short circuits and fires.
  5. Some cases of cockroaches attacking humans have also been recorded. In the absence of food, they can penetrate the face, gnawing off eyelids, eyelashes or lips.
  6. Chitin shells after molting can cause allergies and even contribute to the development of asthma.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to control cockroaches. It is important to consider effective methods for their destruction.

How to get rid of black cockroaches

In fact, the strategies for controlling black cockroaches are similar to those for their red counterparts.

In general, all measures to exterminate cockroaches can be divided into several main categories:

  1. Chemical methods;
  2. Mechanical methods;
  3. Folk remedies;
  4. Deterrents.

Let's take a closer look at each of the groups mentioned.

Chemicals against cockroaches

Modern industry provides a wide range of household insecticides available in various forms. If one remedy does not bring the desired result, you can always try another.

Various forms of household insecticides include:

  1. Aerosols: Effective and easy to use insecticides. After contact with the drug, insects die within a few minutes. However, it is important to be well aware of all the places where pests can hide. After treating the room, it is recommended to carefully close all windows and doors and temporarily leave the room.
  2. Gels: Usually presented in syringes for convenient application to various surfaces. Gels are applied around the trash can, along pipes, along baseboards, behind furniture and in other likely places where insects accumulate. The cockroach catches the gel on its legs and the poison quickly kills it as it tries to clean itself. Gels usually only work on adults.
  3. Powders and dusts: Another affordable and effective type of household insecticide. The preparations are scattered along the baseboards and in potential places where pests appear. It is important to ensure that the powder is not near food to avoid poisoning.
  4. Crayons: For example, the well-known drugs “Mashenka”. Their principle of action is similar to powders, but the method of distribution is different. Draw chalk lines in likely places where cockroaches accumulate.

All of the mentioned remedies are effective at the initial stage of infestation of an apartment with cockroaches. If necessary, the treatment of the premises can be repeated, but it should be remembered that pests quickly adapt to insecticides, so it is recommended to periodically change the products used.

Variety of folk remedies

To get rid of parasites, substances with an intense odor are often used, which, it should be noted, do not destroy parasites, but only repel them.

Some products that can be used to control parasites include:

  1. Ammonia or vinegar: A few drops of ammonia or vinegar are added to the water, after which the resulting solution is either wiped over the surfaces or sprayed into the room using a spray bottle.
  2. Essential oils of mint, lemon balm, green tea, etc.: They are used similarly to ammonia and vinegar, or added to the solution for wiping or spraying.
  3. Kerosene: They cover baseboards, wallpaper, the area around the trash can and other places where cockroaches are likely to appear.

It is important to note that folk remedies are best used in combination with chemicals and used as preventive measures after the main treatment.

Cockroaches in the apartment and boric acid

Unlike other folk methods, boric acid does not simply repel parasites, but actively destroys them, acting on the nervous system and digestive organs.

The application of boric acid involves the following steps:

  1. Mixing with other components: Boric acid powder is mixed with egg yolk, mashed potatoes or bread crumbs, balls are formed from this mass and placed in various places around the apartment.
  2. Combination with other ingredients: Boric acid can be mixed with sugar, raw eggs and flour to create effective baits.
  3. Sprinkling surfaces: Boric acid can also be simply sprinkled on surfaces in areas where insects are expected to live.

Note that this drug is also effective against bedbugs and other pests. Boric acid can be purchased at pharmacies and is usually inexpensive.

scare away

As mentioned earlier, an effective way to repel these insects is to use substances and plants with an intense aroma. Additionally, you can use ultrasonic repellers.

These compact, electrically powered devices take up little space. The ultrasonic waves generated by such repellers are perceived by insects as a distress signal, causing them to avoid the area where the device is operating.


You can purchase a ready-made device, or create a trap yourself. Place the bait in the trap and cover the sides of the box or jar with a sticky substance. Insects will stick to the surface and will not be able to get out.

There are both sticky tape traps on the market and devices that use electric current to kill insects.

Black cockroaches in the apartment and interesting facts about them

We have prepared for you a selection of interesting facts about these pests, which may be useful in the fight against them.

Important information about large cockroaches:

  1. Large cockroaches have highly developed and powerful mouthparts, as well as additional teeth in the stomach. Thanks to these features, they are able to feed on a variety of materials, including leather, paper and wood, even without ordinary food as we understand it, surviving for up to a month.
  2. Red cockroaches, or cockroaches, multiply surprisingly quickly and quickly spread throughout the apartment. They become sexually mature after just 4 months, ready to breed. In contrast, black cockroaches spend 4 years in the larval stage, and their life cycle is 5 years.
  3. Red cockroaches do not coexist with black cockroaches in the same place, and therefore both species cannot live in an apartment at the same time.
  4. It is important to remember that cockroaches can survive for long periods of time without food, but without access to water they will quickly die. This property should be taken into account when carrying out disinfestation, since the poison used causes insects to become very thirsty. Water entering the cockroach's stomach dissolves the poison, which can affect its survival.
  5. The lifestyle and methods of dealing with black and red cockroaches are similar. The basic rule is to keep your apartment clean, avoid leaving food in sight, wash dishes immediately after eating, and prevent leaks in the bathroom and kitchen.

If cockroaches do appear, immediately start fighting. In case of unsuccessful attempts at self-disinfection, it is recommended to seek professional help.

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Where do large cockroaches come from in an apartment?

Typically, large black cockroaches with long mustaches find their refuge in basements, where they most often live. From basements they can go in search of food, penetrating into the living space. These pests can also enter apartments from infested neighboring premises or be brought in with purchases. The path of the insect to your home is unimportant; it is important to take measures to exterminate the pests as soon as possible.

Features of large cockroaches in an apartment?

For some apartment owners, large black cockroaches with long mustaches can be a real source of fear. Unlike the more common red cockroaches, black longhorned cockroaches look more impressive. Despite the fact that they are relatives of the familiar Prussians, they are much less common in homes. However, despite the similar structure and behavior, there are differences between these two types of insects. It is important to note that large black cockroaches are not only impressive in size, but also differ in color and speed of development than Prussians.

How to get rid of large cockroaches in an apartment?

Effective removal of these insects is best achieved by combining several proven methods. Chemical household insecticides have the greatest impact and do not pose a danger to humans, as they belong to the low-toxic class. Additionally, placing baited traps and using boric acid beads throughout the area also produces good results. After the cockroaches leave the apartment, it is recommended to carry out preventive measures for some time.

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