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Scolopendra alternans

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Name: Scolopendra alternans

Class: Labiopods

Order: Scolopendra

family: Real centipedes

Race: Scolopendra

Appearance: They can reach lengths of up to 18 cm. They have a variety of colors, including a black head and dark green or olive carapace and legs, as well as a red head and bright yellow legs. They have spines on the first leg segments, which is rare for this type of scolopendra.

Habitat: They inhabit islands in Central America, the Virgin Islands, Hawaii, the Bahamas, the Antilles, the Dominican Republic and the northern coast of South America.

Lifestyle: They prefer a terrestrial lifestyle. They use burrows of other animals, cavities under stones and fallen trees as shelters.

Catering: They feed on insects and small vertebrates.

Reproduction: Males and females form an oval shape when mating. The female lays 15 to 30 eggs in a burrow and takes care of the larvae until they reach sexual maturity.

Lifespan: Up to 7 years.

Keeping in captivity: Bites can cause swelling and inflammation. Optimal conditions of temperature (22-28°C during the day, 18-21°C at night) and humidity (70-80%) are required. A terrarium of at least 50x30 cm in size with coconut substrate or peat is recommended. The diet consists of insects and small vertebrates.

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